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Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek is the story of Shawn McIntyre in 1875 Kansas as he battles the local corruption in Lassiter Kansas, fights against an organized gang of outlaws and finds love.
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 12/14/2010
Book details: 307 pages.

You Want Breakfast Now? A Mongol Rally Team Experience,+Pe...
"Three boys from the island of Trescoe, Isles of Scilly take on one of the greatest challenges left on the planet - the Mongol Rally. This is their story, written on the road as it happened ... driving through a Russian heatwave, impounded for days in a border pen, chased by armed riders, bribing police and soldiers, weeks without a shower ... all for charity."--Back cover.
Author: James Druce
Published by on 07/22/2019
Book details: 282 pages.

All-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah
The beloved characters from Sydney Taylor's All-of-a-Kind Family return in this heartwarming picture book from a critically adored team--perfect for Hanukkah gift-giving! Acclaimed author Emily Jenkins (A Greyhound, a Groundhog) and Caldecott Award-winning artist Paul O. Zelinsky (Rapunzel) bring the beloved All-of-a-Kind Family to life in a new format. Fans, along with those just meeting the five girls ("all of a kind," as their parents say), will join them back in 1912, on the Lower East Side of NYC, and watch as preparations for Hanukkah are made. When Gertie, the youngest, is not allowed to help prepare latkes, she throws a tantrum. Banished to the girls' bedroom, she can still hear the sounds and smell the smells of a family getting ready to celebrate. But then Papa comes home and she is allowed out--and given the best job of all: lighting the first candle on the menorah. First published in 1951, Taylor's chapter books have become time-honored favorites, selling over a million copies and touching generations of readers. In this time when immigrants often do not feel accepted, the All-of-a-Kind Family gives a heartwarming glimpse of a Jewish immigrant family and their customs that is as relevant--and necessary--today as when it was first written. Jenkins and Zelinsky's charming compliment to Taylor's series perfectly captures the warmth and family values that made the original titles classics.
Published by Schwartz & Wade on 09/11/2018
Book details: 40 pages.

Along the Edge of America,+Pe...
Chronicles a two-year journey along the Gulf Coast, from the Florida Keys to the border of Mexico, and shares the author's encounters with people he met along the way
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on 07/22/1997
Book details: 319 pages.

Fear of the Dark,+Pe...
A failed private eye searches Los Angeles for a murderous white supremacist Aaron Gunner made a lousy private detective. After a year’s carnage in Vietnam and a quick exit from the police academy, private work was the only avenue he saw to be a hero. But the seediness, tedium, and lack of real power crushed his hopes, and he quit the job after inadvertently setting a pregnant woman up for a violent death. But after a savage racial murder, it may be time to come out of retirement. The white man comes to the Acey Deuce, a bar in South Central Los Angeles, to blow the head off a young black militant. The dead radical’s sister pays Gunner a visit with a .22 revolver, and convinces him to find her brother’s killer. As Gunner draws closer to answers, prejudice and rage threaten to tear Los Angeles apart. To save the city—and himself—Aaron Gunner must finally find his calling.
Published by Overamstel Uitgevers on 04/17/2012
Book details: 319 pages.

Literary Nevada,+Pe...
The first comprehensive literature anthology of Nevada with over 200 selections from traditional Native American tales to contemporary writings on contemporary environmental concerns.
Published by University of Nevada Press on 07/22/2019
Book details: 831 pages.

The Franchise
A corrupt football team fights to become the sport’s dominant franchiseThe Texas Pistols never should have been. The league had no business awarding a team to dying Park City, but it only took a little pressure—financial and otherwise—to bring the expansion franchise to town. At first, they’re worthless, playing in an empty stadium for slack-jawed fans, but the owners have a plan. Five years to financial security. Five years to complete domination of the sport. Five years to the Super Bowl. And it starts with Taylor Rusk. But Rusk, the finest college quarterback of his generation, is no fool, and he realizes quickly that all is not honest in Park City. He doesn’t want to stop the corruption; he wants a piece of it, and for a price he will lead his new team to glory. In Texas, football is life. But in Park City, it can mean death, too.
Author: Peter Gent
Published by Open Road Media on 06/28/2011
Book details: 558 pages.

Greatest Moments in Lsu Football History,+Pe...
This epic tale recounts the 40 greatest games in LSU's legendary history with amazing game stories and photos. Also included are feature stories reliving the battles of Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Texas; the passing duels with Archie Manning; Billy Cannon and more!
Published by Sports Publishing LLC on 07/22/2019
Book details: 216 pages.

Comprehensive Index of U.S. Government Publications
Published on 07/22/2019
Book details: 216 pages.

The Original Amos ’n’ Andy
This critical reexamination of Amos ’n’ Andy, the pioneering creation of Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden, presents an unapologetic but balanced view lacking in most treatments. It relies upon an untapped resource—thousands of pages of scripts from the show’s nearly forgotten earliest version, which most clearly reflected the vision of its creators. Consequently, it provides fresh insights and in part refutes the usual blanket condemnations of this groundbreaking show. The text incorporates numerous script excerpts, provides key background information, and also acknowledges the show’s importance to radio broadcasting and modern entertainment.
Published by McFarland on 07/11/2015
Book details: 223 pages.
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