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Bleeding Sky
This is the true story of Captain Fletcher E. Adams and the famous 357th Fighter Group. Known collectively as the “Yoxford Boys” the 357th was the first P-51 Mustang fighter group in the history of the “Mighty” 8th Air Force. Although active for less than two years during World War II, the group set many records and became one of the greatest fighter outfits the U. S. Air Force would ever send into combat. Between February 1944 and April 1945 the 357th produced more aces than any other American fighter group. They also shot down more German jets than any other group in the Army Air Corps during the Second World War. On January 14, 1945, a day that will forever be known as “The Great Rat Race” and “The Big Day”, the 357th Fighter Group shot down 55 1⁄2 German fighters in just over two hours setting a record in military aviation that has never and probably will never be broken. Among the members of this amazing group of fighter pilots were: Chuck Yeager, Bud Anderson, Kit Carson, John England, and others destined for fame. So was Captain Fletcher E. Adams, a native son of the small village of Ida, Louisiana. Then, on May 30, 1944, Adams, the leading ace of the 357th Fighter Group with 9 kills to his credit, was shot down over Tiddische, Germany and murdered by civilians on the ground. This is their story as told by the pilots through their books, diaries, and interviews with the author. Theirs was an adventure never to be matched again in the annals of aviation history. Find out what it was really like to go “to war with the Yoxford Boys”! “This book gives us the best insight into a tragic causality of WW II and the mystery of what happened to Captain Fletcher E. Adams. Joey Maddox’s use of other voices, quotes and investigative interviews make the story interesting. You’ll not only learn about Fletcher Adams but also the history of the 357th Fighter Group. I found the use of Adams’ personal diary, an illegal practice in wartime, particularly interesting to learn of his personal feelings during his training and combat.” Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson Colonel, USAF Ret.
Author: Joey Maddox
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 09/11/2009
Book details: 236 pages.

The Great Rat Race for Europe
The Great Rat Race for Europe: Stories of the 357th Fighter Group (Sortie One) tells the true stories of the Yoxford Boys of the 357th Fighter Group; arguably the best Army Air Force fighter group in the European Theater during World War Two. Aces Kit Carson, Bud Anderson, Johnny England, Pete Peterson, Chuck Yeager and others from this elite group of "tigers" eventually became famous after the war, while other Yoxford Boys just melted back into the scenery that was the American post war years. Those were the lucky ones as scores of these brave, young American lads flying their P-51 Mustangs into combat against the Luftwaffe never saw home again as the result of this epic air war over Europe. Their stories are all here including Leonard "Kit" Carson's account of The Great Rat Race which helped to break the back of the Luftwaffe (from his fantastic book Pursue and Destroy), the strange and sad end of decorated fighter ace Dittie Jenkins who safely returned from his last mission against the Nazis only to be killed while celebrating with an impromptu air show over Station 373 at Leiston, and the first hand account of life in a Stalag Luft (prisoner of war camp) with Colonel Henry Spicer, the irascible commanding officer of the American section of the POW camp (and one-time 357th Fighter Group Commanding Officer) who drove the German officers to the brink with his rock solid spirit of rebellion and the love and admiration of his men. Fly into weather so thick that the ducks are walking with Pete Peterson, one of the leading aces of the Group, as he walks you through a hair-raising landing on Leiston Field with zero visibility and three inexperienced pilots on his wing. Then 357th fighter pilot Joe Shea recaptures the common boredom ridden hours and terror stricken moments faced by replacement pilots of the Group during their first combat missions, including Shea's account of his last encounter, eyeball to eyeball, with a German pilot in an Me-262 jet fighter as it slid over his wing and lined up perfectly in his gun sight. Relive the greatest (as well as the worst) days of the 8th Air Force's first long range Mustang fighter outfit in short stories written by the pilots of the 357th Fighter Group, their families, and this author in this collection of memories and tall tales of the famous Yoxford Boys.
Author: Joey Maddox
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 06/01/2011
Book details: 290 pages.

Withnail and Us
Cult has entered the cultural psyche in a profound and pervasive way. There is no corner of popular culture beyond the potential for cult transformation. Indeed, in entering common parlance the term has effectively lost its clandestine mystique. But why? And how did we get here with cult? 'Withnail and Us' charts the journey of cult in culture through an exploration of British cult films and their fans. It is about our bizarre and enduring fascination with once obscure or shocking movies, from 'A Clockwork Orange' to 'The Wicker Man' . What is it about certain films that provokes such obsessive fan devotion? What impells people to remote locations in search of filmic relics? Why do they gather in groups to re-enact scenes learnt by heart? Is any film worth re-viewing over 100 times? From 1968 and all that, through the cultural by-ways of the 1970s, this book attempts to explain such strange practices, and to trace their origins in the makings of some remarkable films, including 'Tommy', 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', 'Quadrophenia', 'Withnail & I', 'Trainspotting' and 'Performance'. Prepare to enter the arena of the unwell!
Author: Justin Smith
Published by I.B.Tauris on 02/28/2010
Book details: 272 pages.

