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The Industries of the Future
Leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains what's next for the world, mapping out the advances and stumbling blocks that will emerge in the next ten years-for businesses, governments, and the global community-and how we can navigate them.

Global Experience Industries
The experience economy is a fourth economic field different from commodities, goods and services. Experiences are an economic value added to a product or identical with the product. When you buy an experience, you pay to spend time enjoying a seri

Participation in Industry
This book, first published in 1973, analyses and sets in context one of the major issues in the growth of the European economy. Workers' participation played an increasingly vital role in industrial relations. This book looks at the background and

Vermont's Marble Industry
The marble deposits in Vermont are some of the richest in the world. Vermont s Marble Industry takes readers deep inside the quarries of the Green Mountain State to show how stone was sawed and raised from the earth to be cut, polished, and carved in

The U.S. workforce force has become increasingly diverse and is projected to become even more diverse in the coming decades. As a result, many private sector organizations have recognized the importance of recruiting and retaining minorities and w

The Ideas Industry
The public intellectual, as a person and ideal, has a long and storied history. Writing in venues like the New Republic and Commentary, such intellectuals were always expected to opine on a broad array of topics, from foreign policy to literature

The Persuasion Industries
At the end of the twentieth century, Britain was a consumer society. Commerce, intoxicating and addictive, had almost entirely colonized modern life. People were immersed in, and ultimately defined by, promotional culture. The things they consumed

Scotland's Lost Industries
Until the 1960's The Clyde was synonymous with shipbuilding with many yards dotted on both sides of the river all the way from Glasgow to Greenock. Today they have all but gone, waterside apartments, exhibition centres and light industrial units t

Retail prescription drug expenditures were estimated to account for about 12 percent of total personal health care service spending in the United States in 2015, up from about 7 percent through the 1990s. Much of this growth was driven by use of e

Vermont's Marble Industry
The marble deposits in Vermont are some of the richest in the world. Vermont's Marble Industry takes readers deep inside the quarries of the Green Mountain State to show how stone was sawed and raised from the earth to be cut, polished, and carved into monuments and structures that today are spread across the country. During the late 1800s, the marble industry flourished and the mighty Vermont Marble Company was started by a local family. The patriarch of the Proctor family built the Vermont Marble Company into the largest stone company in the world. They hired immigrant workers to fuel the company, and the region became a melting pot of nationalities. After World War II, demand for blocks of heavy dimension stone diminished and the slow demise of the Vermont Marble Company began. Vermont's Marble Industry proudly tells the history of the marble workers, their skilled craftsmanship, and the communities that relied on this industry.

A Captain of Industry
A Captain of Industry

Sociology, Work and Industry
Sociology, Work and Industry

The Recording Industry
The Recording Industry

Men of Invention and Industry
A fascinating collection of biographies of great inventors and industrialists.

Men of Invention and Industry thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. "Men there have been, ignorant of letters; without art, without eloquence; who yet had the wisdom to devise and the courage to perform that which they lacked l

Illuminati in the Music Industry
Famous pop stars and rappers from Jay-Z and Rick Ross to Rihanna and Christina Aguilera are believed by many to be a part of the infamous Illuminati secret society. These stars allegedly use Illuminati and satanic symbolism in their music videos a

Service Industry Databook
Locating empirical information on specific service industry characteristics is not an easy task, even for an individual familiar with various sources of data. This book is a quick source of information on service industry statistics across many na

Industry Analysis - The Global Telecommunications Industry
Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject Economics - Micro-economics, grade: 1.0 (A+), Cologne University of Applied Sciences, language: English, abstract: In the early 1990's the main goal in telecommunication was the creating of a competi

Technology and the Insurance Industry
The book analyzes the role of technology in the redefinition of the competitiveness of insurance markets. With a focus on the competitive challenges of InsurTech startup to the incumbent insurers, the book will discuss the strategic role of techno

Graduates in Industry
There was much development of both education and industry in post-World War II Britain. There was, on the one hand, an extension of public education to the secondary school stage and the substantial financial help that was available, which meant t
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