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Agility Training for You and Your Dog
Based on the positive training methods of Ali Canova and Joe Canova, two of the top agility competitors in America, this book will get you and your dog started in agility training. This author makes it easy with her step-by-step approach, footing diagrams and course illustrations, and beautiful full-color ­photographs. The unique method from proven champions strengthens the connection between any dog and his owner, and success is guaranteed for any breed, from miniature poodle to border collie. Every step has a specific drill that improves fitness and shapes behavior. Whether you want to compete on an agility team or simply have fun in your back yard, this is the only guide you'll need for a lifetime of satisfaction.
Published by Rowman & Littlefield on 09/16/2008
Book details: 256 pages.

School for Sleuths
Francis Aloysius Finn, owner of the A-Plus Detectives Agency & Famous Detectives School, gets more than he bargained for when Norris Beamer asks Finn to investigate his father’s death. Is Viola, Beamer’s new step-mother, really a black widow, or did her four elderly husbands die of natural causes? Is one of her neighbors involved? Or her boss? Or someone else... With the help of his Famous Detectives School students and Hilary Kendrake, his temporary secretary, Finn uncovers a deadly scheme of drug-dealing and murder—but will one of them be another victim?
Published by Wildside Press LLC on 01/09/2019
Book details: 192 pages.

Judy Canova
Yep, this here's the first book on everyone's favorite rube, Judy Canova! Teeming with family interviews and rare, unpublished photos, this is the only book that'll ever need to be writ on music/stage/film/radio star, Judy Canova!
Author: Ben Ohmart
Published by Bearmanor Media on 05/01/2010
Book details: 234 pages.

The American Shorthorn Herd Book
Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 234 pages.

Machinists: Toolmakers, Engineers, Creators of American Industry
What stands out in this memoir is above all the work that he has treated with exceptional seriousness from the very beginning, describing himself as the little screw that drives itself into the grand technology as all round machinist and invincible form grinder. Readers not familiar with modern technology will have to be impressed in this fascinating story by the thoroughness with which the author describes complicated production processes and high-precision items produced by his skilled hands. Also astonishing is his ability to recollect the details of social interactions in the workplace as well as among the neighbors. Besides work, the most important place is occupied by the family. A separate, but an equally important hobby is history and politics, both the grand one and the smaller, local one. Everywhere, whether at work, at home or social occasions, he participated in discussions, impressing everyone with his historical knowledge and his levelheaded outlook on current developments in the USA, the world, Poland, and Iraq. He also was, is, and always will be a great patriot, an ambassador of the Polish cause. After all, as he writes in the closing sentences of his memoirs, neither education nor wealth is important; what is important for us is to represent our country with dignity, wherever we might find ourselves. From the Foreword by Wladyslaw Sobecki
Author: Jan Kobylarz
Published by Author House on 03/21/2008
Book details: 572 pages.

Automobile Topics
Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 572 pages.

The Corpse
Throughout the centuries, different cultures have established a variety of procedures for handling and disposing of corpses. Often the methods are directly associated with the deceased’s position in life, such as a pharaoh’s mummification in Egypt or the cremation of a Buddhist. Treatment by the living of the dead over time and across cultures is the focus of study. Burial arrangements and preparations are detailed, including embalming, the funeral service, storage and transport of the body, and forms of burial. Autopsies and the investigative process of causes of deliberate death are fully covered. Preservation techniques such as cryonic suspension and mummification are discussed, as well as a look at the “recycling” of the corpse through organ donation, donation to medicine, animal scavengers, cannibalism, and, of course, natural decay and decomposition. Mistreatments of a corpse are also covered.
Published by McFarland on 09/17/2015
Book details: 368 pages.

Millionaire Manager
Improve your company's financial success. Don't let your business fall victim to the poor operating measurements that have led 95% of businesses to fail. Don't just hope for your company's profits to be there, make sure that they are. Written in an entertaining, conversational style that every manager will understand
Published by Global Financial Publishing on 07/23/2019
Book details: 129 pages.

Joe Mitchell Chapple's National Magazine
Published on 07/23/2019
Book details: 129 pages.

Faster Road Racing
In Faster Road Racing: 5K to Half Marathon, renowned running authority Pete Pfitzinger and Running Times senior writer Philip Latter present training plans for the most popular race distances as well as advice on recovery, cross-training, nutrition, tapering, and masters running.
Published by Human Kinetics on 11/06/2014
Book details: 280 pages.
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