Hard Time
Recounts the time the author spent submerged in a world of gang violence, insect infested cells, and food unfit for animals.
Published by Skyhorse Publishing Inc. on 05/01/2011
Book details: 303 pages.

Soccer Shake-Up
Dominic doesn't want to play soccer, but when his mom signs him up, he has no choice. So Dominic just messes around on the field during practice, even though he secretly admires the skills of Carlos, his star-player teammate. When Carlos has to miss a game, Dominic starts to think it could be his time to shine. But after his rowdy behavior, will his coach or any of his teammates trust Dominic to score big?
Author: Jake Maddox
Published by Capstone on 09/01/2015
Book details: 72 pages.

Quarterback Comeback
The Huskies are the biggest and best team in the conference. The Wildcats lose to them every year. Coach thinks they have a chance this year. Can Carlos make it happen?
Published by Capstone on 08/01/2010
Book details: 65 pages.

Adapt or Die
Football is evolving rapidly. Defenses are accelerating their ability to adapt to the no-huddle tempo, the full-field passing attack, and RPO advancements of the modern Offensive passing game. The Offense must adapt or get left behind. Fortunately, the R4 System continually advances, making an already proven equalizer the decisive weapon to fast-track Offensive adaptability against the modern warfare of Defense. Dub Maddox picks up where he left off with “Headset to Helmet.” In “Adapt or Die,” he provides an R4 field manual for coaches and players that provides fundamental tools to improve timing and space creation. Then he reveals how to implement new R4 scheme strategies that drive adaptability through simplicity. In this book you will learn how to: · Maximize drop-time advantages with a “toolbox” of quarterback under-center and shotgun drop · Increase route-side space advantage with a “toolbox” of wide receiver releases · Apply and execute specific route techniques for the Rhythm, Read, Rush and Release families · Reduce the number of concepts carried into the game by creating plays within a pass play · Apply progression platforms that accelerate adaptability for any concept · Implement the R4 route rules to maintain a full-field attack on any given pass play · Advance R.P.O. concepts with route attachment progressions
Author: Dub Maddox
Published by on 03/28/2018
Book details: 240 pages.

Speed Receiver
Andrew works on improving his speed to become a football star like his brother Marcus.
Published by Capstone on 08/01/2010
Book details: 65 pages.

The Unlikely Disciple
No drinking. No smoking. No cursing. No dancing. No R-rated movies. Kevin Roose wasn't used to rules like these. As a sophomore at Brown University, he spent his days drinking fair-trade coffee, singing in an a cappella group, and fitting right in with Brown's free-spirited, ultra-liberal student body. But when Roose leaves his Ivy League confines to spend a semester at Liberty University, a conservative Baptist school in Lynchburg, Virginia, obedience is no longer optional. Liberty is the late Reverend Jerry Falwell's "Bible Boot Camp" for young evangelicals, his training ground for the next generation of America's Religious Right. Liberty's ten thousand undergraduates take courses like Evangelism 101, hear from guest speakers like Sean Hannity and Karl Rove, and follow a forty-six-page code of conduct that regulates every aspect of their social lives. Hoping to connect with his evangelical peers, Roose decides to enroll at Liberty as a new transfer student, leaping across the God Divide and chronicling his adventures in this daring report from the front lines of America's culture war. His journey takes him from an evangelical hip-hop concert to choir practice at Falwell's legendary Thomas Road Baptist Church. He experiments with prayer, participates in a spring break mission trip to Daytona Beach (where he learns to preach the gospel to partying coeds), and pays a visit to Every Man's Battle, an on-campus support group for chronic masturbators. He meets pastors' kids, closet doubters, Christian rebels, and conducts what would be the last print interview of Rev. Falwell's life. Hilarious and heartwarming, respectful and thought-provoking, THE UNLIKELY DISCIPLE will inspire and entertain believers and nonbelievers alike. Ebook exclusive: Bonus quiz
Author: Kevin Roose
Published by Grand Central Publishing on 03/26/2009
Book details: 336 pages.

Journal of the Assembly of the State of New York
Includes Special sessions.
Published on 07/18/1862
Book details: 336 pages.
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