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Kane Rising: The Siblings of Kane

Kane Branson, Veteran Commander of the AFP, returns to Australia from a mission in Iraq to bury his young wife, Agent Kelly Branson, who died by the hands of terrorist Ryan Holden. Attending the funeral is ex-US Marshal Reese Wade, accompanied by the ten year-old child, Leila, that Reese claims is hers and Kane’s. Leaving his entire family behind, Kane and his bodyguard, Hunter McLeod, set out on a mission halfway across Australia to prove that the child is not Kane’s daughter. Kane must then rise above what life has thrown at him, all his own transgressions and be the parent he should have been… or should he stay a would-be Hell’s Angel with a license to kill?
Published by BearManor Media on 01/18/2015

Raising Kane

Kane Branson and his wife Kelly head to England to rekindle old friendships with Kane’s boyhood chums, MI5 head Peter Graham and Italian racing driver Alexander Vincentia. Before the Branson’s arrive, Vincentia fatally crashes at Silverstone, while driving for Mercedes and driving on his own company’s Tyroler tires. All roads lead to sabotage after another Mercedes teammate’s car, also riding on Tyroler tires, is involved in an accident on the practice laps at Silverstone. Racing along with him is the new brawn from Australia, Kene Branson (better known as Kane Branson). Kane decides the only way he can discover the truth is to become part of the racing circuit. And against his young wife’s wishes, he takes to the track like he was born to it. Blackmailed into crossing-the-line through his wife’s abduction by possible Italian sources, Kane shows the world what he can really do on and off the racetrack. Bringing home more than just a trophy, Kane proves that no one can cross over the line with him more than once …and live.
Published by BearManor Media on 01/18/2015

Jeannette Rankin, America's Conscience

Social worker, suffragist, first woman elected to the United States Congress, and a lifelong peace activist, Jeannette Rankin is often remembered as the woman who voted "No" to United States involvement in both world wars. Rankin's determined voice for change shines in this biography, written by her friend, Norma Smith.
Author: Norma Smith
Published by Montana Historical Society on 07/16/2019
Book details: 233 pages.

Annual Register

Book details: 233 pages.

Sons of the Father

“Philip Vega is a man to die for.” Thrill to Janette Anderson’s latest novel of danger, international intrigue, adventure, romance, and mystery. Philip Vega is a smooth customer, but that calm exterior masks a man of action. Be prepared for a wild ride. “Janette Anderson is the female Mario Puzo. Sons of the Father is the modern day Godfather from a woman’s point of view. Violent, sexy, and she lived it.” – Director and producer Jerry London
Published by BearManor Media on 01/23/2015
Book details: 233 pages.

Rules to Die By

When Emma is taken by Marc Vega, her husband, Don Andrea Vega ,must go after her in anyway he can. As his own son's bodyguard, Vega must enter the world he created but this time as a blond-haired blue-eyed bodyguard to his own son Patrick Vega. Helped in his quest by Charlie Hill his friend from his mob-style past, finding Emma leads him to take out his own son...or does it? “The effortless blending of colorful characters, intriguing relation-ships and suspenseful action are becoming the trademarks of Janette Anderson's novels.” -- Gary Daniels, Actor “Add this to your list of guilty pleasures... great characters... Ms. Anderson's best work yet.” -- Joe Lando, Actor “What a great take on one of the world’s favorite film and TV genres. Ms. Anderson tells a great story.” -- Michael Paré, Actor “An amazing story of love, devotion, and loyalty in a world where those things never come easily.” -- Lori M., Production Assistant “It was an emotional journey writing this book. Close to the heart and based on the truth, a story to tell and it took a novel to do it, for I could not have written it as me.” -- Janette Anderson, Author & Producer
Published by BearManor Media on 01/23/2015
Book details: 233 pages.

Kane: Man of War

Kane: Man of War is disturbing and angry. It comes from a man who hides skeleton’s in closets and has ghosts haunting him. This is a journal of a dark hero, one who is trying to cope with his past and also retrieve some sense of the true hero he once was. This is a journal, hard hitting, and at times a shocking and upsetting portrayal. This is something movies are made of like Godfather and Scarface. Kane is out to raise hell and get revenge – he is dark and troubled and knows he is going to hell. The ending is brutal but satisfying. Vengeance has a new name – Kane.
Published by BearManor Media on 04/01/2010
Book details: 258 pages.

The Power and The Glory

Don Andrea Vega, a playboy with a license to kill. “Mob boss Philip Vega is back. As author Janette Anderson did with Sons of the Father, the first novel in the Philip Vega series, she has carefully woven a complex fabric of criminal enterprise and family entanglements in the power and the glory. It's time for Vega to pass the torch to his favorite son, but as we know by now, nothing in his life ever goes as planned. Betrayal, treachery, deception… all in a day's work for the head of Los Angeles organized crime. the power and the glory will keep you turning pages all the way to its uncompromising climax.” – Mike Dennis, audiobook narrator/producer “Janette Anderson's final novel in the Philip Vega saga has so many twists and turns, that finally even I know who my character is.” – Joe Lando, actor “From Janette Anderson’s diminutive frame bursts a powerhouse of energy, wit and story telling. This prolific crime drama author borrows from her own fascinating and often enviable life experiences to produce novels that are impossible to put down and beg to be made into movies." – Catherine Mary Stewart, actress “Janette's pen is as sharp as her wit. Get ready for a roller coaster ride!” – Duke Fenady, writer and producer “After being swept up by Philip Vega in Sons of the Father, now with 'the power and the glory', Janette has delivered a walloping tale of forbidden love and the ultimate betrayal.” – Jim Byrnes, writer and producer
Published by BearManor Media on 01/15/2015
Book details: 258 pages.

Drowning, Rhyme by Rhyme

In The Acts of God: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Prince Aremi Amachree is intended to bring you to a closer understanding about the Kingdom of Heaven or to give you a balanced understanding about the kingdom of Heaven. The book intends to justify God in all that He has done and to raise or expose the weaknesses of the human understanding about the kingdom of Heaven. The book will give you a better understanding about the Kingdom of God and you will have better answers to questions such as: · Why did God create both good and evil? · Does God actually know the future at all times? · Does anything happen that God did not plan? · Is evil also good and we have not understood it? · Can you refuse evil God has asked you to do? · Can anything stop God's plan? These and many more complex questions will be answered by the time you have finished reading this book. The book outlines whether or not God is the God of everything or whether He's the God of just some things and not others. That is, whether God is the good, the bad and the ugly. You have known the first steps about the kingdom of Heaven (the goodness); for you to know the steps after these steps, you need to read this book to help you understand those steps. Take a journey with me to this Truth How God works.
Published by AuthorHouse on 09/01/2001
Book details: 264 pages.

The Joshua Salisbury family book of remembrance

Published on 07/16/1961
Book details: 851 pages.
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