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My Feelings and Me
Do you know your own feelings?Sometimes, we're happy, so we laugh and shout with glee. Other times, we're angry, and want to rage and roar. It is not easy to deal with our many contradictory emotions. To recognize o

My Family Album
Get to know Ben and his family members through a photo album created by Ben. Learn how families create albums to help them share memories.

GROW: My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys)
My Own Thoughts and Feelings (for Boys) is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school boys, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

My Family
While describing his extended family, Matthew shows us where families are the same, even if they look different from the outside. Divorce, step-families, grandparents, adoption, siblings, and pets all make up part of Matthew's family.

GROW: My Own Thoughts and Feelings on Stopping the Hurt
My Own Thoughts on Stopping the Hurt is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

My Friend Has Autism
My friend Zack has a disability called autism. But that doesn't matter to us. We talk about airplanes, build models, and enjoy hanging out at each other's house. I'm glad Zack is my friend!

My Friend, Mera Dost
My Friend, Mera DostNamaste`! What?Hello! Kya?Look! A gray elephant. Haan?Dekho! Ek shusar haathee. Huh?Interacting with others who don't speak the same language can sometimes be challenging. However,

My Friend Has Down Syndrome
My friend Sarah has a disability called Down Syndrome. But that doesn't matter to us. We tell jokes and laugh, go to ballet class together, and have a lot of fun. I'm glad Sarah is my friend!

My Friend Has Dyslexia
My friend Darius has a disability called dyslexia. But that doesn't matter to us. We make our own comics, help each other with our homework, and volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. I'm glad Darius is my friend!

Will YOU Be My Friend?
Joey, an incredible 50 year old young man who has Down Sydrome talks about how to be a friend as well as the joys and challenges of friendship. Each page includes an interactive question to discuss the similarities and/or differences that we natur

My Friend Has ADHD
My friend Robby has a disability called ADHD. But that doesn't matter to us. We play basketball, tell jokes, go canoeing, and help each other with our homework. I'm glad Robby is my friend!

GROW: Drinking and Drugs in My Family
Drinking and Drugs in My Family is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

My Sister, My Friend
This book is about two sisters and their love for each other. How do you share your life? Join two sisters in their adventures of growing up together. Love and friendship are key messages in this real life story that highlights memorable moments of affection. Photography by B.J. Smith, M.B. Smith, S. Ramrattan Smith, M. Sisombath My Sister, My Friend is the sixth book of A Considerate Curriculum series by Sherry Ramrattan Smith.

My Family, Your Family
Makayla is visiting friends in her neighborhood. She sees how each family is different. Some families have lots of children, but others have none. Some friends live with grandparents or have two dads or have parents who are divorced. How is her ow

Falling in Love With My Zombie Family
Time is a precious gift, because even if it only lasts for a moment, it gives us so much. Many families wish to have more time together and for each other. Nevertheless, it is our working life, the digital free-time activities and the increasing pressure, which only slightly allows us to have this time with each other. Matty reflects one of many children in the typical families, which have a hectic but a happy family life, but still wishes more time with them, because he loves his zombie family. Matty do not understand the world no longer, and is wondering what is going on with his family?Because all people around him behaves like zombies.A zombie nightmare from which it with a lot of imagination and teamwork need to escape off. Ages: 7-10 years

My Family is Changing: Coping with Divorce
Written by a father of six and his wife, the My Family is Changing series of books has a primary goal of providing children and young adolescents with the ability to understand situations that may be occurring in their modern, daily life. This book, Divorce explains what may have been the cause of their parent's break-up, to what the future for them may be. Above all, the message that is given to the children and young adolescents throughout this book is that the demise of their parent's relationship is not their fault!

Poetry for My Family
In our darkest hour, God will never leave us alone. Even when we feel lonely, God sends the Holy Spirit to help us in every way. There will be times in our lives when we may feel like giving up, but we have a friend in Jesus, who will never give u

All My Friends Are Crazy
Description Sera Anstadt's touching story of her son's schizophrenia and autism was published in Holland in 1980 and soon went through numerous reprinting and became a minor classic. Raf (short for Rafael) was a sensitive, intense child who grew into a seriously disturbed adolescent. It is the mid 60s, and his mother feels that the social workers and medical professionals are blaming her for his condition. The theories of R.D. Laing are widely accepted and she is made to feel guilty for her son's illness and only learns the diagnosis by accident when she is chatting with her GP at a party. Raf's schizophrenia becomes progressively worse; he hallucinates and hears voices. In The Netherlands he cannot be hospitalised unless he gives his permission, but he is making life unbearable for his mother. He wanders around the country but usually comes home in a confused state and is unsure where he has been. Foreign travel is predictably disastrous. Over the years he enters various mental institutions, where the policies vary from extreme laissez-faire to trial-and-error experiments in medication. To schizophrenia is added autism. He tends to feel better at each hospitalisation only to slip back to a worse state after the novelty wears off. Sometimes when he is feeling better he goes back to live with his mother for a time. At length he finds a clinic where he seems to be reasonably happy and the management is not wedded to any rigid theory. He achieves a certain equilibrium, and the story ends when he makes a brief visit back to his family and remarks that. "all my friends are crazy". This is a brave and honest book which provides the reader with a well-balanced account of what it means to love someone deeply and to support him on his journey through an imaginary world that dictates his reality. About the Author Serafina 'Sera' Anstadt was born in Lvov, Ukraine in 1923, when the city was still in Poland. She and her parents and older brother Milo emigrated from Pol

GROW: Living with My Family
Living with My Family is a creative, child-friendly program designed for use with elementary school children, filled with illustrations and original exercises to foster healing, self-understanding, and optimal growth.

I Met My Best Friend at Camp
As Gabi sees her friends enjoying their summer, while she's expected to work in the family bakery, and has plans to attend Camp Ever Wood, she doesn't anticipate that her summer would turn out to be life-changing. When Gabi attends camp, girls laugh at her, she's continually called by the wrong name, bugs are dumped on her, and much more. Gabi's journey to camp is filled with embarrassing obstacles, a few unfriendly campers, and homesickness. When she reaches out to her parents for help, she's met with indifference. Her overworked parents have too much on their minds to help her. Gabi faces some challenges such as: unfriendly campers, loneliness, and embarrassing moments. These challenges all lead her to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Gabi anticipates her friend's arrival to camp, hoping that Jennifer would cure all of the hurts she feels inside. When she realizes that Jennifer cannot save her, she turns to the One who can, Jesus.
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