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Lower Norfolk County Virginia antiquary
Editor: James, Edward, W. (Edward Wilson), d. 1906. Each volume is in four parts, each having title page. Library's copy only includes parts 1, 3-4.
Published on 03/31/2011
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EMRY, Sheldon LeRoy = HQ 174-676
Sheldon Leroy Emry   (Scottsdale AZ and Minneapolis MN) 399-18-2061; b: 07-04-26 (Jump River WI); d: 06-06-85 Emry was a Christian Identity minister and a member of the John Birch Society.  He was a co-founder (with Gerda Koch) and Vice Chairman of Christian Research Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   After working with Emry (founder of America’s Promise Ministries)  on his book, Billions For Bankers, Debts For the People , Gerda moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Note:  Gerda Koch, (a John Birch Society member) and Christian Research Inc. were successfully sued for libel by sociologist Arnold Rose.  For details see: In the early 1960's Emry became aware of the Communist conspiracy and became active in many organizations, spending many hours showing anti-communist films such as " Communism on the Map " and " Operation Abolition " to church and civic groups. He became very discouraged with the lack of response from ministers, however, and this eventually led him to decide to leave the Presbyterian church he and his family had been attending. An important turning point came when a friend invited Emry to hear a minister whose church was only a mile from Emry's home in Minnetonka Mills, Minnesota. The minister's name was C. O. Stadsklev. He declared that instead of the Jews, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and kindred peoples were the descendants of the Israelites of the Bible, God's Chosen People. Background regarding the Christian Identity movement: Initially, Pastor Emry took over the radio broadcast that Stadsklev had begun but Emry made it into a daily, 15 minute radio program. Soon a regular group of people began attending Emry’s services in his Phoenix AZ home and the ministry of Lord's Covenant Church and America's Promise Radio was on its way.  Due to continued growth. Emry decided that his ministry needed a new home to accommodate the demands of a church and a nationwide radio ministry.  In 1972 he purchased five acres of land as the future site of Lord's Covenant Church. ADDITIONAL INFO:
Published on 07/13/2019
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Chronica do muyto alto e muyto poderoso rey destes reynos de Portugal Dom João o III deste nome
Published on 03/03/2011
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Global econometrics : essays in honor of Lawrence R. Klein
Published on 05/16/2018
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Byron, a symposium
Published on 04/17/2018
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Where were you when? : 180 unforgettable moments in living history
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Wind structure and luminosity variations in the WR/LBV HD 5980
Over the past 40 years, the massive LBV/WR system HD 5980 in the Small Magellanic Cloud has undergone a long-term S Doradus type variability cycle and two brief and violent eruptions in 1993 and 1994. In this paper we analyze a collection of UV and optical spectra obtained between 1979 and 2009 and perform CMFGEN model fits to spectra of 1994, 2000, 2002 and 2009. The results are as follows: a) The long term S Dor-type variability is associated with changes of the hydrostatic radius; b) The 1994 eruption involved changes in its bolometric luminosity and wind structure; c) the emission-line strength, the wind velocity and the continuum luminosity underwent correlated variations in the sense that a decreasing V$_\infty$ is associated with increasing emission line and continuum levels; and d) The spectrum of the third star in the system ({\it Star C}) is well-fit by a T$_{eff}$=32 K model atmosphere with SMC chemical abundances. For all epochs, the wind of the erupting star is optically thick at the sonic point and is thus driven mainly by the continuum opacity. We speculate that the wind switches between two stable regimes driven by the "hot" (during the eruption) and the "cool" (post-eruption) iron opacity bumps as defined by Lamers & Nugis (2002) and Gr\"afener and Hamann (2008), and thus the wind may undergo a bi-stability jump of a different nature from that which occurs in OB-stars.
