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Experiments About the Natural World
Inspirational, step-by-step experiments about the natural world will encourage independent scientific investigation and make active scientists of all your students.

Natural Law in the Spiritual World
A fascinating look at the relationship between religion and science, written by eminent Scottish evangelist, writer and lecturer Henry Drummond.

Man and the Natural World
'Man and the Natural World, an encyclopaedic study of man's relationship to animals and plants, is completely engrossing. It explains everything - why we eat what we do, why we plant this and not that, why we keep pets, why we like som

Reordering the Natural World
In Reordering the Natural World, Annabelle Sabloff argues that the everyday practices of contemporary capitalist society reinforce the conviction that we are profoundly alienated from the rest of nature. At the same time, she reveals the


World's Finest Oil Paintings - Natural Landscapes
A collection of oil painting portraits, by western art masters, focused on natural landscapes. Content includes works from across the globe, & throughout history.

A Deist's Love of God and His Natural World
There is no available information at this time.

Curious Encounters with the Natural World
Michael R. Jeffords and Susan L. Post have circled the globe-and explored their neighborhood-collecting images of the natural world. This book opens their personal cabinet of curiosities to tell the stories of the pair's most unusual encounters.

The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh
Loved "Goodbye Christopher Robin"? Learn more about the real place that inspired the beloved stories. Delve into the home of the world's most beloved bear! The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh explores the magical

Travel Writing and the Natural World, 1768-1840
Taking as a starting point the parallel occurrence of Cook's Pacific voyages, the development of natural history, scenic tourism in Britain, and romantic travel in Europe, this book argues that the effect of these practices was the production of n

The Natural World in Pictures and Poems
The Natural World in Pictures and Poems is a collection of beautiful nature photographs, which have inspired many thought-provoking and entertaining poems. It will take your thoughts on a delightful journey to frozen waterfalls and show you a rain

The Natural World of Ivy Lane
The Natural World of Ivy Lane relates the story of the wildlife on one acre. Readers will become aware not only of birds but of small ground dwellers, and butterflies. They will also learn that creatures of the night, such as the red fox and oposs

Teaching Hemingway and the Natural World
Ernest Hemingway is a writer we often associate with particular places and animals; Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Spain's countryside, East Africa's game reserves, Cuba's blue water, and Idaho's sagebrush all come to mind. We can easily visualize th

Natural Law: In the Spiritual World
Brilliant example of new thought! Drummond was born in Stirling. He was educated at Edinburgh University, where he displayed a strong inclination for physical and mathematical science. The religious element was an even more powerful factor in his nature, and disposed him to enter the Free Church of Scotland. While preparing for the ministry, he became for a time deeply interested in the evangelizing mission of Moody and Sankey, in which he actively co-operated for two years. In 1877 he became lecturer on natural science in the Free Church College, which enabled him to combine all the pursuits for which he felt a vocation. His studies resulted in his writing Natural Law in the Spiritual World, the argument of which is that the scientific principle of continuity extends from the physical world to the spiritual. Before the book was published in 1883, an invitation from the African Lakes Company drew Drummond away to Central Africa.

Observing Children in Their Natural Worlds: A Methodological Primer
This second edition updates the methods based on new technologies, updates and increases the number of examples, and reorganizes so the theoretical material is up front.

Natural Beauty: Radiant Skin Care Secrets & Homemade Beauty Recipes From the World's Most Unforgettable Women
Beauty has turned a corner. We have gone back to our roots. The savvy woman understands she does not have to spend thousands of dollars on skin care to get amazing results. But just because she

Hazards of Nature, Risks to Development: An Ieg Evaluation of World Bank Assistance for Natural Disasters
The World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group examined the World Bank's experience in disaster prevention and response over the past 20 years and found that the scale of Bank operations has grown over the period. The report found that the Bank has demonstrated considerable flexibility in its approach, but actions have tended to be more reactive than proactive, with disaster response taking more of the focus that preventative measures.

The Best of Henry Drummond: The Greatest Thing in the World, Eternal Life, Beautiful Thoughts, Natural Law in the Spiritual World and More!
Henry Drummond (1851-1897) was a Scottish evangelist who worked closely with D.L. Moody and whose writings have sold in the millions. He is perhaps best known for his magnificent little book "The Greatest Thing in the World" - a moving and power

Who Killed the Grand Banks: The Untold Story Behind the Decimation of One of the World's Greatest Natural Resources
While John Cabot's landfall may be in dispute, what he discovered is not: cod-and lots of them. Historic accounts say that Cabot lowered a basket weighted with stones into the North Atlantic, then hauled it back up brimming with cod. The discovery of these fertile fishing grounds set of a centuries-long struggle among Basque, Portuguese, French, and English fishermen, and established a pattern of far-flung coastal settlements, called outports by Newfoundlanders, that ring the island. And so the legend fits today: the Grand Banks became Valhalla, a miraculous, self-sustaining Eight Wonder of the world, feeding the known world for 500 years. The catastrophic collapse of the fisheries, circa 1992, was unprecedente4d. An ecological disaster to rival any other-the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest notwithstanding-in modern history. This made-in-Canada plunder was part human greed, part stupidity, and part rapacity. Tarnishing Canada's standing within the international community, it holds the reputation of Canada's once-vaunted fisheries scientists up to ridicule. Sixteen years later, no one has taken accountability or apologized for the ruination of a centuries-old way of life and, taken accountability or apologized for the ruination of a centuries-old way of life and, more shocking, a stock recovery plan has yet to be produced. There can be no forgetting-or forgiving-such catastrophic pillaging, Sparked by a second wave of environmentalism focusing on the state of the world's oceans, the Grand Banks cod collapse became a talking point, a sujet noir, now studied at universities and fisheries research centres, wherein students from around the world repeat this mantra: we must never allow our fisheries to go the way of the Grand Banks cod.

Measuring Our World
Introduces Students To Various Measuring Tools And Different Ways Of Measuring Objects.
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