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The Vapor pressures of some hydrocarbons in the liquid and solid state at low temperatures / by W.T. Ziegler.

Published on 10/04/2012
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Distant lights : and other adventure stories

Published on 08/09/2010
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ERIC ED150906: The Federal Government's Relationship to the Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies.

Proceedings include: the keynote address (John Ellis); themes and questions on accreditation and institutional eligibility (David A. Trivett); the task force on futuristic Office of Education criteria for recognition (Samuel P. Martin); possible accreditation agency uses of the products of the Office of Education project on improving the consumer protection function in postsecondary education (Stephen M. Jung); improving the quality of education, developing the accreditation component (Samuel Hope); private accreditation, responsibilities of professional accreditation (Thomas J. Ginley); establishing a collegial, non-tension, working relationship (Gordon W. Sweet); the great probity debate (Thurston E. Manning); representation of public concerns (Jesse Ziegler); confidentiality and accreditation (Louis Heilbron); and syntheses (Carol Elkins, N. Edd Miller, Frank A. Tredinnick). (MSE)
Published on 04/15/2015
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A text-book of pathological anatomy and pathogenesis [electronic resource]

Published on 03/19/2015
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Who done it? : investigation of murder most foul

Published on 02/24/2015
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Efraim Frisch Collection 1881-1984

Published on 05/04/2010
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ERIC ED500752: Culminating Experience Action Research Projects, Volume 10, Spring 2007

As a part of the teacher licensure program at the graduate level at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), the M.Ed. Licensure candidate is required to complete an action research project during a 3-semester-hour course that coincides with the 9-semester-hour student teaching experience. This course, Education 590 Culminating Experience, requires the student to implement an action research plan designed through (a) the Education 500 Introduction to Inquiry course, (b) one of the two learning assessments required during student teaching, or (c) a newly-designed project not used as one of the learning assessments. With funding through a UTC Teaching, Learning, and Technology Faculty Fellows award, the Education 590 course is conducted through the use of an online, course management system (Blackboard Learning System Release 6), allowing for asynchronous discussion and use of the digital drop box feature for submitting required papers. The course syllabus for Education 590 Culminating Experience is presented in the next section, followed by action research projects from spring semester 2007. The following papers are included in this document: (1) Alternative Grading: A B from You, an A from Me (Julia L. Anderson); (2) Expanding Technology Use for the 21st Century Classroom (Natasha Brunton); (3) Congress Comes to the Sixth Grade (A Role-Play Exercise) (Andrew Campbell); (4) Factors behind Students' Bad Behavior at School (Nighat Jonathan Cecil); (5) Multiple Intelligences Responding Positively to a Writing Curriculum with Integrated Technology (Esther Clark); (6) Using Technology in Instruction: Internet Web Sites (Jonathan E. Craig); (7) An Investigation Of Homogeneous versus Heterogeneous Grouping in Cooperative Learning Situations (Chara Davis); (8) Using Classwide Peer Tutoring to Increase High School Math Students' Academic Performance (Stephen C. Durand); (9) Effective Strategies for Mastering Spanish in Grades 9-12 (Julieta Goode); (10) English as Second Language Students in a Kindergarten Classroom (Emeri D. Gordon); (11) Impact of Qualified Teachers on Head Start Education (Karina Hendrix); (12) Are Educators Meeting the Needs of all Students? (Allison Hughie); (13) Can Flying Objects Induce Identifiable Respect? (Carl. Kiefer); (14) An Evaluation of Learning in a Eurasian Geography Unit through a Pre-Test/Post-Test (Wayne Kohlwes); (15) Improving Middle School Students' Problem Solving Skills by Increasing the Use of Word Problems (Sarah Lail); (16) Perceptions of Faculty and Administration on the Effectiveness of In-School Suspension for the Modification of Student Behavior (NaJuana P. Lee); (17) Photographs Used in the Classroom to Enhance Children's Literacy Experience (Sean Loftin); (18) Should I Really not Smile until Thanksgiving? Discovering the Key to Effective Classroom Management (Jessica Power); (19) Using Computers in the Classroom to Enhance Students' Acquisition of Knowledge (Eric N. Roberts); (20) Using Probeware Technology to Teach pH Chemistry: A Pre-Test and Post-Test Evaluation (Scott C. Siegel); (21) Writing to Learn (Tina Varnell); (22) Can Mathematics Avoidance Be Avoided? (Kara White); and (23) Rhythm and Rhyme--The Effects of Music on Vocabulary Development of Kindergarten Students (Andrea Ziegler). (Individual papers contain references.) [Abstract modified to meet ERIC guidelines.]
Published on 01/27/2016
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Current biography yearbook, 2009

Published on 04/24/2018
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The story of South Africa written especially for young people ..

Published on 02/06/2014
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Country clergy of Pennsylvania

Published on 05/21/2013
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