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Network Scheduling Techniques for Construction Project Management

Industrial, financial, commercial or any kinds of project have at least one common feature: the better organized they are, the higher the profit or the lower the cost. Project management is the principle of planning different projects and keeping them on track within time, cost and resource constraints. The need for effective project management is ever-increasing. The complexity of the environment we live in requires more sophisticated methods than it did just a couple of decades ago. Project managers might face insurmountable obstacles in their work if they do not adapt themselves to the changing circumstances. On the other hand, better knowledge of project management can result in better plans, schedules and, last but not least, more contracts and more profit. This knowledge can help individuals and firms to stay alive in this competitive market and, in the global sense, utilize the finite resources of our planet in a more efficient way.
Author: M. Hajdu
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 03/09/2013
Book details: 335 pages.

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II (CCC II) is the sequel to what has become a classic in the field, Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry, published in 1987. CCC II builds on the first and surveys new developments authoritatively in over 200 newly comissioned chapters, with an emphasis on current trends in biology, materials science and other areas of contemporary scientific interest.
Published by Newnes on 12/03/2003
Book details: 8400 pages.


Biochemistry: The Chemical Reactions of Living Cells is a well-integrated, up-to-date reference for basic chemistry and underlying biological phenomena. Biochemistry is a comprehensive account of the chemical basis of life, describing the amazingly complex structures of the compounds that make up cells, the forces that hold them together, and the chemical reactions that allow for recognition, signaling, and movement. This book contains information on the human body, its genome, and the action of muscles, eyes, and the brain. * Thousands of literature references provide introduction to current research as well as historical background * Contains twice the number of chapters of the first edition * Each chapter contains boxes of information on topics of general interest
Published by Academic Press on 07/20/2019
Book details: 1973 pages.

Longmans' Gazetteer of the World

Published on 07/20/2019
Book details: 1788 pages.

Longman's Gazetteer of the World

Published on 07/20/2019
Book details: 1788 pages.

Grassroots Sustainability Innovations in Sports Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Progression in sustainable sports practices is an up-and-coming area of research that also has an overarching impact on other professional fields. Analyzing the latest trends and methods in this niche area allows for further advancements in the field of sustainability. Grassroots Sustainability Innovations in Sports Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a crucial resource that offers an in-depth discussion on growth in the sports sector and how incorporating sustainable practices in this field’s rising trajectory can further enhance its impact. Highlighting pertinent topics including innovation dynamics, management studies, corporate social responsibility, and systemic change, this publication is ideal for academicians, students, and researchers that are interested in expanding their knowledge of intertwining sustainable actions with sports administration.
Published by IGI Global on 10/31/2017
Book details: 130 pages.

Lean Six Sigma for Optimal System Performance in Manufacturing and Service Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Businesses utilize various managerial processes focused on reducing waste, errors, and variability in products to maintain and improve business quality. By keeping a clean workspace and organized workforce, business processes aim for an efficient, continuous flow of production while still supporting iterative improvements in quality and output. Lean Six Sigma for Optimal System Performance in Manufacturing and Service Organizations: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides upcoming research on the strategies to improve processes in business while using Lean Six Sigma principals and applications. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics, such as direct model technology, performance rework, and quality management methods, this book is geared towards professionals, academicians, students, and researchers interested in detailed research on recent advancements in the management of risk in all fields.
Published by IGI Global on 02/09/2018
Book details: 186 pages.


Published on 07/20/1898
Book details: 186 pages.

High Energy and High Dose Ion Implantation

Ion beam processing is a means of producing both novel materials and structures. The contributions in this volume strongly focus on this aspect and include many papers reporting on the modification of the electrical and structural properties of the target materials, both metals and semiconductors, as well as the synthesis of buried and surface compound layers. Many examples on the applications of high energy and high dose ion implantation are also given. All of the papers from Symposia C and D are presented in this single volume because the interests of many of the participants span both topics. Additionally many of the materials science aspects, including experimental methods, equipment and processing problems, diagnostic and analytical techniques are common to both symposia.
Published by Elsevier on 06/16/1992
Book details: 320 pages.

OECD Reviews of Vocational Education and Training A Skills beyond School Review of Switzerland

This report on Switzerland examines what kind of training will be needed in the changing economy, how it can be funded, how it can be linked to academic programmes, and how employers and unions can be engaged.
Published by OECD Publishing on 01/07/2013
Book details: 65 pages.
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