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101 good ideas : how to improve just about any process
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Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca, or, A complete collection of voyages and travels : consisting of above six hundred of the most authentic writers, beginning with Hackluit, Purchass, &c. in English; Ramusio, Alamandini, Carreri, &c. in Italian; Thevenot, Renaudot, Labat, &c. in French; De Brye, Grynaeus, Maffeus, &c. in Latin; Herrera, Oviedo, Coreal, &c. in Spanish; and the voyages under the direction of the East-India Company in Holland, in Dutch : together with such other histories, voyages, travels, or discoveries, as are in general esteem; whether published in English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, High and Low Dutch, or in any other European language : containing whatever has been observed worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America : in respect to the extent and situation of empires, kingdoms, provinces, &c. : the climate, soil, and produce, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, of each country : likewise the religion, manners, and customs of the several inhabitants, their government, arts and sciences, publick buildings, mountains, rivers, harbours, &c. : illustrated by proper charts, maps, and cuts : to which is prefixed a copious introduction, comprehending the rise and progress of the art of navigation, and its successive improvements : together with the invention and use of the loadstone, and its variation : originally published in two volumes in folio
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"Air Forces News Letter," Jan. 1942 - Dec. 1942
Published on 09/27/2014
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"Air Forces News Letter," Jan. 1942 - Dec. 1942
Issues of Air Forces Newsletter. *************************************************************** THE AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS SECTION ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, D. C. JANUARY, 1942 Special Insurance Issue *************************************************************** THE AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER HEADQUARTERS ARMY AIR FORCES WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 FEBRUARY, 1942 NO. 1 U.S. TIGERS CIAW JAPS 1 GEN. PATRICK WAGED EARLY FIGHT FOR AIR POWER 3 WAR CHANGES HIGH COMMANDS 5 A GERMAN VIEW OF JAPANESE AIR POWER 9 FIRST WAR HEROES HONORED 13 BRITISH REVEAL OBSERVERS TECHNIQUE 15 "FLIGHT STRIPS" FOR THE DISPERSION OF AIRCRAFT 17 COMBAT CREW ELIGIBILITY EXTENDED 21 THE CRUISE OF THE ARABIAN NIGHT 23 180 MILES WITHOUT A MOTOR 25 AIR CORPS REORGANIZED 27 AJRACOBRAS STRIKE OVER BRITAIN 29 SUPPORT COMMANDS PROVIDE LIGHTNING PUNCH 31 PATROL BOMBERS CORRAL SUB AT SEA 33 HOW TO BUNDLE FOR BRITAIN 37 *************************************************************** AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS SECTION ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 MARCH-APRIL, 1942 NO. 2 SAFARI ON WINGS Ferry Command fights jungle and desert — By Major Geoffrey Bonnell 1 HUNTING FOR TIN FISH An Army bomber on submarine patrol — By Capt . Lynn Farnol 3 HONOR ROLL 5 PHYSICAL TRAINING IN THE ARMY AIR FORCES Keeping them fit for flying — By Maj . Gen. W.R. Weaver 7 TORPEDOES SPROUT WINGS Aviation's undersea weapon — By Lt. F.J. Novitskt, USN 11 AIR SERVICE COMMAND SUPPLIES THE WORLD Action behind the combat scenes — By Maj. Gen. Henry J.F. Miller 13 THEY CATCH 'EM WITH THEIR FLAPS DOWN "Intruder tactics" bag Nazi bombers 17 MAKING AMERICA'S SKY WARRIORS The Flying Training Command -- By Maj. Gen. Barton K. Yount 19 THE AUSTRALIAN FRONT Panorama view of a new battlefield — By Oliver Townsend 21 ENGINEERS WITH THE ARMY AIR FORCES Builders of airdromes -- By Brig. Gen. Stuart C. Godfrey 23 POLISH PILOTS STILL