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The World of Fashion

The World of Fashion, 5th Edition is the essential resource for students seeking to understand the fashion industry. Starting with an introduction to fashion's history and its evolving role within the global marketplace, this book provides in-depth coverage of the design, manufacturing and merchandising segments of the fashion industry.
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA on 01/30/2013
Book details: 698 pages.

Fashion Retailing

This fully updated overview of fashion retailing surveys the global expansion of retailers into the US market and US-based retailers to global markets.
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA on 01/29/2015
Book details: 408 pages.

The Self-restraining State

This text states that democratic governments must be accountable to the electorate; but they must also be subject to restraint and oversight by other public agencies. The state must control itself. This text explores how new democracies can achieve this goal.
Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers on 08/20/1999
Book details: 395 pages.

Developing Democracy

In this book noted political sociologist Larry Diamond sets forth a distinctive theoretical perspective on democratic evolution and consolidation in the late twentieth century. Rejecting theories that posit preconditions for democracy—and thus dismiss its prospects in poor countries—Diamond argues instead for a "developmental" theory of democracy. This, he explains, is one which views democracy everywhere as a work in progress that emerges piecemeal, at different rates, in different ways and forms, in different countries. Diamond begins by assessing the "third wave" of global democratization that began in 1974. With a wealth of quantitative data and case illustrations, he shows that the third wave has come to an end, leaving a growing gap between the electoral form and the liberal substance of democracy. This underscores the hollow, fragile state of many democracies and the imperative of concolidation. He then defines the concept of democratic consolidation and identifies the conditions that foster it. These include strong political institutions, appropriate institutional designs, decentralization of power, a vibrant civil society, and improved economic and political performance. If new and troubled democracies are to be consolidated, Diamond argues, they must become more deeply democratic—more liberal, accountable, and responsive to their citizens. Drawing on extensive public opinion research in developing and postcommunist states, he demonstrates the importance of freedom, transparency, and the rule of law for generating the broad legitimacy that is the essence of democratic consolidation. The book concludes with a hopeful view of the prospects for a fourth wave of global democratization.
Published by JHU Press on 04/08/1999
Book details: 362 pages.

Ill Winds

From America’s leading scholar of democracy,a personal, passionate call to action against the rising authoritarianism that challenges our world order—and the very value of liberty Larry Diamond has made it his life's work to secure democracy's future by understanding its past and by advising dissidents fighting autocracy around the world. Deeply attuned to the cycles of democratic expansion and decay that determine the fates of nations, he watched with mounting unease as illiberal rulers rose in Hungary, Poland, Turkey, the Philippines, and beyond, while China and Russia grew increasingly bold and bullying. Then, with Trump's election at home, the global retreat from freedom spread from democracy's margins to its heart. Ill Winds' core argument is stark: the defense and advancement of democratic ideals relies on U.S. global leadership. If we do not reclaim our traditional place as the keystone of democracy, today's authoritarian swell could become a tsunami, providing an opening for Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and their admirers to turn the twenty-first century into a dark time of despotism. We are at a hinge in history, between a new era of tyranny and an age of democratic renewal. Free governments can defend their values; free citizens can exercise their rights. We can make the internet safe for liberal democracy, exploit the soft, kleptocratic underbelly of dictatorships, and revive America's degraded democracy. Ill Winds offers concrete, deeply informed suggestions to fight polarization, reduce the influence of money in politics, and make every vote count. In 2019, freedom's last line of defense still remains "We the people."
Published by Penguin on 06/11/2019
Book details: 368 pages.