Published on 09/23/2013
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Something about the author. [electronic resource]
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The Roswell Report: Case Closed
The Roswell Report: Case Closed Contents Foreword Guide for Readers v Introduction i SECTION ONE Flying Saucer Crashes and Alien Bodies 5 1.1 The "Crash Sites," Scenarios, and Research Methods 11 1.2 High Altitude Balloon Dummy Drops 23 1.3 High Altitude Balloon Operations 37 1.4 Comparison of Witnesses Accounts to U.S. Air Force Activities 55 SECTION TWO Reports of Bodies at Roswell Army Air Field Hospital 75 2.1 The "Missing" Nurse and the Pediatrician 81 2.2 Aircraft Accidents 93 2.3 High Altitude Research Projects 101 2.4 Comparison of the Hospital Account to the Balloon Mishap 109 Conclusion 123 Notes Section One 127 Section Two 139 APPENDIX A Anthropomorphic Dummy Launch and Landing Locations 155 APPENDIX B Witness Statements Charles E. Clouthier 160 Charles A. Coltman, Jr., Col., USAF, MC (Ret) 162 Dan D. Fulgham, Col., USAF (Ret) 164 Bernard D. Gildenberg, GS-14 (Ret) 166 Ole Jorgeson, MSgt., USAF (Ret) 169 William C. Kaufman, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret) 171 Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr., Col., USAF (Ret) 174 Roland H. Lutz, CMSgt., USAF (Ret) 178 Raymond A. Madson, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) 180 Frank B. Nordstrom, M.D 182 APPENDIX C Interviews Gerald Anderson 187 Glenn Dennis 197 Alice Knight 213 Vern Maltais 214 James Ragsdale 215 Selected Bibliography of Technical Reports 221 Index 225 Tables SECTION ONE 1.1 Comparison of Testimony to Actual Air Force Equipment and Procedures Used to Launch and Recover Anthropomorphic Dummies 69 SECTION TWO 2.1 Persons Described and Periods of Service at Roswell AAF Walker AFB 91 2.2 Fatal Air Force Aircraft Accidents by Year in the Vicinity of Walker AFB— 1947-1960 93 2.3 Analysis of Air Force Aircraft Accidents by Year in the Vicinity of Walker AFB— 1947-1960 94 Figures SECTION ONE 1. The Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction In The New Mexico Desert. 2. The International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell, N.M. 3. Drawing of Project Mogul Balloon Train. 4. Maj. Jesse Marcel With "Flying Disc" Debris. 5. ML-307B/AP Radar Target on Ground. 6. ML-307B/AP Radar Target in Flight. 7. "Harassed Rancher Who Located 'Saucer' Sorry He Told About It," Roswell Daily Record, July 9, 1947. 8. Announcement from November 4, 1992 Socorro (N.M.) Defensor Chieftan. 9. B.D. "Duke" Gildenberg. 10. Charles B.Moore. 11. Map Of New Mexico Depicting "Crash Sites" and "Debris Field." 12. Missile Recovery Scene. 13. Drone Recovery Scene. 14. "Sierra Sam" Type Anthropomorphic Dummy. 15. National Transportation Highway Safety Administration Advertisement Featuring "Vince and Larry." 16. "Dummy Joe" with J. J. Higgins and Guy Ball, McCook Field, Ohio, 1920. 17. Rope and Sandbag Parachute Drop Dummy on Ground. 18. Rope and Sandbag Parachute Drop Dummy Descending at Wright Field, Ohio. 19. Ted Smith Model Anthropomorphic Dummy in Ejection Seat. 20. Anthropomorphic Dummy "Oscar Eightball" at Muroc AAF, Calif. 21. "Sierra Sam" Anthropomorphic Dummy in Ejection Seat. 22. Alderson Laboratories Anthropomorphic Dummies Hanging in Laboratory. 23. Project High Dive Dummy Launch. 24. Map Of New Mexico Depicting Dummy Landing Locations. 25. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr.'s Record Parachute Jump. 26. Article In December 1960 National Geographic Featuring Project Excelsior. 27. Magazine Covers Depicting U.S. Air Force Aero-Medical Experiments. 28. M-342 Five-Ton Wrecker. 29. Project High Dive Gondola and "Sierra Sam" Type Anthropomorphic Dummy. 30. 1st Lts. Raymond A. Madson and Eugene M. Schwartz with "Sierra Sam" Type Anthropomorphic Dummy. 31. M-35 Two-Ton Cargo Truck. 32. M-37 3/4-Ton Cargo Truck. 33. Lt. Col. John P. Stapp Preparing for Rocket Sled Test. 34. Cover of September 12, 1955 Time Magazine Depicting Lt. Col. John P. Stapp. 35. Anthropomorphic Dummy with Missing Fingers. 36-38. Anthropomorphic Dummy Falling from Balloon Gondola. 39. Memo from Project High Dive Files. 40. Hanging Anthropomorphic Dummies and Hospital Gurney. 