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Project Cost Estimating

Exploring the methodology and overall strategy of project cost estimating, this book provides an introduction to statistics and databases, illustrating how they can help the cost estimator. The book offers an interactive approach where the reader is encouraged to participate in a series of CD or dice exercises to create a thorough understanding of the concepts involved.
Published by IChemE on 07/17/1997
Book details: 283 pages.

Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne

Author: John Ashton
Published on 07/17/1883
Book details: 474 pages.

Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards

This is the most comprehensive and respected vintage baseball card price guide on the market--considered to be the "bible" of the hobby. The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards (2012), 21st Edition, contains thousands of card values covering cards from approximately 5,000 sets released between 1863-1981. In the 21st Edition, you'll find more than 5,000 photos, explanations for each set, unique features, size, and many additional details. Detailed pricing information and values are included. The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards has been, and continues to be, a core title produced by Krause Publication…going on 21 years! If you collect baseball cards, this is a must-have annually!
Author: Bob Lemke
Published by F+W Media, Inc. on 09/22/2011
Book details: 696 pages.

Strategies for Effective Maintenance

Based on a survey carried out by IChemE to help managers seeking to secure the benefits of a systematic approach to maintenance, this guide enables organizations to determine how their maintenance can be made more effective and sets out the principles of qualitative approach, giving examples of how it can be used in practice. Tables and flow diagrams are included for use during training sessions and by assessment teams.
Published by IChemE on 07/17/2019
Book details: 70 pages.

Monitoring and Control of Fermenters

Surveys the state-of-the-art in industrial fermentation monitoring and control. The main aim of the report is to encourage industry to take up methodologies suggested by research. It draws its conclusions from a one-year study into issues such as: improving data analysis procedures and monitoring techniques; applying estimation methods to enhance on-line information; easing the task of establishing effective closed-loop control systems; utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to improve process fault detection and diagnosis and provide general operator assistance; using optimization approaches where possible to enhance bioprocess profitability from development laboratory scale to large-scale production.
Published by IChemE on 07/17/1997
Book details: 183 pages.

Fundamentals of Process Safety

This text - primarily aimed at students of the fundamentals for process safety - presents the fundamentals of process safety in such a form those students, who typically lack such prior knowledge and experience, will fully understand and absorb the subject. The knowledge is presented in a coherent, integrated, academic framework, which is founded in fundamental science, especially in the disciplines of physics and chemistry. The text should help students find the subject more amenable to systematic study and more clearly related to other subjects covered in their curriculum. The information has been used in the teaching of a Process Safety module to undergraduate students of chemical engineering at the University of Bradford.
Published by IChemE on 07/17/2019
Book details: 298 pages.

How to Finish the Christian Life

Thrive as a Christian regardless of your age. Dr. George Sweeting's How to Begin the Christian Life revealed a plan for success in starting new lives of purpose in pursuit of Christ. Now he and his son Donald Sweeting present How to Finish the Christian Life, a guide that gives mature believers a new set of disciplines and encouraging truths to help them finish well. Retirement from a career should never be mistaken for an absence of purpose. On the foundation of his own ministry that continues to thrive, Dr. Sweeting and his son deliver an inspiring message that the end of the believer's journey is not a matter of dying but a challenge to live to the fullest to the glory of God. When it comes to the life of a true follower of Christ, there is only one way to finish: strong.
Published by Moody Publishers on 01/20/2012
Book details: 208 pages.

The Wine-Dark Sea (Vol. Book 16) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels)

The sixteenth volume in the Aubrey/Maturin series, and Patrick O'Brian's first bestseller in the United States. At the outset of this adventure filled with disaster and delight, Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin pursue an American privateer through the Great South Sea. The strange color of the ocean reminds Stephen of Homer's famous description, and portends an underwater volcanic eruption that will create a new island overnight and leave an indelible impression on the reader's imagination. Their ship, the Surprise, is now also a privateer, the better to escape diplomatic complications from Stephen's mission, which is to ignite the revolutionary tinder of South America. Jack will survive a desperate open boat journey and come face to face with his illegitimate black son; Stephen, caught up in the aftermath of his failed coup, will flee for his life into the high, frozen wastes of the Andes; and Patrick O'Brian's brilliantly detailed narrative will reunite them at last in a breathtaking chase through stormy seas and icebergs south of Cape Horn, where the hunters suddenly become the hunted.
Published by W. W. Norton & Company on 12/05/2011
Book details: 272 pages.

Packer and Jack

LA isn't the easiest place to find goodness in humanity, and the six square downtown blocks Packer and Jack call home aren't the friendliest. Packer never had much choice; while going for ice cream, he was orphaned and took to misquoting the Bible to explain the unexplainable. Jack, wanting only to maintain the status quo, was abruptly shunted out the door of a twenty-year marriage. After a month in Beverly Park sanitarium, she learned to dine from samples on Safeway's deli counter and hide in plain sight dressed as a man. When the two meet at Sunday Breakfast, Packer takes an interest. On the street, he is the more capable of the two, having created out of a chaotic world his own peaceable kingdom. Jack is so frightened she can't even admit to her gender. After several years of self-pity, Jack cleans up but must own her current reality before she can claim her future. Both Packer and Jack reveal secrets, strategies, internal pain, true goodness, and love. The understanding and acceptance that permit both Packer and Jack to let go and grow those lessons are universal. This title is published by eLectio Publishing and is distributed worldwide by Untreed Reads."
Published by eLectio Publishing on 06/26/2013
Book details: 272 pages.

The Joys of Successful Aging

The last years of life can be joyful and fulfilling. But for some, aging is a challenge-joy and aging are seldom linked together. Despite the difficulties, Dr. Sweeting has discovered many unexpected joys in his senior years and shares them in this insightful and easy-to-read book for the Builder Generation.
Published by Moody Publishers on 10/01/2008
Book details: 160 pages.
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