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Forever Fat

Dubbed?some would say drubbed?the ?godfather behind creative nonfiction? by Vanity Fair, Lee Gutkind takes the opportunity of these essays, and the rich material of his own life, to define, defend, and further expand the genre he has done so much to shape. The result is an explosive and hilarious memoir of Gutkind?s colorful life as a motorcyclist, a medical insider, a sailor, a college professor, an over-aged insecure father, and a literary whipping boy. ø In Forever Fat Gutkind battles his weight, his ex-wives, his father, his rabbi, his psychiatrist, and his critics in a lifelong cross-country, cross-cultural search for stability and identity. And from Gutkind?s battles, the reader emerges a winner, treated to a sometimes poignant, sometimes harrowing, sometimes uproarious, and always engrossing story of the simultaneous awakening of a man and his mission, and of the constant struggle, in literature and in life, to sort out memory and imagination. Here, enacted in technicolor terms, is the universal, symbolic truth that no matter how far you travel, over how many years, you will never completely shed the weighty baggage of adolescence. Yet, as Gutkind proves again and again, he has learned to describe his burden with an ever-lightening brilliance.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by U of Nebraska Press on 07/16/2019
Book details: 177 pages.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

From rags-to-riches-to-rags tell-alls to personal health sagas to literary journalism everyone seems to want to try their hand at creative nonfiction. Now, Lee Gutkind, the go-to expert for all things creative nonfiction, taps into one of the fastest-growing genres with this new writing guide. Frank and to-the-point, with depth and clarity, Gutkind describes and illustrates each and every aspect of the genre, from defining a concept and establishing a writing process to the final product. Offering new ways of understanding genre and invaluable tools for writers to learn and experiment with, You Can't Make This Stuff Up allows writers of all skill levels to thoroughly expand and stylize their work.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Da Capo Press on 08/14/2012
Book details: 288 pages.

Bike Fever

Lee Gutkind’s memoir of motorcycling, and an ode to the solitude, independence, and exhilaration of the open road Few things loom as large in our imaginations as the idea of a cross-country trip, exposed to the elements and open to whatever challenges lie around the bend. In the early 1970s, looking to experience and explain the allure of the road trip, Lee Gutkind embarked on a long motorcycle road trip, documenting the misadventures and magic that he found along the way. He writes of the men whose journeys continue to resonate, from Lawrence of Arabia to the Hell’s Angels. He explores the appeal of the motorcycle—his vehicle of choice—and its historically loaded place in the American imagination. And he revels in the country’s diverse and striking landscapes, as seen while moving through woods, plains, mountains, and deserts. An inspiring and evocative tribute to the power of the journey, Bike Fever is a classic rendering of the unique freedom wrought by a motorcycle and a long highway.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Open Road Media on 03/11/2014
Book details: 233 pages.

Many Sleepless Nights

Winner of the American Heart Association’s Howard W. Blakeslee Award for outstanding achievement in scientific journalism: Lee Gutkind’s riveting and groundbreaking account of the science, ethics, and life-changing capacity of organ transplantation Over the past six decades, the rapid advances in transplant surgery rank among the most impressive and significant in modern human history. But the procedures, which have an astonishing power to improve or even save lives, are often fraught with an unrivaled level of complexity. Seeking to better understand the world of transplant surgery, Lee Gutkind embedded himself for four years in the University of Pittsburgh’s Presbyterian-University and Children’s Hospitals, one of the largest transplant centers in the world. He got to know the doctors, researchers, patients, and families involved, while also exploring the history of transplantation and the often insoluble ethical quandaries it poses. Mesmerizing and unforgettable, Many Sleepless Nights depicts with uncanny insight the tremendous effort, suffering, and fortitude of the individuals whose lives have been changed forever by organ transplantation.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Open Road Media on 03/11/2014
Book details: 378 pages.

Almost Human: Making Robots Think

A remarkable, intense portrait of the robotic subculture and the challenging quest for robot autonomy. The high bay at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is alive and hyper night and day with the likes of Hyperion, which traversed the Antarctic, and Zoe, the world’s first robot scientist, now back home. Robot Segways learn to play soccer, while other robots go on treasure hunts or are destined for hospitals and museums. Dozens of cavorting mechanical creatures, along with tangles of wire, tools, and computer innards are scattered haphazardly. All of these zipping and zooming gizmos are controlled by disheveled young men sitting on the floor, folding chairs, or tool cases, or huddled over laptops squinting into displays with manic intensity. Award-winning author Lee Gutkind immersed himself in this frenzied subculture, following these young roboticists and their bold conceptual machines from Pittsburgh to NASA and to the most barren and arid desert on earth. He makes intelligible their discoveries and stumbling points in this lively behind-the-scenes work.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by W. W. Norton & Company on 09/06/2010
Book details: 304 pages.

