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Hard Boiled Sweets

This is a New Zealand classification of Hard Boiled Sweets . Title Hard Boiled Sweets Medium DVD Publication number 1200412.000 Registration date 2012-05-28 Classification body Office of Film and Literature Classification (1994–) Submission channel Section 12(1) - Labelling Body Descriptive note Violence, offensive language and sex scenes Running time At submission: 81:03 At classification: 81:03 Language English Country United Kingdom Associated documents 117469_35_4_83868.pdf (Register Page) Related publications None Classification R16 Objectionable except if the availability of the publication is restricted to persons who have attained the age of 16 years.
Published on 07/05/2019

Hard boiled legs

16 unnumbered pages
Published on 04/17/2019
Document details: 30 pages. 3 downloads.

The hard-boiled virgin

Published on 08/24/2011
Document details: 310 pages. 34 downloads.

Penina Levine is a hard-boiled egg

Published on 11/29/2010
Document details: 186 pages. 36 downloads.

New hard-boiled writers, 1970s-1990s

Published on 03/03/2014
Document details: 250 pages. 28 downloads.

ERIC ED102584: Classic and Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction.

Through an analysis of several stories, this paper defines the similarities and differences between classic and hard-boiled detective fiction. The characters and plots of three stories are discussed: "The Red House" by A. A. Milne; "I, The Jury" by Mickey Spillane; and "League of Frightened Men" by Rex Stout. The classic detective story is defined as one in which there is a strong authorial presence and a great distance between the reader and the criminal realities of life. The hard-boiled detective story is defined as a story in which there is less authorial presence and the characters themselves are more fully developed. This paper concludes that although there are differences among detective stories, many of these differences occur largely in the author's choice of milieu and stress in characterization. (TS)
Published on 05/23/2015
Document details: 11 pages. 201 downloads.

Hard-boiled detectives : 23 great stories from Dime Detective magazine

Published on 10/28/2014
Document details: 458 pages. 149 downloads.

Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world

Published on 05/03/2013
Document details: 422 pages. 149 downloads.

The new hard-boiled dicks : a personal checklist

Includes bibliographical references
Published on 09/15/2014
Document details: 78 pages. 35 downloads.

The Hard-boiled detective : stories from Black mask magazine, 1920-1951

Daly, C. J. The false Burton Combs.--Collinson, P. The road home.--Hammett, D. The gutting of Couffignal.--Davis, N. Kansas.--Nebel, F. Take it and like it.--Chandler, R. Goldfish.--Dent, L. Angelfish.--Gardner, E. S. Leg man.--Coxe, G. H. Once around the clock.--Constiner, M. The turkey buzzard blues.--Brandon, W. It's so peaceful in the country.--Hamlin, C. Killer come home.--Fairman, P. W. Big-time operator.--Fischer, B. Five o'clock menace
Published on 09/08/2014
Document details: 422 pages. 136 downloads.
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