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Works of John Hartley
5 works of John Hartley English poet who worked in the Yorkshire dialect (1839-1915) This ebook presents a collection of 5 works of John Hartley. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected. T

The creative citizen unbound
The creative citizen unbound introduces the concept of 'creative citizenship' to explore the potential of civic-minded creative individuals in the era of social media and in the context of an expanding creative economy. Drawing on the findings of

Yorkshire Lyrics
Yorkshire Lyrics John Hartley [ZHINGOORA BOOKS]

Stephen John Hartley left school having failed all his exams - he didn't care. He had better things to do. He was guitarist in iconic UK punk band NOTSENSIBLES - they recorded four singles, an album and a John Peel session. The North UK had

Leadership for healthcare
It is vital for healthcare leaders to have a clear sense of which leadership ideas and practices are rooted in sound theory and convincing evidence, and which are more speculative. This book provides a coherent set of six lenses through which to s

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
This fourth edition of Communication, Cultural and Media Studies: The Key Concepts is an indispensible guide to the most important terms in the field. It offers clear explanations of the key concepts, exploring their origins, what they're

Understanding News
News depends for its effect on a culturally shared language, and this book concentrates on ways we can decode its messages without simply reproducing their underlying assumptions.

Peter and the Milkman's Horse
Based on recollections of a 1950s childhood, this is the story of how a young boy's friendship with a milkman's horse brings an unexpected bonus.

Yorkshire Ditties, First Series
Contents. Poetry. Bite Bigger. To th' Swallow. Plenty o' Brass. Th' Little Stranger. Babby Burds. Wayvin Mewsic. That's a Fact. Stop at Hooam. The Short Timer. Th' First o'th' Soart

YouTube is one of the most well-known and widely discussed sites of participatory media in the contemporary online environment, and it is the first genuinely mass-popular platform for user-created video. In this timely and comprehensive introducti

The Little Black Book of Casino Games
Belly up to the gaming table with your personal "ace in the hole!" You've hit the jackpot with this ultimate quick gambling reference. The Little Black Book of Casino Games: The Smart Player's Guide to Gambling boosts your odds of winning by giving

Yorkshire Tales - Third Series
Contents Grimes' New Hat. Sammywell Sweeps th' Chimley. Hepsabah's Hat. Old Dave to th' New Parson. Sammywell's Eggsperiment. What came of a Clock Almanac. Sammywell's Reformation. Sheffield Smook.<

The Quick Guide to Hosting Poker Night
Poker, Americas best-known card game, requires knowledge of odds, betting strategies, and nerves of steel. (Oh, yes, a little bit of luck never hurts either.) The Quick Guide to Hosting Poker Night introduces you to poker history, game types, rules,

Uses of Television
John Hartley's new book defends the place of television in our lives, suggesting that it reunites government, education and media to create a new kind of cultural teaching which communicates across social and geographical boundaries.

Miss Fortune's Last Mission
Twenty-five years after his death, I wanted to know the things my father would not discuss about his time as a 19-year-old waist gunner in a B-24 bomber. I found the man who could tell me. He was Ray Noury, who flew with my father over Europe in l

The Routledge Companion to Leadership
Leadership has never been more important - and divisive - than it is today. The idea and discourse of the leader remains a critical factor in organizational and societal performance, but there is evident tension between the persistent focus on the

Teleology brings together John Hartley's work on television. The book draws on current critical theory in cultural studies to develop a wide-ranging and thought-provoking view of television broadcasting in Britain, Australia and the USA.<

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies: The Key Concepts: The Key Concepts
This fourth edition of Communication, Cultural and Media Studies: The Key Concepts is an indispensible guide to the most important terms in the field. It offers clear explanations of the key concepts, exploring their origins, what they're used for and why they provoke discussion. The author provides a multi-disciplinary explanation and assessment of the key concepts, from 'authorship' to 'censorship'; 'creative industries' to 'network theory'; 'complexity' to 'visual culture'. The new edition of this classic text includes: Over 200 entries including 50 new entries All entries revised, rewritten and updated Coverage of recent developments in the field Insight into interactive media and the knowledge-based economy A fully updated bibliography with 400 items and suggestions for further reading throughout the text

Yorkshire Ditties
CONTENTS of Second Series. Th' Better Part. Done Agean. Latter Wit. My Gronfayther's Days. Heart Brocken. To a Daisy, A Bad Sooart. All we Had. Give it 'em Hot. Th' Honest Hard Worker.

Uses of Television
How does television function within society? Why have both its programmes and its audiences been so widely denigrated? Taking inspiration from Richard Hoggarts classic study The Uses of Literacy, John Hartleys new book is a lucid defence
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