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You Want Breakfast Now? A Mongol Rally Team Experience

"Three boys from the island of Trescoe, Isles of Scilly take on one of the greatest challenges left on the planet - the Mongol Rally. This is their story, written on the road as it happened ... driving through a Russian heatwave, impounded for days in a border pen, chased by armed riders, bribing police and soldiers, weeks without a shower ... all for charity."--Back cover.
Author: James Druce
Published by Lulu.com on 08/20/2019
Book details: 282 pages.

The Copy of the Poll of the Freeholders for Knights of the Shire for the County of Oxford, Taken at Oxford on the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Days of August, 1830

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 82 pages.

The Carl H. Pforzheimer Libary Shelly and His Circle

Published by Harvard University Press
Book details: 82 pages.

The Poll of the Freeholders of Oxfordshire, Taken ... 17th of April, 1754, ... Candidates ... Visct. Wenman. Sir I. Dashwood. Visct. Parker. Sir E. Turner

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 82 pages.

Journals of the House of Commons

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 82 pages.

The Original Design, Progress, and Present State of the Scots Corporation at London, of the Foundation of K. Charles II

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 28 pages.

A Collection of the Public General Statutes, Passed in the Forty-fifth Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 1385 pages.

The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse: An Extraordinary Edwardian Case of Deception and Intrigue

“It’s Downton Abbey meets The Addams Family in [this] delightfully offbeat history.”—Library Journal At the close of the Victorian era, as now, privacy was power. The extraordinarily wealthy 5th Duke of Portland had a mania for it, hiding in his carriage and building tunnels between buildings to avoid being seen. In 1897, an elderly widow asked the court to exhume the grave of her late father-in-law, T. C. Druce, under the suspicion that he’d led a double life as the 5th Duke. The eccentric duke, Anna Maria contended, had faked his death as Druce, and her son should inherit the Portland millions. Revealing a dark underbelly of Victorian society, Piu Marie Eatwell evokes an era when the rise of sensationalist media blurred every fact into fiction and when family secrets and fluid identities pushed class anxieties to new heights.
Author: Piu Eatwell
Published by W. W. Norton & Company on 10/05/2015
Book details: 352 pages.

Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Court

Published on 08/20/2019
Book details: 352 pages.

The Commander-in-Chief's Guard, Revolutionary War

Published by Genealogical Publishing Com on 08/20/2019
Book details: 302 pages.
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