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Texas Trade Secret Litigation 2018
For General Counsel, Business Litigators, Intellectual Property Attorneys, Employment Attorneys, Those Defending a Claim. A Practical Guide to the Changing Landscape. Because modern technology now permits easy access to confidential information fr

Geschriften vanwege de Vereniging Corporate Litigation
Deze uitgave weerspiegelt de actualiteit binnen het ondernemingsprocesrecht en de daarbij behorende praktijk (corporate litigation) in de meest ruime zin. Vast onderdeel van de Geschriften vormen de kronieken, die de jongste ontwikkelingen per vak

Civil Rights Litigation
Asserting our civil rights goes to the heart of what it means to be an American, but unfortunately, our property, liberty, and even life can be sacrificed when we exercise these fundamental rights. This book seeks to help lawyers, their c

Lender Liability and Banking Litigation
"Recommended. This volume explores traditional theories of lender liability along with a whole spate of new statutory and common law theories in a straightforward, wellresearched and heavily annotated manner. That it remains so readable is a cred

Employment Litigation
Employment Litigation provides exhaustive procedural guidance on the booming field of employment law. Whether you represent employers or employees, this book will help you save time, avoid unpleasant surprises, and gain the upper hand at every sta

Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation, Fourth Edition
Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation by Harry F. Kunselman is an important resource that addresses major issues business attorneys can expect to face. In addition, it serves as a primer for transactional attorneys and business owners on minimizing r

New York Business Litigation 2017
New York Business Litigation, edited by David R. Marriott, brings together 15 preeminent attorneys as chapter authors in this New York title published by the New York Law Journal. Each chapter is authoritative in its treatment of both black letter

Georgia Business Litigation 2018
Georgia Business Litigation, edited by Robert C. Port, is a onevolume, comprehensive guide to matters business litigators will encounter, including: officer, director, shareholder, partnership and LLC disputes; securities litigation; noncompete an

Legal Secretary Federal Litigation
How to file federal pleadings and papers, document completion and filing requirements, and a directory of names, addresses, telephone numbers and more for each federal court.

Connecticut Business Litigation, Second Edition
Connecticut Business Litigation addresses major issues business attorneys can expect to face. Authors Thomas J. Finn and Paula Cruz Cedillo are partners in the Business and Financial Services Litigation Group at McCarter & English, LLP in Hart

Federal Tax Litigation
Tax lawyers across the country have at least one thing in common - the feeling of frustration when trying to figure out the hows and whys of IRS action or inaction. Federal Tax Litigation helps to lift the veil of mystery. Written by a former liti

New Jersey Business Litigation 2017
New Jersey Business Litigation covers how NJ businesses most often end up in court. Rowe writes from the perspective of how New Jersey courts will view the case. The text has footnote annotation, and crossreferencing. New Jersey Business Litigation

International Aspects of U.S. Litigation
International Aspects of U.S. Litigation addresses the topics that arise when international disputes find their way to U.S. courts, which they do with great frequency. The purpose of this book is to explain the authority and competence of American

Florida Construction Defect Litigation 2017
This book also discusses the motivations that underlie common community association disputes. Emotions run high when neighbors feud. The book places dry legal issues in their context, creating a framework for understanding the root cause of the le

Extra-Contractual Litigation Against Insurers
Claims against insurers have multiplied over the past few decades, as have the strategies of plaintiffs. ExtraContractual Litigation Against Insurers is a comprehensive guide to new theories used in insurance litigation. It examines both the legal

The Attorney-Client Privilege in Civil Litigation
This edition includes updates of the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine. Many of the previous chapters have been completely revised, while others have gone through a comprehensive rewrite. New and expanded topics include applicati

Modern Practice of Civil Litigation in Nigeria
This book represents a compendium of the authors exposition and experience in the emerging and dynamic area of civil litigation which today indispensably constitutes the backbone of every Practitioners success in civl law practice. Civil Litigatio

Medical Malpractice Litigation in the 21St Century
A Lawyer's Guide to Successful Malpractice Litigation. In using this volume, keep in mind that it is a general view of what it is to be anticipated in prosecuting a medical malpractice case. However, no book is able to anticipate each situation an

The Pro Se Litigant's Civil Litigation Handbook
Caught up in a civil lawsuit?This book explains each step of the civil litigation process from pre-litigation investigation through trial on the merits to give you the best chance of prevailing in your efforts whether you

Use of Statistics in Equal Employment Opportunity Litigation
Use of Statistics in Equal Employment Opportunity Litigation examines legal precedents for the use of statistics, the plaintiff's burden of establishing a prima facie case, and statistical concepts. Featuring charts and diagrams, it includes indep
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