SCRAPPING Daredevils of the Royal Air Force — By Lt. Robert B. Hotz 27 REFLECTIONS OF A BOMBER PILOT Night bombing over western Europe — By Flight Lt. G.L. Chesire, RAF 31 FIGHTING FILIPINOS OF THE AIR Island pilots win their "spurs" — By Major Falk Harmel 33 GLIDERS PLAY IMPORTANT ROLE IN AAF WAR PLANS Motorless attack and transport — By Lewin B. Barringer 35 BARKSDALE-NEVER A DULL MOMENT Typifies Air Forces Expansion — By Lt. John H. Cheatwood 39 HIGH ALTITUDE FLYING MAN IN THE STRATOSPHERE The human angle at 40,000 feet — By Col. David N.W. Grant 43 WAR IS CLIMBING What's going on "upstairs" — By Capt. Nathaniel F. Silsbee 47 PERFORMANCE AT NEW HEIGHTS Cold Chamber Testing at Wright Field 49 Art Work By James T. RawIs PHOTO SOURCES: Rudy Arnold Photos, pp 3,41; Flight Magazine, p 11; Douglas Aircraft Co., p 17; Lite Magazine, pp 26,33; and official U.S. Army Air Forces photos. *************************************************************** AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS SECTION ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 MAY, 1942 NO. 3 THE ODDS BE DAMNED A saga of the South Pacific 1 ACCIDENTS MUST STOP The Director of Plying Safety tells why — By Col. S.R. Harris 3 HONOR ROLL Last month's Air Forces heroes 9 SWIVEL CHAIR BOMBARDIER How the photo interpreter operates — By Thomas 0. Milius 11 CROSS COUNTRY News from the field in a new department 15 MORALE BUILDERS Recreation for the Air Forces — By Lt. Col. R.C. Jones 17 A DAY AT AN AIR FORCE BASE An artist's impressions — By Capt. Raymond Creekmore 18 RUSSIAN RAMMING DOWNS AXIS PLANES Soviet crash tactics described .20 TECHNIQUE Recent technical developments in the Air Forces 22 THE DELAYED JUMP Record holder explains its value — By Arthur H. Starnes 23 INDIA Another front for the AAF — By Oliver H. Townsend 25 WORLD WAR ACES MEET THE CADETS Rickenbacker and Hunter tour U.S. bases — By Maj. Falk Harmel 27 Technical and Art Director— James T. Rauls FRONT COVER The airplane pictured on the front cover is the North American B-25. Famous for participating in General Royce' s Australian based raid on Jap forces in the Philippines, this type of plane was also "blamed" by the Japanese for making the war's first raid on Tokyo. *************************************************************** AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS SECTION ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 JUNE, 1942 NO. 4 CROSS COUNTRY 1 THE FERRYING COMMAND -- By Brig. Gen. Harold L. George 3 HONOR ROLL 7 FLY TO TOKYO- -ALL EXPENSES PAID -- By Oliver H. Townsend 9 AIRDROMES IN WARTIME -- By Lt. Col. Rudolph E. Smyser 11 PRO PATRIA MORI 13 YOUR SAFETY JOB -- By Maj . W.R. Weber 14 AAF PLANES TORPEDO JAPS 15 THEY LOOK FOR TROUBLE -- By Lieut. Robert B. Hotz 16 SWEEPS OVER FRANCE -- By Flight Lieut. Brendan Finucane 21 CONFESSIONS OF A VETERAN PILOT -- By Capt . W.V. Brown 23 CHANUTE'S FAVORITE SON -- By Maj. M.F. Ranney 26 MAXIMUM AIRCRAFT SPEED -- By Lieut. Perry J. Ritchie 28 BOEING'S FLYING FORTRESS 29 TECHNIQUE 32 RANDOLPH SPEEDS MECHANICS TRAINING 35 GERMANY'S MESSERSCHMITT 37 Technical and Art Director— James T. Rauls FRONT COVER Women in uniform are making an unofficial but striking appearance in the Air Forces. Although not ordered by headquarters , commanding officers at several airfields are requiring uniforms for women clerical workers (all civilians) in the interests of increased efficiency and esprit de corps. Typical of these "uniformed gir Is" is Miss Kathleen Nelson, secretary to the Post Surgeon at the Air Forces Gunnery School at Tyndall Field, Fla. In the cover picture. Miss Nelson is shown wearing a uniform of "Air Force" blue and a cap bearing the insignia of the branch to which she is assigned. PHOTO SOURCES Life Magazine , inside front cover, p. 11, 22; Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co., p. 15; Lockheed Aircraft