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Ovarian Cancer Action Winter Newsletter
Ovarian Cancer Action Winter Newsletter
Uploaded by jo6676 on 10/31/2010
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Ovarian Cancer Action Winter Newsletter
Ovarian Cancer Action Winter Newsletter. Featuring Jo Brand and latest fundraising and research news.
Uploaded by jo6676 on 10/31/2010
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

A monthly magazine put out by Columbus, Ohio's DIY punk community. Features literature, journalism, comics, essays, humor, politics, illustration, drawing, photography, etc.
Uploaded by jamesdavidpayne on 03/03/2010
Digital publication details: 8 pages.

Philadelphia Zionist Moshe Phillips Shows His True Colors
Philadelphia Zionist Moshe Phillips was assuredly unaware of it when he attacked The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Howard University itself, but he was faithfully following the racist legacy left to him by his Philadelphia family of Jewish slave owners. Phillips calls himself the president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), a group of Jews that advocate the draining of American tax money to finance Israeli Jim Crow 6,000 miles away.
Uploaded by noirg on 06/21/2011
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U.lab - It's about you
Edited by Joanne Jakovich, Jochen Schweitzer, Wayne Brooks, Julie Jupp, Nathan Kirchner, Melissa Edwards and Natalia Nikolova This book captures the early days of u.lab's experiments into interdisciplinary and intergenerational creativity, thinking and doing. The co-founders document their ambition to evolve learning environments and research collaborations to be more inclusive, more creative, more loving and more led by action that benefits communities at all levels. As they cultivate their own ways of creative innovation they describe three distinct but connected experiments: Creative Minds – a two week thinking and doing course; Entrepreneurship Lab, a full semster subject for courageous, passionate and motivated young entrepreneurs; and BikeTank – a weekly event to explore rapid-paced ideation and prototyping.
Uploaded by u.lab on 11/22/2011
Digital publication details: 208 pages.

May 2011 Paranormal Underground
You can purchase paper copies of Paranormal Underground magazine via a Publish-on-Demand option by visiting At Paranormal Underground, our mission is to publish the highest-quality magazine for our readers. We strive to keep you updated on news from the paranormal world, as well as tackle the topics that most interest paranormal enthusiasts, researchers, and investigators. We hope you’ll find our publication entertaining and informative. To visit our Websites, go to and
Uploaded by paranormalunderground on 05/21/2011
Digital publication details: 52 pages.

The Girls Guide to Big Bold Moves for Career Success - Excerpt
Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio see it all the time: women derailing their careers because they believe that if they just sit quietly and work hard, someone upstairs will recognize their contribution and deliver big rewards. However, in today’s ultra-competitive workplace and tough economic climate if you want your dream job with your dream salary, and all the opportunities and fulfillment that come with it, you have to be armed with the right strategies and big, bold moves.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 01/04/2010
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Jewish Voice and Opinion February 2012
The Jewish Voice and Opinion speaks out forcefully and unashamedly for the unique concerns of what we have termed “classical Judaism.” As a politically conservative Jewish publication, we take as our mission to present news and feature articles not generally available elsewhere in the Jewish or secular. media. This issue covers the important primary in June between Democrats Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell in NJ-9, Israeli blamed for thwarting the peace process, options for Orthodox with SSA, and more...
Uploaded by jewishvoice on 02/06/2012
Digital publication details: 56 pages.

Massachusetts' Singles Magazine Spring 2010 issue
MSM shifts from monthly to quarterly schedule. Allison DeJesus covers MSM's Spring 2010 issue.
Uploaded by singlesmag on 03/22/2010
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Fanbase music mag issue 5
we are a fun filled music mag aimed at giving you the reader awsome reading bout the music and its industry
Uploaded by fanbasemag on 05/28/2011
Digital publication details: 21 pages.
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