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Structures of Knowing

Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 430 pages.

Austria and Other Margins

Case studies looking at how literature crosses national and cultural boundaries.
Published by Camden House on 07/17/1996
Book details: 263 pages.

Vienna's Dreams of Europe

Vienna's Dreams of Europe puts forward a convincing counter-narrative to the prevailing story of Austria's place in Europe since the Enlightenment. For a millennium, Austrian writers have used images of Europe and its hegemonic culture as their political and cultural reference points. Yet in discussions of Europe's nation-states, Austria appears only as an afterthought, no matter that its precursor states-the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Empire, and Austria Hungary-represented a globalized European cultural space outside the dominant paradigm of nationalist colonialism. Austrian writers today confront reunited Europe in full acknowledgment of Austro-Hungary's multicultural heritage, which mixes various nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural forms, including ancestors from the Balkans and beyond. Challenging standard accounts of 18th- through 20th-century European imperial identity construction, Vienna's Dreams of Europe introduces a group of Austrian public intellectuals and authors who have since the 18th century construed their own public as European. Working in different terms than today's theorist-critics of the hegemonic West, Katherine Arens posits a political identity resisting two hundred years of European nationalism.
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA on 10/22/2015
Book details: 336 pages.

Herder Today

Published by Walter de Gruyter on 07/17/1990
Book details: 451 pages.

Comparative Central European Culture

Rev. and expanded versions of papers originally presented at three different conferences held during 1999-2000: the 24th annual conference, American Hungarian Educators' Association (Cleveland, 1999); Central European Culture Today (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Sept. 1999); annual conference, Modern Language Association (Washington, D.C., 2000).
Published by Purdue University Press on 07/17/2019
Book details: 217 pages.

Censorship and Exile

Published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht on 05/20/2015
Book details: 285 pages.

Jews & Gender

In 1903 Otto Weininger, A Viennese Jew who converted to Protestantism, publishedGeschiecht und Charakter(Sex and Character), a book in which he set out to prove the moral inferiority and character deficiency of "the woman" and "the Jew." Almost immediately, he was acclaimed as a young genius for bringing these two elements together. Shortly thereafter, at the age of twenty-three, Weininger committed suicide in the room where Beethoven had died. Weininger's sensationalized death immortalized him as an intellectual who expressed the abject misogyny and antisemitism. This collection of essays, many translated into English for the first time, examines Weininger's influence and reception in Western culture, particularly his impact on important writers such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, and James Joyce. One essay considers the ways Weininger's ideas were used to further Nazi ideology, and several offer feminist approaches to interpreting the intersection of antisemitism and misogyny. The concluding essay explores Weininger's surprising role in Israel's ongoing sociopolitical self-definition through the bold production of Joshua Sobol's play, "The Soul of a Jew (Weininger's Last Night)." This volume 's close examination of Weininger's ideas, and their subsequent appearance in other well-known texts, suggests how the legacies of prejudice affect Western culture today. Author note: Nancy A. Harrowitzis author ofAntisemitism, Misogyny and the Logic of Cultural Difference: Cesare Lombroso and Matilde Seraoand editor ofTainted Greatness: Antisemitism and Cultural Heroes(Temple). Barbara Hyamsis Lecturer with the rank of Assistant Professor of German at Brandeis University.
Published by Temple University Press on 07/17/1995
Book details: 341 pages.

Comparative Central European Holocaust Studies

The work presented in the volume in fields of the humanities and social sciences is based on 1) the notion of the existence and the "describability" and analysis of a culture (including, e.g., history, literature, society, the arts, etc.) specific of/to the region designated as Central Europe, 2) the relevance of a field designated as Central European Holocaust studies, and 3) the relevance, in the study of culture, of the "comparative" and "contextual" approach designated as "comparative cultural studies." Papers in the volume are by scholars working in Holocaust Studies in Australia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and the US.
Published by Purdue University Press on 07/17/2019
Book details: 211 pages.

A Companion to the Works of Arthur Schnitzler

This volume of specially commissioned essays takes a fresh look at the Viennese Jewish dramatist and prose writer Arthur Schnitzler. Fascinatingly, Schnitzler's productive years spanned the final phase of the Habsburg monarchy, World War I, the First Austrian Republic, and the rise of National Socialism, and he realized earlier than many of his contemporaries the threat that racist anti-Semitism posed to the then almost complete assimilation of Austrian Jews. His writings also reflect the irresolvable conflict between emerging feminism and the relentless "scientific" discourse of misogyny, and he chronicles the collapse of traditional social structures at the end of the Habsburg monarchy and the struggles of the newly founded republic. In the 1950s Schnitzler's powerful literary record assumed model character for Viennese Jewish intellectuals born after the Shoah, and his portrayal of gender relations and role expectations and casual sex are received with the same fascination today as they were by the audiences of his own time. Schnitzler remains a major figure in contemporary European culture, as his works are still widely read, performed, and adapted -- witness Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Schnitzler's Traumnovelle as the 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut. In this volume a team of international scholars explores Schnitzler's dramas and prose works from contemporary critical vantage points, but within the context of Austria's multicultural society at a time of unprecedented change. Contributors: Gerd Schneider, Evelyn Deutsch-Schreiner, Elizabeth Loentz, Iris Bruce, Felix Tweraser, Elizabeth Ametsbichler, Hillary Hope Herzog, Katherine Arens, John Neubauer, Imke Meyer, Susan C. Anderson, Eva Kuttenberg, and Matthias Konzett. Dagmar C. G. Lorenz is professor of German at the University of Illinois-Chicago.
Published by Camden House on 07/17/2019
Book details: 415 pages.

A Companion to the Works of Hugo Von Hofmannsthal

New essays by leading scholars re-examining major aspects of the work of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the great Austrian poet and dramatist.
Published by Camden House on 07/17/2019
Book details: 265 pages.
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