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The 1908 Olympic Games

The 1908 Olympic Games were controversial. There was almost constant bickering among the American team and the British officials. Because of the controversies, the 1908 Olympics have been termed “The Battle of Shepherd’s Bush,” referring to the site of the Olympic Stadium. Reports of the 1908 Olympics have been rare and do not for instance contain full results for archery, track and field athletics, football (soccer), gymnastics, motorboating and shooting. A great deal of new information has been discovered by the authors, and this work gives complete results for all events. The information presented is based primarily on 1908 sources. For the first time, definitive word on the sites, dates, events, competitors, and nations as well as the event results are available for all of the 1908 Olympic events, including boxing, cycling, diving, fencing, field hockey, lacrosse, polo, raquets, swimming, lawn tennis, tug-of-war, weightlifting, wrestling and yachting, among other sports. A series of appendices include rarely seen information about the many controversies surrounding the Games.
Published by McFarland on 07/11/2015
Book details: 536 pages.

Local Business Voice

Local Business Voice provides the first scholarly and systematic history of the Chambers of Commerce from early historical origins in the eighteenth century up to the present date. Based on new archival information, it provides exhaustive coverage of all UK and Irish chambers, as well as detailed examination of Chambers in the US, including New York, Charleston, and Boston, and early Chambers in Quebec. The book traces the importance of commercial arbitration, coffee and reading rooms, and information and consultancy services as critical to the Chambers' unique market position. It demonstrates the challenges for the Chambers as independent voluntary bodies in increasing partnerships with governments and competition with rival institutions, and also gives critical overview of key lobbies, such as against the Corn Laws, tariff reform and free trade, municipal socialism, and modern regulatory burdens. A definitive account of all local chambers including data appendices anddetailed assessment of their significance, the book will be an enduring resource and foundation for research into the Chambers of Commerce's origins, historical development, and modern position.
Published by Oxford University Press on 10/27/2011
Book details: 921 pages.

The Religious Life of Dress

From clothing to the painted and scarified nude body, through overt, public display or esoteric symbols known only to the initiated, dress can convey information about beliefs, faith, identity, power, agency, resistance, and fashion. Taking a 'senses' approach, Hume's engaging account takes into consideration the look, smell, feel, touch and sound of religious apparel, the 'smells and bells' of dress and its accoutrements, as well as the emotions evoked by donning religious garb. The book's global perspective provides wide-ranging, yet detailed, coverage of religious dress, from the history and meaning of the simple 'no-frills' attire of the Anabaptists to the power structure displayed in the elaborate fabrics and colours of the Roman Catholic Church; Hume examines the 2,500 year-old tradition of Buddhist robes, the nudity of India's holy men, and much more. With chapters on Sufism, Vodou, modern Pagans, as well as painted and tattooed indigenous and modern Western bodies, the reader is swept along on a sensual journey of the sight, sound, smell and feel of wearing religion. Unique in its field, this intriguing and informative anthropological approach to the body and dress is an essential read for students of Anthropology, Anthropology of Dress, Sociology, Fashion and Textiles, Culture and Dress, Body and Culture and Cultural Studies.
Author: Lynne Hume
Published by A&C Black on 10/24/2013
Book details: 192 pages.

X-Ray Binaries and Recycled Pulsars

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on X-Ray Binaries and the Formation of Binary and Millisecond Radio Pulsars, Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A., Januari 21-25, 1991
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 566 pages.

The Biology of Wool and Hair

Acknowledgements xi 1. Recent Trends in the Wool Industry and Some Long-Term Policy Issues 1 R. Richardson STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE HAIR FOLLICLE 2. Morphogenesis of the Hair Follicle during the Ontogeny of Human Skin 15 KA. Holbrook, C. Fisher, BA. Dale and R. Hartley 3. Specific Keratins and their Associated Proteins as Markers for Hair Follicle Differentiation 37 W.M O'Guin, D. Dhouailly, M. Manabe and T.-T. Sun 4. The Dermal Papilla and Maintenance of Hair Growth 51 R.F. Oliver and CA. B. lahoda 5. Special Biochemical Features of the Hair Follicle 69 G.E. Rogers, E.S. Kuczek, P.J. MacKinnon, R.B. Presland and M.J. Fietz KERATIN PROlEINS 6. Intermediate Filaments: Problems and Perspectives 87 R.D. Goldman and G.N. Dessev 7. Intermediate Filament Associated Protein of Epidermis 97 BA. Dale, KA. Resing, P.V. Haydock, P. Fieckman, C. Fisher and KA. Holbrook 8. Variations in the Proteins of Wool and Hair 117 R.C. Marshall and I.M. Gillespie 9. Protein Chains in Wool and Epidermal Keratin IF: Structural Features and Spatial Arrangement 127 J.F. Conway, R.D.B. Fraser, T.P. MacRae and DA. D. Pany 145 10. Amino Acid Sequences of Wool Keratin IF Proteins L.G. Sparrow, L.M. Dowling, V.Y. Loke and P.M. Strike 11. Structural Features of Keratin Intermediate Filaments 157 P.M. Steinert, D.R. Torchia and J.W.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 12/06/2012
Book details: 506 pages.

