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A Jane Austen Devotional

A beautiful devotional, brimming with the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen and the timeless truths of Scripture. The works of Jane Austen can transport a reader to a world that exudes beauty, peace, wisdom, wit, and love. Captivating audiences for 200 years, the works of Jane Austen continue to capture today’s readers in droves. This daily devotional includes short excerpts from the Austen classics, and a devotional thought and Scripture that meaningfully translates to women’s daily lives. Offering temporary transport to a simple and peaceful place, women will love taking a moment to revel in the beauty and truth of a Scripture paired with excerpts from Northanger Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Emma.
Uploaded by tnelson on 08/10/2011
Digital publication details: 19 pages.

What Matters in Jane Austen

Extract from John Mullan's What Matters in Jane Austen
Uploaded by bloomsburypublishing on 01/16/2013
Digital publication details: 30 pages.

The Jane Austen Miscellany- Lauren Nixon

An extract from ‘The Jane Austen Miscellany’ by Lauren Nixon. Published by The History Press in October 2012.
Uploaded by thehistorypress on 01/24/2013
Digital publication details: 7 pages.

Jane Austen biography

Biography o this famous writer of the XIX century
Uploaded by proyectorosaleda on 05/14/2011
Digital publication details: 3 pages.

Sense and Sensibility

A comic version of the romantic novel "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen. Illustrated by Luise Schröder.
Uploaded by luiseschroeder on 03/28/2012
Digital publication details: 13 pages.

Lady Vernon and Her Daughter by Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway - Excerpt

Jane Austen's novella Lady Susan was written during the same period as another novella called Elinor and Marianne–which was later revised and expanded to become Sense and Sensibility. Unfortunately for readers, Lady Susan did not enjoy the same treatment by its author and was left abandoned and forgotten by all but the most diligent Austen scholars. Until now.
Uploaded by crown-publishing on 10/08/2009
Digital publication details: 26 pages.

Pride & Prejudice

the classic novel by Jane Austen in a new format
Uploaded by barbara_emanuel on 10/12/2010
Digital publication details: 8 pages.


Planet PDF edition
Uploaded by crowfan23 on 06/04/2008
Digital publication details: 252 pages.

Sense and Sensibility

-Planet eBook edition -2-page edition
Uploaded by crowfan23 on 06/04/2008
Digital publication details: 230 pages.

Jane Austens Reading. The Chawton Years

Publication to celebrate the bicentenial arrival of Jane Austen in Chawton
Uploaded by chawtonhouselibrary on 07/07/2010
Digital publication details: 13 pages.
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