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FIFA World Cup

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Modeling Mentoring Across Race/Ethnicity and Gender

While mentorship has been shown to be critical in helping graduate students persist and complete their studies, and enter upon and succeed in their academic careers, the under-representation of faculty of color and women in higher education greatly reduces the opportunities for graduate students from these selfsame groups to find mentors of their race, ethnicity or gender. Recognizing that mentoring across gender, race and ethnicity inserts levels of complexity to this important process, this book both fills a major gap in the literature and provides an in-depth look at successful mentorships between senior white and under-represented scholars and emerging women scholars and scholars of color. Following a comprehensive review of the literature, this book presents chapters written by scholars who share in-depth descriptions of their cross-gender and/or cross-race/ethnicity mentoring relationships. Each article is co-authored by mentors who are established senior scholars and their former protégés with whom they have continuing collegial relationships. Their descriptions provide rich insights into the importance of these relationships, and for developing the academic pipeline for women scholars and scholars of color. Drawing on a comparative analysis of the literature and of the narrative chapters, the editors conclude by identifying the key characteristics and pathways for developing successful mentoring relationships across race, ethnicity or gender, and by offering recommendations for institutional policy and individual mentoring practice. For administrators and faculty concerned about diversity in graduate programs and academic departments, they offer clear models of how to nurture the productive scholars and teachers needed for tomorrow’s demographic of students; for under-represented students, they offer compelling narratives about the rewards and challenges of good mentorship to inform their expectations and the relationships they will develop as protégés.
Published by Stylus Publishing, LLC on 06/01/2015
Book details: 264 pages.

Aztlán and Viet Nam

A collection of writings that explores the experiences of Mexican-Americans during the Vietnam War, both on the warfront and at home; featuring over sixty short stories, poems, speeches, and articles.
Published by Univ of California Press on 03/01/1999
Book details: 324 pages.

The Rise of the Left in Southern Europe

This study looks at the influence of the Anglo-American 'special relationship' on the rise of the left in southern Europe, and concurrent European influence on the Atlantic alliance.
Published by Routledge on 10/06/2015
Book details: 256 pages.


Miguel Indurain is Spain’s greatest cyclist of all time and one of the best Tour racers in history. He is the only bike rider to have won five successive Tours de France, as well as holding the title for the youngest ever race leader in the Tour of Spain. This is his story. As the all-conquering hero of the 90s, Indurain steadfastly refused to be overwhelmed by fame; remaining humble, shy and true to his country roots. Along with his superhuman calmness, iron will-power and superb bike handling skills, he was often described as a machine. Yet 1996 saw Indurain, the Tour’s greatest ever champion, spectacularly plummet, bringing his career and supremacy to an abrupt end. In Indurain, Alasdair Fotheringham gets to the heart of this enigmatic character, reliving his historic accomplishments in vibrant colour, and exploring how this shaped the direction taken by generations of Spanish racers - raising Spanish sport to a whole new level.
Published by Random House on 05/25/2017
Book details: 320 pages.


Published on 07/18/1899
Book details: 320 pages.

Commercial Directory of the American Republics

Published on 07/18/1898
Book details: 320 pages.

The Polo Encyclopedia, 2d ed.

In its greatly expanded second edition, this definitive reference work on the sport of Polo includes more than 18,000 alphabetical and cross-referenced entries covering players, teams, national and international tournaments, rules of the game, books on polo and their authors, as well as painters and sculptors of polo subjects. No other book includes as much information about the game in a single volume.
Published by McFarland on 03/27/2015
Book details: 424 pages.

Commercial Directory of the American Republics

Book details: 424 pages.

Congressional Record

Published by St. Martin's Press
Book details: 424 pages.
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