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Controversies in Local Economic Development
Efforts to promote the economic development of individual localities engage the attention of academics, students and professionals. Many such analysts argue that competitive advantage can be fostered within local economies, complimenting the advent of a more globalised economy. Intensified efforts to build new economic foundations show no sign of abating despite the apparent increase in the international mobility of businesses and employment. Unpicking the arguments supporting different strategies for promoting local economic development, Controversies in Local Economic Development is an introductory guide to some of the major ideas and policy tools that have influenced academic debate and development practice. Taking the view that economic processes are mechanisms that promote desired outcomes only in particular contexts, the book asks questions of both academic debates and the prescriptions of policy experts.
Author: Martin Perry
Published by Routledge on 07/02/2010
Book details: 272 pages.

No Enemies, No Hatred
When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on December 10, 2010, its recipient, Liu Xiaobo, was in Jinzhou Prison, serving an eleven-year sentence for what Beijing called “incitement to subvert state power.” In Oslo, actress Liv Ullmann read a long statement the activist had prepared for his 2009 trial. It read in part: “I stand by the convictions I expressed in my ‘June Second Hunger Strike Declaration’ twenty years ago—I have no enemies and no hatred. None of the police who monitored, arrested, and interrogated me, none of the prosecutors who indicted me, and none of the judges who judged me are my enemies.” That statement is one of the pieces in this book, which includes writings spanning two decades, providing insight into all aspects of Chinese life. Liu speaks pragmatically, yet with deep-seated passion, about peasant land disputes, Han Chinese in Tibet, child slavery, the Internet in China, the contemporary craze for Confucius, and the Tiananmen massacre. Also presented are poems written for his wife, Liu Xia, public documents, and a foreword by Václav Havel. These works not only chronicle a leading dissident’s struggle against tyranny but enrich the record of universal longing for freedom and dignity.
Published by Harvard University Press on 01/16/2012
Book details: 272 pages.

The Private Diaries of Lola Jones And Perry Martin
The Private Diaries of Lola Jones and Perry Martin represents Stark Hunter's fourth published opus. His three other published works include the novel, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (2002), his poetry collection, Carnivorous Avenues (2004) and an allegorical novel, Flies (2005). He has been a teacher of language arts in southern California for the past 26 years. Pictured is Mr. Hunter back in the 1970's when wrote Private Diaries.
Author: Stark Hunter
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 04/01/2006
Book details: 200 pages.

Go west, young man! The magic of the American West captured young Earl Norris during high school and held him hostage all his life. As pastor of a tiny church in the small town of Saline in eastern Montana, he found himself a world away–in more ways than one-- from his earlier life in Chicago. How would he deal with the perplexing differences? Having grown up in an urban environment with over four million people, he now lived in a town with a population of less than five hundred, and in a state with only about seven hundred thousand. Earl had gone west alone because his high school sweetheart, Lynn Ellerton, who could not accept the idea of becoming the wife of a pastor, had broken their engagement. Will he remain a bachelor? Could he ever re-connect with Lynn? Or will there be someone eligible in Saline, Montana? Will his detractors-- the morning coffee crowd at the local gas station-- force him out with their whispered suspicions? Might he find work further west? With declining population, what of the survival of the Saline church? Meanwhile what happened to Lynn? Did she settle for a job in her father’s company in Chicago? Her story is even more surprising than Earl’s. Westbound leads the reader through many a twist and turn in the lives of these two high school sweethearts, Earl and Lynn. Their stories will take the reader north to Alaska, west to California, and south to New Zealand as well as across the Atlantic to London in a tale of triumph and tragedy, tenderness and love.
Author: Paul Krebill
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 06/30/2006
Book details: 398 pages.

Business & Sustainability
This volume aims to assist readers to navigate the conceptual maze surrounding discussions of business and sustainability by offering critical reflection on the state of business action for environmental sustainability and providing evidence about what is actually taking place in real localities and businesses.
Published by Emerald Group Publishing on 12/06/2011
Book details: 325 pages.

Subtle Touch of Fate
In 1868, Renee Devereux is shipped to California so that she can change her destiny. Hiding the facts of her birth, her benefactor arranges to place her with a distance relative who owns a vast Spanish rancho. She becomes embroiled in Spanish traditions, arranged marriages, killings and subterfuge. Soon hate, murder, old traditions and Spanish pride take their toll on her gentle, sweet soul before she discovers just how much she needs the one person, who not only understands her but loves her unconditionally.
Author: P.G. Simmons
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 07/14/2014
Book details: 478 pages.

Catalog of Copyright Entries
Book details: 478 pages.

Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary, 2nd Edition
This is a compact and user–friendly Japanese to English dictionary. The Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary is an updated and expanded version of Martin's Concise Japanese Dictionary, the favorite dictionary of students of Japanese for more than 30 years. A valuable reference for foreigners learning Japanese is the inclusion of declensions for common verbs at the back. The layout of the dictionary is extremely easy to use. Headwords are highlighted in color and all entries are given in Japanese script as well as their romanized equivalents. This format gives the learner a head start in mastering the important written characters of Japanese. This dictionary includes idiomatic expressions along with numerous sample sentences showing how Japanese words and expressions are correctly used in everyday contexts. A comprehensive pronunciation guide and detailed notes on Japanese grammar are also included. Comprehensive and up–to–date with over 20,000 entries Clear, user–friendly layout with idioms, expressions and sample sentences The ideal dictionary for students, teachers and business people
Published by Tuttle Publishing on 02/12/2013
Book details: 512 pages.

Index of Patents Issued from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Published on 07/15/2019
Book details: 512 pages.

Oklahoma Reports
Book details: 512 pages.
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