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Jewish Lunacy
Jewish Lunacy looks back on six millennia of Jewish history, presenting it as the history of a family by telling it through the reminiscences of Eric, who calls himself the Tygrrrr Express. He grew up hearing stories of heartbreaking pain, insight

Superman Is Jewish?
Zeddy Lawrence once said, "It may not be true in all cases, but it's a pretty good rule of thumb. If the word 'man' appears at the end of someone's name you can draw one of two conclusions: a) they're Jewish, as in Goldman, Feldman, or Lipman

Jewish New York
The definitive history of Jews in New York and how they transformed the city Based on the acclaimed multi-volume series, "City of Promises: A History of the Jews of New York," Jewish New York reveals the multifaceted world of one of the

Jewish Materialism
A paradigm-shifting account of the modern Jewish experience, from one of the most creative young historians of his generationTo understand the organizing framework of modern Judaism, Eliyahu Stern believes that we should l

Jewish Portraits
In the far-off days, when religion was not a habit, but an emotion, there lived a little-known poet who solved the pathetic puzzle of how to sing the Lord's song in a strange land. Minor poets of the period in plenty had essayed a like task, leavi

Why Be Jewish?
Edgar M. Bronfman's clarion call to a generation of secular, disaffected, and unaffiliated Jews, this book addresses the most critical question confronting Judaism worldwide. Completed in December 2013, just weeks before he

Jewish Girlz
this title is removed from sale, rights have reverted back to the author. Samuel French is no longer the rights holder for this product

Muslim-Jewish Encounters
First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Jewish Radical Feminism
Fifty years after the start of the women's liberation movement, a book that at last illuminates the profound impact Jewishness and second-wave feminism had on each other

The Jewish Resistance
A vast number of Jewish people refused to go passively to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis in World War II. In fact they put up heroic resistance. Prisoners at Sobibor and Treblinka in Poland organized successful revolts, while at Auschwitz pri

Jewish Feminism
In the last three decades, hundreds of books and essays have been published on women, gender, and Jewish Studies. This burgeoning scholarship has not been adequately theorized, contextualized, or historicized. This book argues that Jewish feminist

The Jewish State
"It depends on the Jews themselves whether this political pamphlet remains for the present a political romance. If the present generation is too dull to understand it rightly, a future, finer and better generation will arise to understand it.

Jewish Answers
Did you ever want to ask an Orthodox Rabbi a question, but didn't know howor where to begin? Rabbi Shmuel Jablon, a young Orthodox rabbi and educator, answers questions from all over the world. He also provides thoughts from sages both modern and

Jewish Travellers
First published in 1930. The wandering Jew is a very real character in the great drama of history. He has travelled as nomad and settler, as fugitive and conqueror, as exile and colonist and as merchant and scholar. Of necessity bilingual and ther

Jewish Peoplehood
Winner of the 2017 American Jewish Historical Society's Saul Viener Book PrizeAlthough fewer American Jews today describe themselves as religious, they overwhelmingly report a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people. Indeed, Jewish

The Jewish State
Book Jungle provides classic literature in a modern format. Thousands of historical titles are now readily available to the public. Because of the original condition of many of these historical manuscripts, imperfections are possible. The value of these manuscripts lies in their historical significance and vivid accounts of the world from thousands of authors and storytellers. Book Jungle is proud to bring these rare volumes back into public use and to make them available to everyone.

Jewish History
What is Jewish History? In the first place, what does it offer as to quantity and as to quality? What are its range and content, and what distinguishes it in these two respects from the history of other nations? Furthermore, what is the essential

The Jewish War
It is sometime in the near future, and the Israeli Army is about to descend upon a band of militant settlers who have proclaimed the secessionist Kingdom of Judea and Samaria. So begins this timely and brilliantly satiric novel-an all-too-real sto

My Jewish Year
In the tradition of The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs and Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses by Bruce Feiler comes Abigail Pogrebin's My Jewish Year, a lively chronicle of t

The Jewish Journey
The history of European Jewry is a vast and complex subject. In this book, Edward Gelles traces Jewish history in Europe and the Near East including population movement, settlement, integration, advancement in aspects of European culture and learn
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