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Reaping of Summer

The seeds sewn in autumn will be reaped. Feisty young shapeshifter, Stalker, has two enemies to overcome. Her city stands surrounded by a vast shifter army, ready to overpower Stalker and all those who will not kneel, be they shifter or h

Tides of Spring

I absolutely can't put it down. each book has been even better than the last. I can't wait for the next one!"The city of Caerton plays host to a hidden world of shapeshifters, who must control the often deadly fae and demons that threaten humanity. But there are divisions among the shifters, and deep mistrust between the elders. Caught in the middle are the newest pack, the Lightning Lords.A deadly and personal attack on the Alpha's human family shakes the Lightning Lords from their peaceful winter, and they are plunged into a desperate hunt for answers that leads them into the murky depths of their territory's history. Meanwhile, Stalker faces even greater challenges as she juggles her human life and secret shifter existence. She must determine who her real enemies are and where she truly came from. AUTHOR INTERVIEW Where did you get the inspiration for Echoes of the Past? I've always loved mythology, especially Norse and Greek legends. So, much of the series draws on those myths. Artemis and Odin represent the mother and father of the shapeshifters and werewolves, who are trying to eke out an existence in this urban environment that really doesn't suit their supernatural lives. Which authors have influenced you? I grew up on Steven King, and Michael Crichton. I love horror and thriller novels. So obviously, the likes of Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley and H.G. Wells have really played a big part in driving me towards writing very dark thrillers, packed with werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters. If you could describe Ariana, aka Stalker, in just a few words, what would they be? Feisty, independent and loyal, but also fickle and hot-headed. It's hard for her to be part of a pack and have to accommodate others. That's really something she struggles with.

Ghosts of Winter

Deep within the city of Caerton, shapeshifters hide in the guise of humans, secretly fighting to protect them from the unimaginable demons and supernatural elements that threaten their world. Caerton's newest shifter, Stalker, faces an unc

Tides of Spring

"I absolutely can't put it down. each book has been even better than the last. I can't wait for the next one!"The city of Caerton plays host to a hidden world of shapeshifters, who must control the often deadly fae and demons that threate

Daughters of Destiny: Ten Sci-fi and Fantasy Heroines Novels

Ten full-length novels, ten heroines at the right hand of destiny…Whether you're slaying vampires or holding your own alongside superheroes, one of the best things about heroines is that they show us how strong, cunning, and magical they can be. This box set contains TEN complete novels, all gripping and intriguing stories with women rocking rebellions, handing out justice, battling shadow gods, and bending the wills of kings. Authors include: Seattle Times bestselling author Raven Oak, Amazon bestselling authors Alesha Escobar, Devorah Fox, Christa Yelich-Koth, NIEA finalist HM Jones, the fantastic sci-fi & fantasy mavens HM Clarke, Sara C. Roethle, HB Lyne, JC Cassels, and Kylie Qullinan.

Wag-'n-bietjiebos van die liefde

'n Nuwe geval in Keerboomstraat, H.A. van der Merwe, keer Lisbe Erwee se geordende bestaan as maatskaplike werker omver. Hoekom groef daar soveel harde, bitter lyne op die man se gesig? Hoekom moes 'n jong ma sterf en tweelingseuntjies wees agterl

A Heaven of Words: Last Journals, 1956-1984

Charm, wit, compassion, wisdom, literature, nature, sex, humor, politics, sorrow, love: these themes fill the late journal pages of enigmatic American writer Glenway Wescott. From humble beginnings on a poor Wisconsin farm, Wescott went on to study at the University of Chicago, narrowly survive the Spanish flu pandemic, and eventually emerge as an influential poet and novelist. A major figure in the American literary expatriate community in Paris during the 1920s and a prominent American novelist in the years leading up to World War II, he spent a decade living abroad before relocating permanently to New York and New Jersey with his partner, Museum of Modern Art publications director and curator Monroe Wheeler. Together they mixed with such intellectual and creative greats as Jean Cocteau, Colette, George Platt Lynes, Paul Cadmus, Somerset Maugham, Christopher Isherwood, Marianne Moore, W.H. Auden, Truman Capote, Joseph Campbell, and scores of other luminaries. During the second half of his life, Wescott wrote nonfiction essays and worked for the Academy Institute of Arts and Letters, all the while keeping journals in which he recorded the experiences that fostered his love of life, literature, the arts, and humanity. A Heaven of Words looks back on Wescott's entire fascinating life and reveals the riveting narrative of his last decades. Winner, Gay Memoir/Biography, Lambda Literary Awards