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Laboratory handbook
this book is useful for students that study chemistry and contains several analyses to do on water, drinkable or surface one to better understand what's in it.

English for Laboratory Diagnosticians
English for Laboratory Diagnosticians to nowoczesny podrecznik oparty na oryginalnych fachowych tekstach anglojezycznych skierowany do osób ze znajomoscia jezyka angielskiego na poziomie srednim. Tresc leksykalna ksiazki skorelowana jest z p

Geophysics Laboratory Measurements
Geophysics Laboratory Measurements

Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy
The book contains solutions to individual exercises included to the "Laboratory Exercises In Astronomy", by Dr. Adrian Kaminski. This book depicts also methods that can be used to elaborate respective exercises. Students are guided throu

Handbook of Laboratory Distillation
Handbook of Laboratory Distillation

The Great Social Laboratory
The Great Social Laboratory charts the development of the human sciences-anthropology, human geography, and demography-in late nineteenth- and twentieth-century Egypt. Tracing both intellectual and institutional genealogies of knowledge p

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Methods in Practical Laboratory Bacteriology
The success of laboratory experiments relies heavily on the technical ability of the bench scientist, with the aid of "tricks-of-the-trade", to generate consistent and reliable data. Regrettably, however, these invaluable "tricks-of

Doctor Geek's Laboratory, Season 2
Doctor Geek and friends return to continue their mission to investigate science inspired by fiction in the hope to encourage the exploration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).Season 2 Investigations: Episode 7 - Our Compani

Safe Laboratories
This book provides an introduction to basic concepts in the design of safe laboratories. Many of the chapters in this volume are based on papers presented in a symposium sponsored by the American Chemical Society's Committee on Chemical Safety and

Laboratory of Socialist Development
Artemy Kalinovsky's Laboratory of Socialist Development investigates the Soviet effort to make promises of decolonization a reality by looking at the politics and practices of economic development in central Asia between World War II and

Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory Manual
Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory Manual, Second Edition, is written by a former crime scene investigator and forensic scientist who provides practical, straightforward, and immediately applicable best practices. Readers will learn the

Criminalistics Laboratory Manual
The Criminalistics Laboratory Manual: The Basics of Forensic Investigation provides students with little to no prior knowledge of forensic science with a practical crime scene processing experience. The manual starts with an original crim

Cryogenic Laboratory Equipment
This book is meant for laboratory workers who for one reason or another have a need to cool something down to temperatures below that of liquid nitrogen - notably to 4. 2°K and below. It does not deal with experimental techniques at low temperatur

The Laboratory For Human Endeavours
Eva Finkelstein has achieved a Master's Degree in Physics and Anatomy. Now she wishes to embark on a PhD and teach at a university. But no university is willing to support her project and without a supervisor, there is no hope. After years of sear

Laboratory Quality/Management
This book should be of interest to the management of all types of laboratories supporting all types of scientifi c disciplines. Even though the scientifi c processes may be different the overall approach to management is very similar including how

Doctor Geek's Laboratory, Season 1
Science fiction meets real-world technology in Doctor Geek's Laboratory, Season 1 It's the twenty-first century-have you ever wondered what happened to all those inventions, conveniences, and other concepts the future was supposed to bring? Doctor

The Archaeologist's Laboratory
This text reviews the theory, concepts, and basic methods involved in archaeological analysis with the aim of familiarizing both students and professionals with its underlying principles. Topics covered include the nature and presentation of data;

Living Laboratories: Women and Reproductive Technologies
Imagine an unborn foetus having children. In a world where frozen embryo banks and test-tube babies are presented as the 'norm', the culling of immature eggs from a female foetus is no longer science fiction. How does this affect our concepts of parenting and mothering? What are the ethical and moral implications of research into human reproduction? Robyn Rowland argues that women have become 'living laboratories'. A book that has achieved the status of a classic.

Food Microbiology Laboratory
In order to truly understand food microbiology, it is necessary to have some experience in a laboratory. Food Microbiology Laboratory presents 18 well-tested, student-proven, and thoroughly outlined experiments for use in a one-semester introductory food microbiology course. Based on lab experiments developed for food science and microbiology courses at the University of Massachusetts, this manual provides students with hands-on experience with both traditional methods of enumerating microorganisms from food samples and "rapid methods" often used by industry. It covers topics such as E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella detection, as well as the thermal destruction of microorganisms, and using PCR to confirm Listeria monocytogenes. All parameters and dilutions presented in the text have been optimized to ensure the success of each exercise. An instructor's manual is also available with qualifying course adoptions to assist in the planning, ordering, and preparation of materials. This valuable text features well-established laboratory exercises based upon methods published in the FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual. It provides the backbone for any laboratory session and may be customized with test kits to reflect the emphasis and level of the class.
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