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More Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!
This is a sequel to Ken Osterman's Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work. As with Ken's first book, there are methods for handicapping both horse races and sports. In this book, he has an angle for handicapping each of the po

Sports Fairies #1: Helena the Horse-Riding Fairy
The Sports Fairies' magical items are missing, and now the Fairy Olympics are going all wrong! This is our ninth group of Rainbow Magic fairies; all seven books will be released at once. It's an exciting time in Fairyland. Everyone is getting read

The Best Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!
This book contains the best sports and horse racing betting systems from Ken Osterman previously published in two separate books: Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work! and More Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That

Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!
This book contains some of the best sports betting systems from Ken Osterman. These are systems that he has used himself successfully at both racetracks and sports books. The rules for each system are clearly explained and the systems are explaine

Horse Trader: Robert Sangster and the Rise and Fall of the Sport of Kings
During the boom years of the 1980s, the massed oil wealth of the princes of Dubai and Saudi Arabia were pitted against British millionaire Robert Sangster in a battle for control of one of the world's rarest, most precious and most unpredictable c

The Mechanical Horse
With cities across the country adding miles of bike lanes and building bike-share stations, bicycling is enjoying a new surge of popularity in America. It seems that every generation or two, Americans rediscover the freedom of movement, convenience,

Dark Horses & Underdogs
Perfect for sports fans young an old, this terrific, oversized book features the 50 greatest sports upsets of all time-including an action-packed DVD of amazing clips that can be enjoyed over and over again. Full-color photos throughout.

Horse People
Bestselling author Michael Korda's Horse People is the story - sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes sad and moving, always shrewdly observed - of a lifetime love affair with horses, and of the bonds that have linked humans with horses

Photographing Horses
This easy-to-understand guide shows how to overcome technical limitations and learn to see horses in a new light, fine-tuning observation skills, and discovering how to take best advantage of photo opportunities. Groves shows how to take portraits

Horses That Buck
When asked in an interview what he most liked about rodeo, three-time world champion saddle-bronc rider â€aCody†Bill Smith said simply, â€aHorses that buck.†Smith redefined the image of America’s iconic cowboy. Determined as a boy to escap

Dark Horse
Nearctic was an equine aristocrat. Tall, proud and true to his regal heritage, he could run a hole in the wind. But Nearctic became a pawn in a bizarre power struggle. His only real ally was Gordon (Pete) McCann, gifted trainer o

Horse Bound
Life with horses is challenging, exciting, and always funny when viewed through the eyes of a lifelong horse lover. In Horse Bound, Gallant Hope Farm owner Joanne Friedman invites you to empathize, sympathize, and laugh along as she chronicles the antics of her horses. Friedman shares an entertaining glimpse into a world where horses are her addiction, her sanity, and her source of humor. As she traces the exploits of the horses of her farm and provides time-tested advice based on research and personal experience, she vividly illustrates how she and the horses have learned to coexist and communicate with each other. Through her essays, Friedman recalls the mystery of Mommy Ears, the joy and pain of recognition as time changes how the world transforms the barn and fields, and the myriad of emotions she felt as both her beloved big paint gelding, Zip, and the herd became acclimated to life on the farm. This collection of essays continues the story of a seasoned horse lover's unforgettable experiences as she comes to realize that being horse bound is her most valuable affliction.

Sport Horse Soundness and Performance
THERE ARE MANY BOOKS AND DVDS devoted to the technical training of horse and rider - how to perform movements correctly, clear obstacles, communicate efficiently, and in other ways attain the idealized image of an athletic partnership that results

Performance Hoof, Performance Horse
Many horses will, at some point during their lives, suffer hoof problems which, in extreme cases, can cause permanent lameness. So why should oustandingly healthy, hardworking feet be a relative rarity? Performance Hoof, Performance Horse explores

Finding Harmony with Horses
Finding harmony with horses is an inspiring book of Kylie Deardens own personal and spiritual journey on how she found harmony with her horse and other horses by connecting to the Spirit Within. K

Horses of My Life
Richard Dunwoody was the most successful steeplechase jockey of his time. He rode over 10,000 times, often partnering the top National Hunt horses such as Desert Orchid. In this wonderful book, Dunwoody remembers the great horses he has ridden and

The Horse and the Tiger
A tale of passion, obsession, and greed. Join best-selling author, Muriel Lennox, in discovering how the Celtic Tiger, Ireland's astonishing economic resurgence, was sparked by a horse. Lennox invokes the Chaos Theory or butterfly

Caring for Your Horse
Caring for your horse; an essential guide. Caring for your horse is an essential guide that will help the new horse owner to ensure that he/she makes the best possible decisions when purchasing their first horse. Fulled with handy tips and

Horse flesh
Enter the highly competitive world of Standardbred horse racing, in this exhilarating debut from an insider. A brilliant harness horse driver whose drug habit risks costing him everything, his cousin, a trainer who refuses to compromise her integr

Equiyoga Yogic Horse Riding
The author, Ann Boudart, cumulates years of experience in yoga and in horse riding as she started to ride at the age of five. It is only but natural she fuses both disciplines whatever the circumstances, when grooming the horses, when giving lesso
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