In Search of Democracy

This book evaluates the global status and prospects of democracy, with an emphasis on the quality of democratic institutions and the effectiveness of governance as key conditions for stable democracy. Bringing together a wide range of the author’s work over the past three decades, it advances a framework for assessing the quality of democracy and it analyzes alternative measures of democracy. Drawing on the most recent data from Freedom House, it assesses the global state of democracy and freedom, as of the beginning of 2015, and it explains why the world has been experiencing a mild but now deepening recession of democracy and freedom since 2005. A major theme of the book across the three decades of the author’s work is the relationship between democratic quality and stability. Democracies break down, Diamond argues, not so much because of economic factors but because of corrupt, inept governance that violates individual rights and the rule of law. The best way to secure democracy is to ensure that democracy is accountable, transparent, genuinely competitive, respectful of individual rights, inclusive of diverse forms and sources of participation, and responsive to the needs and aspirations of ordinary citizens. Viable democracy requires not only a state that can mobilize power to achieve collective goals, but also one that can restrain and punish the abuse of power—a particularly steep challenge for poor countries and those with natural resource wealth. The book examines these themes both in broad comparative perspective and with a deeper analysis of historical trends and future prospects in Africa and Asia,. Concluding with lessons for sustaining and reforming policies to promote democracy internationally, this book is essential reading for students and scholars interested in democracy, as well as politics and international relations more generally.
Published by Routledge on 07/16/2015
Book details: 470 pages.

Class, Ethnicity, and Democracy in Nigeria

The overthrow in January 1966 of Nigeria's First Republic erased what had been regarded as perhaps the most promising prospect for liberal democracy in post-colonial Africa. Marking the sweeping failure of parliamentary institutions across a continent of new nations, it accelerated the slide into a ghastly civil war. Class, Ethnicity and Democracy is the first scholarly study to analyze the evolution, decay, and failure of Nigeria's First Republic and to weigh this crucial experience against theories of the conditions for stable democratic government. Rejecting explanations that focus on political culture, political institutions, or ethnic competition and conflict, Larry Diamond identifies the root of Nigeria's democratic failure in the interrelationship between class, ethnic and state structures. This led the emergent dominant class in each region to mobilize and exploit ethnicity and to trample the democratic process in furious competition for state control, since that control was the primary means for accumulating wealth and consolidating class dominance. Tracing the polarization of conflict and the erosion of legitimacy through five major crises, Diamond presents a new methodology for analyzing the persistence and failure of democracies and points to the relationship between state and society as a crucial determinant of the possibility for liberal democracy.
Published by Syracuse University Press on 08/01/1988
Book details: 392 pages.


This book tells two stories. The first and most obvious is why the star known as Sirius has been regarded as an important fixture of the night sky by many civilizations and cultures since the beginnings of history. A second, but related, narrative is the prominent part that Sirius has played in how we came to achieve our current scientific understanding of the nature and fate of the stars. This is the first book to integrate the cultural history of Sirius with modern astrophysics in a way which provides a realistic view of how science progresses over time.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 02/22/2007
Book details: 250 pages.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series

Published by Copyright Office, Library of Congress on 08/20/1974
Book details: 1588 pages.


"He who marries beauty, marries trouble..." ~ Nigerian proverb Diamond Black is the oldest of the Heirs, raised and trained to be elite. Since the day she was born, Diamond has been her own person, and not afraid of anyone or anything. After graduating college and traveling the world for a few years, Diamond is returning home to her family and the newest mission for the group of Heirs. Awaiting her, will be the one man who'd taken over her mind, with a mission of his own…to claim the heart of the woman he's always loved. Xavier Jackson has the power to read minds, but he only wants Diamond's heart. Her return means the chance to show the only woman he's ever loved, that they are meant to be together. However, an urgent mission requires them to go undercover and become immersed in a world of darkness, danger and deceit, resulting in Xavier displaying a side of him, that Diamond has never witnessed. When Xavier's alter ego emerges, the couple is challenged as reality clashes with the covert. Diamond is tested to see if she can love the man behind the mask and face both the future…and their family. FYI: Diamond readers, this story contains intense urban culture and language, including events not usually contained in D. Camille books. However, was necessary to maintain the authenticity of the storyline.
Author: D. Camille
Published by Sable SiStars Publishing, LLC on 08/01/2018
Book details: 1588 pages.
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