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Science, Vine and Wine in Modern France

Examines viticulture and oenology, and the civilization of wine in modern France.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 07/18/2002
Book details: 368 pages.

The 100 Greatest Heroes

A celebration of great heroes who exemplify the courage under fire features profiles of Rudy Giuliani, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Margaret Chase Smith, Clara Barton, Colin Powell, and Eleanor Roosevelt, among many others.
Published by Citadel Press on 07/22/2019
Book details: 322 pages.

Dementia and Harry

This book is about Harry, a man who lived a fascinating and charmed life, and it describes how he was affected by dementia. Harry used to say, ÒPaul, I was born lucky. IÕve been lucky all my life!Ó and in many ways this was true. After the German invasion of Poland, Harry was forced into the German Army and of the 36 boys in his class at school, 33 died at Stalingrad. Harry was one of very few men who fought in both the German and British armies in World War II and he somehow came out of it alive, against all the odds. But HarryÕs luck finally ran out when he was diagnosed with dementia, a disease that our society is poorly prepared for. Had I known then what I know now about dementia, then the burden of caring for Harry would have been so much easier to carry. So this book describes HarryÕs life, but it also gives a comprehensive insight into the various forms of dementia and what to expect, which will be very helpful for anyone who is caring for a loved one with this disease.
Published by Lulu.com on 08/07/2018
Book details: 146 pages.

Instant Turnaround!

Transform Your Workplace! Imagine a company where people are excited about coming to work and giving their best efforts every day. In this innovative and engrossing business parable, Harry Paul and Ross Reck show managers at all levels how they can immediately and easily increase productivity by tapping into the discretionary effort of the people who work for them. Starting from the most basic aspect of business reality—that people intentionally regulate the amount of effort they put into their jobs based upon how they feel they're being treated—the authors point out that the most important part of the job of every manager, team leader, supervisor, and executive is to treat people in such a way that they become excited about applying all their discretionary effort toward performing their jobs. At the book's center is the story of Nancy Kim, a human resources director at a magazine that is struggling with all the problems associated with unhappy employees—low productivity and morale along with high absenteeism and turnover. After she openly challenges the CEO's new management-by-the-numbers system, she's charged with turning the situation around immediately. Filled with real-world studies, Instant Turnaround! shows anyone how to turn the workplace into a destination—a place where working hard feels like hardly working because it's engaging, enjoyable, and fulfilling.
Published by Harper Collins on 04/21/2009
Book details: 176 pages.

Introduction to Quantum Optics

Advanced text in quantum optics.
Author: Harry Paul
Published by Cambridge University Press on 05/20/2004
Book details: 241 pages.

Who Kidnapped Excellence?

Most companies talk about excellence, but what does excellence really mean? What specific attitudes and practices lead to excellence? Drawing on years of study and decades of experience, authors Harry Paul, John Britt, and Ed Jent have zeroed in on five core qualities of excellence. In this entertaining and enlightening book, they tell how to give and be your best in each of these five critical dimensions and foster excellence in your organization and in your life. The book begins with a crime being committed: Excellence (personified) has been kidnapped, and Leadership assembles Excellence’s team (Passion, Flexibility, Communication, Competency, and Ownership) and challenges them to work together to get their Excellence back. And who is the culprit? Has Average kidnapped Excellence and replaced Excellence’s team with his own: N. Different, N. Ept, N. Flexible, Miss Communication, and Poser? A mysterious ransom note sparks the struggle between Average and Excellence. Integrated into this tale of organizational excellence is the story of Dave, a delivery man. The kidnapping causes Dave to contemplate his own life and relationships in a way that makes the paths of personal and organizational excellence cross and intertwine. Who Kidnapped Excellence? is a parable that helps organizations and individuals achieve their best in every aspect of their lives.
Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers on 01/06/2014
Book details: 168 pages.

Rectors Remembered: The Descendants of John Jacob Rector Volume 4

Volume 4 of 8, pages 1919 to 2626. A genealogical compilation of the descendants of John Jacob Rector and his wife, Anna Elizabeth Fischbach. Married in 1711 in Trupbach, Germany, the couple immigrated to the Germanna Colony in Virginia in 1714. Eight volumes document the lives of over 45,000 individuals.
Published by Lulu.com on 10/22/2014
Book details: 711 pages.

Language and Professional Identity

This book explores the ways in which professional groups develop specific interactional procedures for conducting and representing their activities, all of which contribute to a distinctive collaborative identity. It highlights the drawbacks as well as the advantages of collaborative talk, pointing to ways of improving professional performance.
Author: K. Richards
Published by Springer on 05/23/2006
Book details: 245 pages.

Ma William and Her Circle of Friends

Giftus Johns Ma William and her Circle of Friends recreates the idyllic life in the village of Senjo with a shopkeeper, Ma William, at its center. Her shop is a mecca of sorts; one where the villagers assemble to discuss the issues that impact their lives. John constructs an edenic landscape where communal activities such as playing mas, helping the local fishermen, attending mass, or going to a religious wake occupy center stage in the lives of the villagers. However, the impression of a settled and close-knit village is illusory. Politics fragments the community. Migration takes a toll as young and old seek supposedly greener pastures. The village is slowly changing as a result of these external forces. The reader is left to wonder whether or not these changes are indeed for the better. Written with great sensitivity and attention to local speech rhythms, Giftus Johns most recent work recreates a life which is slowly witnessing its demise. This book confirms Johns reputation as one of Dominicas finest writers. Justice Irving W. Andr Ontario, Canada Giftus John has done it again! His Ma William and Her Circle of Friends continues his great tradition of entertaining and enlightening Caribbean prose. This is a must-read for people of the Caribbean and for those who love the Caribbean or want an education in Caribbean culture. Vaughn E. James Glenn West Research Professor of Law and Director, Tax Clinic Texas Tech University School of Law Lubbock, Texas
Author: Giftus John
Published by iUniverse on 06/03/2011
Book details: 240 pages.

Stagnation and the Financial Explosion

This is the fourth in a continuing series of collected essays by the former editors of Monthly Review on the state of the U.S. economy and its relation to the global system. Like its predecessors, this volume focuses on the most recent phase of the development of U.S. capitalism, stressing the profound contradictions of the underlying processes of capital accumulation and pointing the way to the fundamental reforms that are the essential precondition for a real economic revival.
Published by NYU Press on 07/22/1987
Book details: 208 pages.
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