Corp., p. 16; Boeing Aircraft Co., p. 29; and U.S. Army Air Forces photos. *************************************************************** AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS SECTION ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 JULY, 1942 NO. 5 FEATURES REVENGE OFF MIDWAY -- By Lt . Col. Walter C. Sweeney. Jr 3 AIR WAR IN THE ALEUTIANS 4 GLIDERS FOR WAR By Capt. Herbert O. Johansen 5 ROUGHING UP FOR COMBAT -- By Lt . Robert B. Hotz 8 HIDE AND SEEK WARFARE 10 "OLE MISS" GOES TO JAVA -- By Capt. Al Key 14 THE NEXT RAID ON JAPAN -- By James R. Young 20 JOE DOAKES -- FINANCIER 23 TWELVE POUNDS OF PREVENTION -- By Capt. Harry Barsantee 27 THE RUSSIAN CAUCASUS --By Oliver H. Townsend 30 THE GREAT ZERO MYSTERY -- By Lt . John M. Jenks 32 AIRDROMES IN WARTIME (PART II) -- By Lt. Col. R.E. Smyser 35 DEPARTMENTS CROSS COUNTRY 1 CONTROL TOWER 16 ROLL OF HONOR 11 PRO PATRIA MORI 22 TECHNIQUE 24 Technical and Art Director — James T. Rauls FRONT COVER Airborne troops are one of the moat potent striking forces in modern warfare. Not neglecting this vital department , the U.S. Army is developing the best airborne force in the world. The cover picture shows what our aerial troops look like while they are being loaded into one of their big transports -- Curtiss-Wright's C-46, christened "The Commando". The two powerful Wright engines of this plane are capable of hauling a large number of fully-armed troops , complete with war equipment , deep into the heart of enemy-held territory. PHOTO SOURCES Curtiss-Wright Corp., cover; Boeing Aircraft Co., inside cover; U.S. Navy, p. 3, 4; Rudy Arnold, p. 10; Army Signal Corps, p. 18, 19; Fred Hamilton (Three Lions), p. 20; Sovfoto, p. 31, and official U.S. Army Air Forces photos. *************************************************************** AIR FORCES NEWS LETTER HEADQUARTERS ARMY AIR FORCES WASHINGTON, D. C. VOL. 25 AUGUST -SEPTEMBER, 1942 NO. 6 FEATURES AMERICAN FIREWORKS OVER EUROPE -- By T/Sgt . Robert Golay 3 "WE FOUGHT AT MIDWAY" By Capt. Charles E. Shelton 4 TAILOR MADE FOR COMBAT -- By Capt. Selby Calkins 8 WE SCOUR THE SEAS -- By Air Vice-Marshal G.B.S. Baker. RAF 10 HUNTING FOR ONE IN A MILLION -- By Lieut. John M. Jenks 12 MIAMI BEACH GOES TO WAR 13 THE TRICYCLE LANDING GEAR -- By Capt. James A. Johnston 16 THE LUFTWAFFE TODAY 20 RED SENTRIES OF THE SKIES -- By Major N.Denisov .Russian Air Force 23 AIRDROMES IN WARTIME (PART 111) -- By Lt . Col. R.E. Smyser 27 FRIEND OR FOE? -- By Capt. F.W. Warlow 30 EGYPT -- By Oliver H. Townsend 33 DEPARTMENTS CROSS COUNTRY 1 CONTROL TOWER 14 ROLL OF HONOR 11 PRO PATRIA MORI 22 TECHNIQUE 24 Technical and Art Staff: James T. Rawls, Director - Capt. Raymond Creekmore Sergt. William T. Lent - Paul Reed Photos from official Army Air Forces sources *************************************************************** AIR FORCE (name change) DECEMBER 1942 (partial table of contents, scanned page is damaged) Our Air Offensive in the Aleutians 5 Biography of a Globe-Trotting B-24 6 Psychologists Classify Our Air Cadets 8 How Dutch Indies Airmen Fought the Japs 10 Major Principles of Precision Bombing 11 Health Hints for the Libyan Theater 12 Uncovering the Impostors in Uniform 13 Tips on How to Fly with One Engine Dead Flight Training Progress at West Point Jungle Rescue, Told by a Surgeon Americans in Britain— by a Britisher A Study of Wright Field in Wartime Elements of Desert . . . *************************************************************** Digitized by
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The sexual scene
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Something about the author. [electronic resource]
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Something about the author. [electronic resource]
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Byte Magazine Volume 05 Number 11 - High-Resolution Graphics
