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Dante International
A serial killer is on the loose in Windhoek. A police officer follows his intuition to arrest a prime suspect. What if he has it wrong?

International Crimes
This volume makes accessible a selection of the most significant journal articles dealing with international crimes. The studies collected here will be an invaluable aid to teaching and research.

International Business Law
Il testo di International Business Law di Lucio Ghia si snoda su tre distinte direttrici. La prima si occupa delle grandi organizzazioni sovrannazionali - Nazioni Unite, Organizzazione Mondiale del Commercio, Fondo Monetario Internazionale, Banca

International guy - Londres
Un homme au service des femmes. Retrouvez la suite des aventures d'International Guy.

International Business
Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors hereThe Sage Course Companion on International Business is an easy-to-navigate supp

International Money
This book was first published in 1981.

International Finance
International Finance offers a clear and accessible introduction to the fundamental principles and practice of international finance in today's world, from the international financial environment and exchange rates, to fi

International Management
This book produces a clear and concise introduction to principles and concepts of international management as required by practicing managers and those in colleges and universities who are aspiring to become managers in international organizations

Le système monétaire international
Une redistribution de la puissance à l'échelle planétaireLa crise économique et financière mondiale que nous traversons s'accompagne d'une redistribution globale des richesses et du pouvoir. Le système monétaire international (SMI) est le

EU International Agreements
This book provides an analysis of the institutional and constitutional effects of EU international agreements, with a particular focus on their potential effects on private parties. The European Union has entered into a number of international agr

International Neurolaw
Whereas the past few years have repeatedly been referred to as the "era of biotechnology", most recently the impression has emerged that at least the same degree of attention is being paid to the latest developments in the field of neurosciences.

International Migration
This book provides a contemporary perspective on a broad range of international migration problems. It considers recent immigration trends and policies as well as the theory and evidence related to the behaviour of migrants, illegal immigration, a

International guy - San Francisco
Un homme au service des femmes. Retrouvez la suite des aventures d'International Guy.

Miss Teacher International
Please don't waste your time by downloading this book just yet (I am very sorry for those of you who already have)! The copy that was originally uploaded is ridden with formatting errors and mistakes. I am still in the process of reworking it

International Guy Milan
Un homme au service des femmes. Dans le quatrième épisode, une agence de mannequins engage l'équipe d'International Guy pour travailler avec quelques-unes de leurs modèles: il s'agira de leur enseigner comment canaliser ettraduire un

An International Episode
A number of Henry James' stories and novels focus on the clash of cultures between America and Europe, and the novella An International Episode tackles this issue head-on. A pair of British gentlemen cross paths with a duo of American women and spark

The International Executive
You would not go on a jungle safari without a knowledgeable guide, so why would you do business in a faraway place without an experienced expert by your side? Richard Lindenmuth, a veteran executive who has led domestic and international teams, ex

The International Spy
Being the secret history of the Russo-Japanese War: In this story the author makes clear the sinking of the English fishing schooners by the Baltic fleet of Russia and brings in all kinds of events that seemed hallucinations when the story appeare

International guy - Montréal
Un homme au service des femmes. Retrouvez la suite des aventures d'International Guy.

An International Episode
This narrative is about a romance that takes place across international borders. With skilfully created misconceptions and segmented hilarious episodes the work rivets the reader's attention. This is by far one of the most unique stories penned
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