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The Book of Psalms is a collection of one hundred and fifty prayers, poems and hymns. Proverbs is considered to be one of the books of Wisdom Literature. It is a collection of sayings that deal with many practical matters of daily life as well as

Inspiration Junkie
From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Inspiration Junkie":Howdy friend, who wants "to get inspired,"Lacking inspiration? Not feeling your mojo? Can't find your muse? Don't sweat it fellow aspiring inspiration junkie! You

I once asked Dennis, what were his favorite movies? He said, Those that made me feel better when Im leaving than when I came in. When asked about his two favorite places, he said, A road that I have never traveled and my childrens heart. Then I as

Relaxation & Inspiration
Simple, comforting, and invigorating. After relaxing into a deep meditation, you are guided by Dr. Miller to deeper, inspirational levels of your being. Your meditative experience continues over beautiful classical music, featuring the exquisite f

Chapter 1 My mother gave me the same name as a famous black man of the nineteen hundreds, Booker T. Washington. This story tells how the name has affected my life; as a child, as a teen, and as an adult. At the age of six, my teacher took me aside

This was how she liked to be kissed. Feeling that the other person was stealing something from her each time his tongue entered her mouth. as if he would never be able to touch her again and wanted to remember the way she was with all his

Guideposts Inspiration
You've read Guideposts magazine. But have you ever listened to stories from Guideposts? Taken right from the pages of America's favorite magazine, you're about to hear 26 real stories of hope and inspiration from real people. Stories of fresh star


Robert lives in Hermiston Oregon with his wife and two dogs. While driving truck for a local farming company many thoughts wopuld stream through his mind until he decided to write them down. Using his celphone he texted hundreds of poems with sunr

Inspirations & Tributes
Inspirations & Tributes

Leadership Inspiration = Administration
Have you ever worked for a "command and control" manager who treated you like an errand runner? Or how about a leader who simply didn't know how to set a direction that you could easily follow? Or maybe you've worked with someone who led by sittin

Insightful Inspirations
Open the conversation up with your authentic self. What lessons are you trying to learn today?The messages in this book come directly from work with guides and angels in the healing process with others. They are brought to you with the int

God's Inspirations
My book called Gods Inspirations is a book of poems that contains everything from family to what is going on in the world today. This will inspire you, just as it has inspired me to write. Happy reading, and I hope you will enjoy my book, Gods Ins

Inspiration In My Shoes
Inspiration in My Shoes is a riveting read that proves no barrier is too high, no obstacle is too great, and that inspiration comes in many surprising forms. Diana's story is exemplary of both the struggles young women face and how those struggles

Inspiration 365
Inspiration 365 by Zig Ziglar is a treasure-trove of inspiring, motivating and self-reflecting hand-picked by Zig. Filled with beautiful sunrises and landscape photography.

A Woman's Inspiration
Daily inspiration for women of all ages Inspiration Journey is a dramatic, humorous one-woman play written and performed by Connie Podesta. A touching comedy-drama about love, choices, and relationships, with an emphasis on interpersonal communica

Baby, Fame & Inspiration
Als Derek Meyer in den 1980ern auf einem Bauernhof in Niedersachsen aufwächst, scheint sein Schicksal besiegelt: Sein Vater legt ihm - dem ältesten Sohn - nicht nur den silbernen Löffel in die Wiege, sondern gleichzeitig auch die Verpflichtung und

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality focuses on human interests and finding the balance that can change your life forever. Author Peterson Francois has compiled inspiring quotes and information that can ins

Healing Inspiration
Healing Inspiration A Journal for you and by you. Believe Trust Peace Dream Tranquility Joy Celebrate Inspiration Renewal
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