Stuck in Time

A harrowing exploration of one of the country’s most troubling hidden shames: the widespread neglect of disabled children by the institutions that have sworn to protect them Four-fifths of American children with serious mental health problems receive no professional treatment whatsoever. They are the product of an overextended and often neglectful system that, as Lee Gutkind writes, has reached the level of insanity. Following the stories of three children—Daniel, Meggan, and Terri—Stuck in Time chronicles the tragedies and injustices wrought not only by the deficiencies of the mental healthcare system, but by government policymakers who have failed to address the problem. Through these children and their families, Gutkind explores mental illness as both a scientific and social issue, from the harsh economic realities of supporting a disabled child to the immense difficulty of finding a suitable counselor. Written with passion and piercing detail, Stuck in Time is a poignant examination of three families fighting against impossible circumstances, and of a system too inflexible to accommodate the helpless victims it is meant to support.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Open Road Media on 03/11/2014
Book details: 254 pages.

The essayist at work

In creative nonfiction, writers must be poetic and journalistic. "The Essayist at Work" reveals how to meet this dual demand, offering insight into the lifestyles, techniques, and literary philosophies of some of the genre's most respected writers. The nineteen profiles in "The Essayist at Work" introduce the "real writer" and the "real person" in intimate and revealing settings - immersed in research, in the midst of an interview, on the road, or at their offices trying to meet a deadline. These writers include: John McPhee Tracy Kidder Gay Talese William Least Heat-Moon Lisa Knopp Seymour Krim Hilary Masters Mark Singer Paul West Diane Ackerman Darcy Frey Jane Bernstein Ellen Gilchrist Steven Harvey Natalia Rachel Singer Mary Paumier Jones Alice Steinbach Phillip Lopate Mary Kay Blakely Today, creative nonfiction/literary journalism encompasses the length and breadth of the literary spectrum. It dominates periodicals, bestseller lists, and newspapers and is employed by copywriters and journalists, playwrights and poets, essay writers and novelists. "The Essayist at Work" offers proven methods for making a mark in this competitive genre. Lee Gutkind is the editor of "Creative Nonfiction," a journal dedicated exclusively to publishing writing in the creative nonfiction/literary journalism genre. Also an author, Gutkind's books include "The Art of Creative Nonfiction" and the award-winning "Many Sleepless Nights."
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Heinemann Drama on 01/01/1998
Book details: 231 pages.

One Children's Place

“A welcome and poignant account of the intense human and political dynamics of a major children’s hospital that will have a substantial impact on the way you view children and their care.” —The New England Journal of Medicine Lee Gutkind is a master at stepping into the worlds of medicine and revealing the unique desires, characteristics, and stories of the people therein. For One Children’s Place, he spent two years at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, observing not just the patients but also their nurses, surgeons, therapists, administrators, and families. What he found was an institution that excelled at responding to the needs of the children who stayed there, from the professionals who dealt with the unique problems of hospital furniture and design, to the nurses and social workers who became unwaveringly close allies to their young charges, to the doctors who undertook risky new procedures to save lives. Brimming with hope and animated by fascinating anecdotes, One Children’s Place is a powerful portrait of heroism and heartbreak, by one of America’s foremost nonfiction storytellers.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Open Road Media on 03/11/2014
Book details: 274 pages.

An Unspoken Art

In the tradition of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small, An Unspoken Art is Lee Gutkind’s captivating look at the lives of veterinarians, from the zoos to the farm Lee Gutkind, the godfather of creative nonfiction, explores with warmth and sincerity the worlds of modern-day veterinarians—from practitioners operating on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to those working knee deep in mud in the English countryside. Gutkind profiles the men and women who have devoted their lives to the care of animals, almost all treating their patients with more humanity and compassion than physicians in human hospitals do. He writes of the people who do not bat an eye at sharing a bed with their dogs, and of those who spare no expense when it comes to the well-being of their pets. An Unspoken Art is an insightful look at the individuals who dedicate themselves to the care of creatures, and of the enduring bond between people and animals.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by Open Road Media on 03/11/2014
Book details: 226 pages.

The Best Creative Nonfiction

“Intelligent but accessible, and often poignant . . . [by] the biggest talents on the essay and blog beat.” —Publishers Weekly (on Vol. 2) Anyone still asking, “What is creative nonfiction?” will find the answer in this collection of artfully crafted, true stories. Selected by Lee Gutkind, the “godfather behind creative nonfiction,” and the staff of Creative Nonfiction, these stories—ranging from immersion journalism to intensely personal essays—illustrate the genre’s power and potential. Edwidge Danticat recalls her Uncle Moise’s love of a certain four-letter word and finds in his abandonment of the word near the end of his life the true meaning of exile. In “Literary Murder,” Julianna Baggott traces her roots as a novelist to her family’s “strange, desperate (sometimes conniving and glorious) past” and writes about her decision, in The Madam, to kill off a character based on her grandfather. And Sean Rowe explains why, if you must get arrested, Selma, Alabama, is the place to do it. This exciting and expansive array of works and voices is sure to impress and delight.
Author: Lee Gutkind
Published by W. W. Norton & Company on 08/03/2009
Book details: 272 pages.
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