41. Anthropomorphic Dummy in Insulation Bag. 42-43. High Altitude Balloon Dummy Drops Report Covers. 44. Inflation of High Altitude Balloon for Project Viking. 45. Lobby Card from On The Threshold of Space, 46. Promotional Photo From On The Threshold of Space. 47. Promotional Photo From On The Threshold of Space. 48. Relative Sizes of High Altitude Balloon, Airliner, and Hot Air Balloon. 49. Target Balloon Launch Near Holloman AFB, N.M. 50. Discoverer Nosecone Rigged for High Altitude Balloon Flight. 51. Discoverer Capsule Aboard the USS Haiti Victory. 52. Viking Spaceprobe at Martin Marietta Corp., Denver, Colo. 53. Balloon Launch Of Voyager-Mars Spaceprobe. 54. Viking Spaceprobe at Roswell Industrial Airport, Roswell, N.M. 55. Viking Space Probe Awaiting Recovery at White Sands Missile Range. 56. Drawing of Alleged UFO. 57. "Vee" Balloon at Holloman AFB, N.M. 58. Current Members of the Holloman AFB Balloon Branch. 59. B.D. Gildenberg, Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr., and Lt. Col. David G. Simons (MC). 60. Ranch Family with Panel from Project Stargazer. 61. Balloon Recovery Personnel and "The Hermit." 62. Mule Borrowed for Balloon Payload Recovery. 63. Bulldozer Used for Balloon Payload Recovery. 64. M-43 Ambulance. 65-66. Unusual Balloon Payloads. 67. U.S. Army Communications Payload. 68. Scientific Balloon Payload Flown for The John Hopkins University. 69. Balloon Payload Flown from Holloman AFB, N.M. 70. Project High Dive Anthropomorphic Dummy Launch. 71. Vehicles Present at High Altitude Balloon Launch and Recovery Sites. 72. Alderson Laboratories Anthropomorphic Dummies. 73. Anthropomorphic Dummies Attached to Rack. 74. Anthropomorphic Dummy with "Bandaged" Head. 75. Anthropomorphic Dummy with Torn Uniform. 76. Promotional Photo From On The Threshold of Space. 11. L-20 Observation Aircraft. 78. C-47 Transport Aircraft. 79. Balloon Crew Preparing Balloon for Launch. 80. Anthropomorphic Dummy Launch Scene. 81. Typical High Altitude Balloon Launch Scene. 82. Map of New Mexico. SECTION TWO 1. The International UFO Museum and Research Center. 2. Capt. Eileen M. Fanton. 3. "Flying Saucer Swindlers," True Magazine, August 1956. 4. "The Flying Saucers and the Mysterious Little Green Men," True Magazine, September 1952. 5. Col. Lee F. Ferrell and U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez. 6. Lt. Col. Lucille C. Slattery. 7. KC-97 Aircraft. 8. 4036th USAF Hospital, Walker AFB, N.M., 1956. 9. Ballard Funeral Home, Roswell, N.M. 10. Maj. David G. Simons (MC), Otto C. Winzen, and Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. 11. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. in Man High Capsule. 12. Lt. Col. David G. Simons. 13. Bernard D. "Duke" Gildenberg and 1st Lt. Clifton McClure. 14. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. and the Excelsior High Altitude Balloon Gondola. 15. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. and William C. White with Stargazer Gondola. 16. Capt. Grover Schock and Otto C. Winzen. 17. Capt. Dan D. Fulgham and Capt. William C. Kaufman. 18. Thirty-foot Polyethylene Training Balloon. 19. Maj. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. in Vietnam. 20. A2C Ole Jorgeson and M-43 Ambulance Converted to a Communications Vehicle. 21. Stenciled Letters Described as "Hieroglyphics." 22. A2C Ole Jorgeson in Rear of M-43 Ambulance. 23. Polyethylene Balloon on Ground After High Altitude Flight. 24. Hospital Dispensary, Building 317, Walker AFB, N.M., 1954. 25. Main Gate at Walker AFB, N.M., 1954. 26. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. and Dr. J. Allen Hynek. 27. Clinical Record Cover Sheet of Capt. Dan D. Fulgham. 28. Capt. Dan D. Fulgham at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. 29. Maj. Dan D. Fulgham, James Lovell, Hilary Ray, and Alan Bean. 30. Maj. Dan D. Fulgham at Ubon AB, Thailand. 31. Memorial Plaque at Holloman AFB, N.M. 32. Nenninger Balloon Launch Facility at Holloman AFB, N.M. 33. Capt. Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr. Following Excelsior I.
Published on 12/13/2013
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A text-book on surgery : general, operative, and mechanical
Published on 04/09/2015
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