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Evaluating classroom instruction : a sourcebook of instruments
Published on 11/25/2018
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ERIC ED127332: Evaluating Classroom Instruction: Sourcebook of Instruments. Final Report.
During the course of investigations on such topics as the instructional styles, interaction patterns and personality characteristics of teachers, the organizational structure of schools, the technology of instruction, and the affective and cognitive growth of students, researchers have developed hundreds of psychological and educational instruments to study teacher and pupil behavior in the classroom. This book is designed to bring before the educational community the instruments used in these studies. The instruments are organized according to who supplies information about whom (about the teacher from the teacher, about the pupil from the teacher, about the teacher from an observer, etc.). The organizational format of the reviews includes: name of instrument, author, type of measure, availability, description, illustration of sample items and response formats, psychometric characteristics, norms, administration and scoring, comments (evaluative remarks about the instrument's useability and psychometric adequacy), and major references. The description, reliability, validity, and comment sections constitute the major parts of each review. The descriptive and psychometric categories provide objective data from which the reader may draw his own conclusions about the adequacy of the measure, while a final, evaluative section presents the author's perception of the instrument's strengths and weaknesses. (RC)
Published on 05/05/2015
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Advance Instruments: advance signal generator type b4 series instruction manual and schematic
Advance Instruments: advance signal generator type b4 series instruction manual and schematic
Published on 01/23/2016
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ERIC ED562105: Dimensionality of Upper Elementary Mathematics Instruction: Exploring Factors across Two Observational Instruments
Over the past several years, research teams have developed observational instruments to measure the quality of teachers' instructional practices. Instruments such as Framework for Teaching (FFT) and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) assess general teaching practices, including student-teacher interactions, behavior management, and instructional pedagogy (Kane, Taylor, Tyler, & Wooten, 2011; Pianta, Belsky, Vandergrift, Houts, & Morrison, 2008). Other instruments such as the Protocol for Language Arts Teaching Observations (PLATO) and the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) attend to content specific practices that are more pertinent for teaching and learning in specific disciplines (Grossman et al, 2012; Hill et al, 2008). Working at the intersection of both types of practices, the authors attempt to describe instruction using both generic and content-specific measures of teaching practice. As research teams have focused on the measurement properties of individual instruments, the extent to which generic and content-specific instruments capture related constructs is unclear. This research is of value to both researchers and school leaders, who might be interested in enumerating a parsimonious list of teaching practices that brings together generic and content-specific aspects of instruction; such a list could be useful for a number of purposes, including the creation of comprehensive evaluation frameworks and studies of the relationships between different domains of teaching practice and student learning. An appendix contains tables and figures.
Published on 04/21/2016
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ERIC EJ1106443: Instruments of Change: An Action Research Study of Studio Art Instruction in Teacher Education
This article narrates a nine-month action research project conducted in order to improve studio art instruction in a preservice art education programme in Turkey. Setting out to determine the relevant problems through interpretation of conversations, anecdotes, essays and observations of 16 third-year BA students, the instructional atmosphere was rearranged with respect to three themes deduced in the action research process: "us and them," "old-fashioned curriculum," and "caring". The principal results illustrate the concrete examples of "instruments of change" that integrate these themes in studio art teaching: Design of the studio, willing participation, guidance on demand, collegial environment, inclusive curriculum, language, social media and music, and casual interaction. The study presents articulations of participants on each one of these instruments through direct quotes along with links to the broader educational literature. The final concentration is on a discussion based on the changes in the instructional setting conveying the essential role of "caring" in the processes of forming "instruments of change" for art education professionals.
Published on 10/06/2018
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ERIC ED039770: Instruments of Instruction: The Book Plus the New Media.
A book is a presenter of data, an explicator of relationships among the data, an illustrator, and an exerciser. Using the techniques of operations analysis, educators may be able to compare, on a cost-effectiveness basis, various methods of achieving stated objectives. An adequate identification of the values and limitations of the new media does not exist, nor have the goals of instruction been specifically defined. Until these factors are satisfied there will be little motivation for the use of new technological devices in education. (JY)
Published on 11/29/2015
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The Art of Glass-BlowingPlain Instruction for the Making of Chemical andPhilosophical Instruments Which are Formed of Glass
Book from Project Gutenberg: The Art of Glass-BlowingPlain Instruction for the Making of Chemical andPhilosophical Instruments Which are Formed of Glass
Published on 03/13/2018
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Designing effective instruction
Published on 09/21/2018
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Texas Instruments-TI Data-TMS320C24x DSP Controllers Reference Set Volume1-CPU Systemand Instruction Set OCR
Published on 01/28/2014
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ERIC EJ926553: Applying Computer-Assisted Musical Instruction to Music Appreciation Course: An Example with Chinese Musical Instruments
This study aims to explore the effectiveness of computer-assisted musical instruction (CAMI) in the Learning Chinese Musical Instruments (LCMI) course. The CAMI software for Chinese musical instruments was developed and administered to 228 students in a vocational high school. A pretest-posttest non-equivalent control group design with three classes designated as the experimental group for the "CAMI in LCMI," and another three classes as the control group for the "traditional narrative teaching approach." Collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistics analysis, ANCOVA, and structural equation modeling (SEM) by SPSS 10.0 for Windows and LISREL 8.52. The results indicate that (1) the CAMI approach is superior to the traditional narrative teaching approach, (2) students show a positive perspective on the use of CAMI for instruction in the LCMI course, (3) software interface and content design have positive and direct influence on students' learning attitude and self-awareness learning results, (4) learning attitude has a positive and direct influence on self-awareness learning results, and (5) the CAMI in Chinese musical instruments software is satisfactory assistive material for teachers in the LCMI course. (Contains 10 figures and 4 tables.)
Published on 09/30/2018
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