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Special Education
This timely book is about raising awareness of the rights of disabled people to full equality and participation in all areas. It aims to show that disability is an issue of concern to all of us. It is for university faculty staff teaching courses on education law and policy and serves as a resource for students conducting research, government officials, and professionals in these fields.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 03/09/2013
Book details: 215 pages.

A New Framework of Special Education in the Russian Federation
Published by Garant on 08/18/2019
Book details: 242 pages.

Religious Education in Public Schools: Study of Comparative Law
This publication is a compilation of studies on religious instruction in state schools. As Europe goes through a "social revolution" with the influence of the church and religious instruction in state schools being opened to discussion, this book describes the diversity between states and analyzes the legislative basis of religious instruction in various countries. The comparative analyses will be of value to researchers in educational research and to educational policymakers.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 01/17/2006
Book details: 310 pages.

A Home for Gori
In a deeply personal memoir, Habib Rehman captures the joy and anguish of loving and saying good-bye to Gori, his canine companion of many years. As a pup smuggled into their home by his wife, Rehman refuses to have anything to do with Gori. Not one to give up, she soon worms her way into his affections. For ten years, they are inseparable, going for walks, embarking upon adventures, sharing a pillow, talking on the phone when he travels out of town. As Gori reaches the end of her life, Rehman tenderly nurses her through her last illness. And when she passes away, he resolves to build a home that overlooks her grave, as a memorial to her. A Home for Gori will remind dog-lovers of the canine companions they have loved, and lost. To the rest, it will tell an extraordinary story of a dog and a human being, and a bond that endures, quite literally, beyond the grave.
Published by Roli Books Private Limited on 07/01/2010
Book details: 116 pages.

EU Energy Law and Policy
Presenting an up-to-date overview of EU energy law and policy and a critical analysis of its sub-areas, the book extends the discussion from electricity and natural gas markets to other areas of energy, including oil. This holistic approach to the subject is then placed within the broader context of the international geopolitical sphere which EU energy law and policy operates, as the author considers the impact of regional and international energy policies andmarkets on the EU markets and the overall EU policy. He also draws on the wider context and takes into account non-legal factors such as the impact of unconventionals, the rise of the BRICS, and the'Arab spring'.
Author: Kim Talus
Published by Oxford University Press on 09/05/2013
Book details: 317 pages.

The Un Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Practice
A timely examination of 'the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities', this first thorough comparative analysis contrasts the approaches of thirteen jurisdictions to reveal a legal area of growing importance.
Published by Oxford University Press on 03/01/2018
Book details: 672 pages.

The Teacher of the 21st Century
The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) is a non-profit European organisation, aimed at enhancing the quality of Teacher Education in Europe, and supporting the professional development of teachers and teacher educators at all levels. The ATEE Spring conference takes place every other year and is organized by the University of Latvia. The Spring conference in 2013 was the sixth such conference. The contents of this book contain the best articles written by participants at the 2013 conference, and present the exchange of ideas between European teacher educators, in addition to experiences, research and ideas from outside Europe. European experience, knowledge and research support the general enhancement of the quality of teacher education throughout the world. As such, this book stimulates dialogue between teacher educators, researchers on teacher education, students, teachers, employers, politicians, supervisory bodies, NGOs and other groups involved in teacher education and research, and innovation in teacher education.
Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing on 03/17/2014
Book details: 367 pages.

Creating a Learning School
'Improving the quality of learning and teaching is the most important thing that school leaders do. This book contains much that will help the reader in that enterprise. It reflects the fact that much of what we know about effective, high-quality schools is already 'out there' in schools across the country. The book mines that gold. It is full of good sense, a treasure chest of helpful ideas which have the credibility of being grounded in case-study material, and in the experience of the authors, two of whom are practising headteachers. The book sets out the principles underpinning the Learning School, but offers also a strong pragmatic focus and is organized so that it can be dipped into and something worthwhile easily found. It sets out practical and specific steps to creating the Learning School and will support change and improvement in the professional practices involved in making a school a stimulating learning environment for adults as well as students' - Dr Martin J Coles, Assistant Director, National College for School Leadership '[C]learly set out, passionately and well-written, covering much material, full of interesting insights, as one might expect from two head teachers and an acknowledged expert in the field... Lots of interesting thoughts and ideas, written in an accessible style. I would certainly recommend this book to my students' - ESCalate The schools of the 21st century cannot continue to apply the techniques of the 20th century. 'New Learning' dispenses with outdated preoccupations with tests, targets, and leadership from above, and focuses on independence of learning and structural flexibility within schools. The authors give a complete overview of how schools can adapt to meet changing needs. They look at the teacher as learner, learning outside the classroom, and the nature of leadership in learning schools, and provide practical solutions to the problems of staffing, resourcing and assessment. This book is an invaluable resource for all mid-to-upper level managers in schools, anyone aspiring to these positions, or anyone who takes a longterm view of the future of educational practice.
Published by SAGE on 08/16/2005
Book details: 195 pages.
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