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Italia. Futuro prossimo, anti utopico. Un giovane uomo, Francesco Randini, in pochi giorni si vede trascinato lontano dalle sue fragili ma comode certezze, materiali e spirituali. Costretto dagli eventi ad aprire gli occhi sulla società dominata d

This coffee table book for adults and children is a wonderful collection of high-quality images produced by a series of professional photographers. Please note that this book contains no text, information or facts only an unique selection of medium s

Gazza in Italy
A brilliant, funny and insightful analysis of Paul Gascoigne's crazy up and downs during his three years at Lazio - a period which shows his entire career in microcosm. 4th July, 1990. Turin, Italy England are on the brink of reaching their first

Amazing People of Italy
As well as being famous for its fine artists and great writers, Italy is also closely associated with romance and passion. The birthplace of the Renaissance has been home to many amazing people. Explore their lives in this fascinating audio title.

Pictures from Italy
Pictures from Italy

Italy Revisited
Italy Revisited

Pictures from Italy
In 1844, Charles Dickens took a break from novel writing to travel through Italy for almost a year and Pictures from Italy is an illuminating account of his experiences there. He presents the country like a magic-lantern show, as vivid images ceas

Italy, My Love.
Italy exudes a certain perfection and timelessness, which makes it an architectural gem and a splendid natural beauty. Adjectives abound. Italy is a country to be praised, to be sung, to be loved, an eternal thought, a me

Little Italy
Originally called Alta Villa (the "high place"), Little Italy was settled in 1915 by a group of northern Italian immigrants who came to Arkansas looking for an opportunity to achieve the American dream. Though smaller than other Italian colonies i

Travel to Italy
Italy is located on the Apennine peninsula and the continental areas just north of it, approximately to the main waters of the Alps as well as Sicily, Sardinia and a number of smaller islands. Italy has a lot to offer for tourists, from sandy beac

Italy Photobook
MagixPix wordless Italy picture books for adults and children are a unique collection of images taken by a series of skilled photographers. The material in this book can be used for personal and commercial projects without restrictions.

Pictures from Italy
Dodo Collections brings you another classic from Charles Dickens, 'Pictures from Italy.' In 1844, Charles Dickens took a break from novel writing to travel through Italy for almost a year and Pictures from Italy is an illuminating

Home To Italy
In this delightful, moving debut novel, Peter Pezzelli brings to life the earthy sensuality of Tuscany- the smell of just-baked bread wafting through the village piazza; the shopkeepers sweeping the sidewalks under the warm, early morning sun; groups of cyclists dotting the mountain roads-and spins a story of May-December romance as sharp and delicious as the olives of Villa San Giuseppeâ Sometimes You Have To Travel Far To Find Your Way Home. After the death of his beloved wife, Anna, Peppi's family and friends expect him to bury his grief by tending to his gardens and taking long rides on his bike. Instead, Peppi shocks them all with his decision to return to Villa San Giuseppe, the small Italian village where he spent his childhood, and to il mulino, his family's old mill. But once he's back, he temporarily moves into an apartment over the candy factory run by his childhood best friend, Luca. It is modest, but livable, with a lovely view of Luca's neglected gardens and his equally neglected daughter, the fiery Lucrezia. More a force of nature than a woman, Lucrezia's legendary temper and workaholic schedule hide the very real pain she feels over her husband's death years before. At first, she tolerates Peppi as an eccentric annoyance-her father's strange but handsome American friend who fixes things around the factory and is bringing the gardens back to life. But soon, Lucrezia's interest in Peppi deepens. Like a high wind, the gossip is flying through Villa San Giuseppe-Lucrezia's making it to dinner on time. She's eating olives from a man's hand. She's wearing heels. Now, under the warm Tuscan sun, a tentative romance begins to bloom between the grieving pair, yielding to a surprisingly strong passion with the power to heal life's wounds and promise second chancesâ

A Letter From Italy
1917, Italy. Australian journalist Rebecca Quinn is an unconventional woman. At the height of World War I, she has given up the safety of her Sydney home for the bloody battlefields of Europe, following her journalist husband to the frontline as a

Saving Italy
Robert M. Edsel's contributions as a WWII historian have brought wide attention and a National Humanities Medal to his Monuments Men Foundation. In Saving Italy, Edsel recounts how, in May 1944, General Eisenhower sent two men-artist Deane Keller

Murder in Little Italy
When midwife Sarah Brandt visits Little Italy to check up on a new mother who delivered her baby just the day before, she finds the young woman dead. The family insists that the death was from complications of childbirth. Sarah disagrees. So does

Big Italy
Northern Italy, 1993: After what seems like several lifetimes as a policeman in the Questura, Commissario Trotti is ready for retirement. Soon, he'll be able to fulfill his dream of moving to the countryside villa he co-owns with his cousin, where

History of Italy
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Giada's Italy
With photos shot on location around her native Rome, Giada's latest book-a New York Times bestseller-is a lavish exploration of her food roots and the lifestyle traditions that define la bella vita, with the contemporar

Mischief in Italy
All Henry wants is a serious talk with his grown-up son Josh about the wrong women in Josh's life. However, the conversation immediately spins out of control and somehow, they reach a compromise that leaves Henry highly uncomfortable. Has he reall
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