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research

The substantially updated and revised Fifth Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research by editors Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln presents the state-of-the-art theory and practice of qualitative inquiry. Representing top scholars from around the world, the editors and contributors continue the tradition of synthesizing existing literature, defining the present, and shaping the future of qualitative research. The Fifth Edition contains 19 new chapters, with 16 revised—making it virtually a new volume—while retaining six classic chapters from previous editions. New contributors to this edition include Jamel K. Donnor and Gloria Ladson-Billings; Margaret Kovach; Paula Saukko; Bryant Keith Alexander; Thomas A. Schwandt and Emily F. Gates; Johnny Saldaña; Uwe Flick; Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Maggie MacLure, and Jasmine Ulmer; Maria Elena Torre, Brett G. Stoudt, Einat Manoff, and Michelle Fine; Jack Bratich; Svend Brinkmann; Eric Margolis and Renu Zunjarwad; Annette N. Markham; Alecia Y. Jackson and Lisa A. Mazzei; Jonathan Wyatt, Ken Gale, Susanne Gannon, and Bronwyn Davies; Janice Morse; Peter Dahler-Larsen; Mark Spooner; and David A. Westbrook.
Published by SAGE Publications on 01/05/2017
Book details: 992 pages.

The Laboratory Mouse

The Laboratory Mouse, Second Edition is a comprehensive book written by international experts. With inclusions of the newly revised European standards on laboratory animals, this will be the most current, global authority on the care of mice in laboratory research. This well-illustrated edition offers new and updated chapters including immunology, viruses and parasites, behavior, enrichment and care standards of laboratory mice across the life sciences, medical and veterinary fields. Features four-color illustrations with complete instruction on mouse surgery, anatomy, behavior and care of the mouse in laboratory research Offers additional chapters on new mouse strains, phenotyping of strains, bacteria and parasites, and immunology Includes the newly revised EU standards on care, as well as, comparisons to standards and regulations in the US and other countries
Author: Hans Hedrich
Published by Academic Press on 06/14/2012
Book details: 868 pages.

Lewin's Cells

Completely revised and updated to incorporate the latest data in the field, Lewin's CELLS, Second Edition is the ideal resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students entering the world of cell biology. Redesigned to incorporate new learning tools and elements, this edition continues to provide readers with current coverage of the structure, organization, growth, regulation, movements, and interaction of cells, with an emphasis on eukaryotic cells. Under the direction of three expert lead editors, new chapters on metabolism and general molecular biology have been added by subject specialist. All chapters have been carefully edited to maintain consistent use of terminology and to achieve a homogenous level of detail and rigor. A new design incorporates many new pedagogical elements, including Concept & Reasoning Questions, Methods boxes, Clinical Applications boxes, and more.
Published by Jones & Bartlett Publishers on 03/01/2011
Book details: 1056 pages.

The House With a Clock In Its Walls

A haunting gothic tale by master mysery writer John Bellairs--soon to be a major motion picture starring Cate Blanchett and Jack Black! "The House With a Clock in Its Walls will cast its spell for a long time."--The New York Times Book Review When Lewis Barnavelt, an orphan. comes to stay with his uncle Jonathan, he expects to meet an ordinary person. But he is wrong. Uncle Jonathan and his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Zimmermann, are both magicians! Lewis is thrilled. At first, watchng magic is enough. Then Lewis experiments with magic himself and unknowingly resurrects the former owner of the house: a woman named Serenna Izard. It seems that Serenna and her husband built a timepiece into the walls--a clock that could obliterate humankind. And only the Barnavelts can stop it!
Published by Penguin on 08/03/2004
Book details: 192 pages.

Official Register of the United States ...

Published on 08/18/1892
Book details: 192 pages.
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