A rescan for this item is available here . Foreground p.32 HOME IN ON THE RANGE! AN ULTRASONIC RANGING SYSTEM [author Steve Ciarcia] Combine automatic sonar ranging and infrared-light detection in a computer-controlled scanner. p.64 MICROGRAPH, PART 1: DEVELOPING AN INSTRUCTION SET FOR A RASTER-SCAN DISPLAY [author E Grady Booch] Micrograph is an intelligent, low-cost, color-graphics terminal that interfaces to any microcomputer and standard, unmodified color television receiver. p.126 GRAPHIC COLOR SLIDES, PART 1 [author Alan W Grogono] The first of this two-part article gives a series of useful subroutines for generating color images on a Compucolor II. 148 THREE-DIMENSIONAL GRAPHICS FOR THE APPLE II [author Dan Sokol and John Shepard] With this popular computer, use a two-color scheme to generate three-dimensional figure p.296 A GENERAL INTERPOLATING GRAPHICS PACKAGE FOR THE TRS-80 [author D K Cohen and Devon Crowe] Interpolate between points of a graphed function and three-dimensional figures. p.340 AN 8088 PROCESSOR FOR THE S-100 BUS, PART 3 [author Thomas Woodward Cantrell] This monitor program takes advantage of some powerful software and architectural aspects of the 8088 processor. Background p.22 THE FUTURE OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS [author Bruce Eric Brown and Stephen Levine] Take a look at the future of graphics hardware and applications. p.90 LANGUAGE CONTROL STRUCTURES FOR EASY ELECTRONIC VISUALIZATION [author Dr Thomas DeFanti] Zgrass, a hybrid of language and hardware, can be used to solve graphic-display problems. p.180 A SIMPLIFIED THEORY OF VIDEO GRAPHICS, PART 1 [author Allen Watson III] Part 1 covers the principles of television and computer-generated graphics. p.206 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MONITOR [author Ron Dalpiaz] Meet the most frequently used human/computer interface - the video terminal. p.220 DIGITAL STORAGE OF IMAGES [author Thomas Williams] Theory and practice of digital-image capture and storage are explained in detail. p.244 MACHINE PROBLEM SOLVING, PART 3: THE ALPHA-BETA PROCEDURE [author Peter Frey] In the conclusion of this series, we discover how searching for information stored in tree structures can be made more efficient. p.361 ADD MACRO EXPANSION TO YOUR MICROCOMPUTER, PART 2 [author David C Brown] Notes on implementation and options are presented in this final part. Publisher's Note As most readers will have observed, the September Fifth anniversary issue marked the beginning of a new phase for BYTE. The jump from a 300-page to a 400-page issue means a 33% increase in the material presented to our readers each month. Because advertisements tend to be more visible than editorial content (especially in a technical journal), some readers may suspect that the larger issues mean merely more ads. But, in fact, the larger issues have approximately one third more editorial content. The new size does create design and manufacturing problems, however. The solution to these problems includes a redesign of the editorial pages of BYTE to make the editorial content easier to find and use. We expect the new format to be implemented early in 1981. We are confident that the increased editorial content and new format will make BYTE even more of a bargain as well as a more useful tool for our readers. And that, after all, is what it's all about. Virginia Londoner Publisher Nucleus p.6 Editorial p.16 Letters p.62, 86 Technical Forum p.108 Book Reviews p.112, 114, 292, 322 BYTE's Bugs p.114 Books Received p.116, 145 Programming Quickies p.119 BYTE's Bits p.147 Cubs and Newsletters p.158, 190, 196 Product Reviews p.172 SIGGRAPH Convention Report p.240 BYTELINES p.266 Ask BYTE p.314 Event Queue p.343 Tom Sloan Cartoon p.372 What's New? p.430 Unclassified Ads p.431 BOMB Results p.431 BOMB p.432 Reader Service
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