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Evans Above
From the author of In Farleigh Field.. . Evan Evans is a young police constable who has traded in the violence of city life for idyllic Llanfair, a Welsh village tucked far away from trouble. Nestled among the Snowdonia mountain range, Llanfair looks to Constable Evans like a town forgotten by time, but he quickly learns that even the bucolic countryside has its share of eccentric--and deadly--characters. Evans' new neighbors include two competitive ministers vying for the souls of their flock, one lascivious barmaid, and three other Evanses: Evan-the-Meat, Evans-the-Milk, and Evans-the-Post (whose favorite hobby is to read the mail before he delivers it). Before Evans has time to sort through the complicated relationships and rivalries of his new home, he's called to the scene of a crime as brutal and fearsome as any he encountered in the big city. Two hikers have been murdered on the trails of the local mountain, and Evans must hunt down a vicious killer--who may or may not be linked to the mysterious destruction of Mrs. Powell-Jones' prize-winning tomatoes. Evans Above is the first novel in Rhys Bowen's popular Constable Evans Mystery Series.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781466813236

The Spiritual Journals of Warren Felt Evans
Warren Felt Evans (18171889) converted to Methodism while at Dartmouth College, became a minister, and spent his Methodist years as a spiritual seeker. His two extant journals, edited and annotated by Catherine L. Albanese, appear in print for the first time and reveal the inner journey of a leading American spiritual pilgrim at a critical period in his religious search. A voracious reader, he recorded accounts of intense religious experience in his journals. He moved from the Oberlin perfectionism he embraced early on, through the French quietism of Madame J. Guyon and Archbishop Fnelon, then into Swedenborgianism, spiritualism, and mind cure with distinct theosophical overtones. His carefully documented journey is suggestive of the similar journeys of the religious seekers who made their way into the burgeoning metaphysical movement at the end of the 19th centuryand may shed light too on today's spirituality.
Category: Religion. ISBN: 9780253022431

Good Evans
This continues the life of Evans, Edgar Wallace's Cockney tipster and 'the wizard of Camden Town'. Follow the loves, predictions and calamities of this likeable hero of the Turf in the seventeen tales of this book. It is not only race-lovers who will love Evans, but lovers of life itself.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 0755122518

Evans Epiphany
Finding out who you really are is one hell of an epiphany. Evan is trying to come to terms with who and what he is. After arriving at Highgate, primed to kill, Evan is left pondering many questions. He has no idea where he came fromor whether he's a wolf or lion. All he knows is he has animal inside him and the urge to shift. Unfortunately, shifting hasn't been an option. He just can't manage to do it. Until he meets Christiana man Evan is drawn to but doesn't understand why. Christian is his mate, and has been for a long time. Ever since Evan went missing, Christian has been searching for him, and once he's found him, he isn't prepared to walk away, even after learning what Evan has been doing while they've been apart. With Christian's arrival comes Evan's epiphanyhis realization that his animal will no longer be caged inside him and that he is loved beyond measure. He shifts and finds out which beast he really is. Along with new emotions and some of his memory coming back, Evan also has something else to deal with. Someone who he'd thought of as a friend, isn't a friend at all. This person is a threat to the Highgate pack, Dillon in particular, and Evan will do anything to stop his mentor being put at risk
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781784306984

Good Evans
This continues the life of Evans, Edgar Wallace's Cockney tipster and 'the wizard of Camden Town'. Follow the loves, predictions and calamities of this likeable hero of the Turf in the seventeen tales of this book. It is not only race-lovers who will love Evans, but lovers of life itself.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780755114986

Bill Evans
Comment faire le portrait in jazz de Bill Evans, dont une image, devenue son emblme, a couru le monde : un homme dont les traits baignent dans l'ombre qu'il se fait lui-mme ? A travers son parcours jalonn de rencontres et de confrontations avec des partenaires sa mesure, Alain Gerber voque ce matre qui voyait dans le piano un accs la musique, davantage intress par l'esprit qui pense jazz que par l'instrument qui joue jazz. Il aurait donn sa vie pour dchiffrer l'nigme de l'harmonie entre le logique et le viscral. Le feeling dont il fait sa force motrice, le mne, travers les cueils de l'motion vhicule par la musique, vers ce qui meut la musique elle-mme. Quand Alain Gerber prend sa plume et la trempe dans son coeur pour nous parler de jazz, on atteint de rares sommets de bonheur. Pas besoin de joint, le voyage commence ds la premire page sans pour autant s'arrter la dernire, car mme aprs avoir referm le livre, on a bien du mal toucher terre pour reprendre une activit vulgaire. Alain Gerber a l'art de ressusciter les musiciens disparus. Il ouvre grandes les portes du panthon et les fait redescendre en quelques mots de leur pidestal afin qu'on puisse les serrer trs fort dans nos bras. On les entend tous, de nouveau, rire, plaisanter, changer des vannes. On peut les palper, les regarder, les sentir et surtout les rcouter jouer ! Je ne sais comment ce magicien russit un tel miracle mais il est peine besoin de mettre les disques dont il parle sur sa platine pour s'envoyer encore un peu plus en l'air tellement son art du rcit est confondant. Sin, Charlie-Hebdo . Producteur France Culture et France Musiques, spcialiste reconnu du jazz, Alain Gerber a publi rcemment un Lester Young (qui a reu le prix de l'Acadmie Charles Cros et le prix des Muses) et un Clifford Brown . Son roman Jours de brume sur les hauts plateaux parat simultanment chez Fayard.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9782213642222

First published in 1980, this book provides an overview of E. E. Evans-Pritchard's approach to anthropology. His seminal works on the Azande and the Nuer had an immense impact on the field in Britain. He wrote these works in his thirties and forties, after which time he became chair of anthropology at Oxford. His pupils and colleagues from his days as the head of Institute of Social Anthropology went from Oxford to complete the institutional establishment of social anthropology. In this book Douglas links the development of her own theories to her training under Evans-Pritchard at the institute and to the close friendship that they forged in the years after.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780415291101

Evans County
How many counties can boast of having Georgias first female sheriff and a town known as the fruitcake capital of the world? These distinctions, and many others, make Evans County unique. Evans, the 150th of Georgias 159 counties, was created in 1914 from parts of Bulloch and Tattnall Counties. Its development was closely linked with agriculture and the growth of railroads, and the area towns of Daisy, Claxton, Hagan, and Bellville all began as train depots. Although Evans is one of Georgias later and smaller counties, it offers a fine example of rural progress and friendly communities. As Evans County enters its centennial year, there is much to celebrate.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781467111706

George Evans
In the novel George Evans , the title character and his friend Charles Fletcher both aspire to live the alluring life of an international banker in 1960s London.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780897336796

Cadel Evans
With sales of over 40,000 copies for the hardback, Close to Flying was one of Christmas 2009’s bestselling books. Cadel Evans appeared at sold-out events across Australia and thrilled fans with his 2009 Cycling world Championship win. With his recent success at the Giro d`Italia, Cadel is again poised to be amongst the leaders in the coveted Tour de France in 2010. Cadel Evans: Close to flying is the behind the scenes story of the extraordinary dedication and hard work it takes to reach the highest level of elite sport. Cadel gives us a glimpse of the physical and psychological tests that are required to be the best, whilst giving an illuminating and fascinating look at the Tour de France - the teams; the climbs; the politics and the opponents that make it the most renowned cycling race in the world.
Category: Sports & Recreation. ISBN: 9781740668910
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