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The Challenge of the Avant-garde
The Challenge of the Avant-Garde is the fourth of six books in the series Art and its Histories, which form the main texts of an Open University course. The course has been designed for students who are new to the discipline but will also appeal to those who have undertaken some study in this area. This volume traces the challenge posed to the academic canon by the emergent avant-garde of the early and mid-nineteenth century.It looks at significant shifts in the development of the concept, both in moves away from the sense of social leadership to a desire for artistic autonomy in the later nineteenth century and then a reverse movement to bridge the gap between art and life in the revolutionary avant-gardes of the early twentieth century. The book closes with an examination of the eventual incorporation of the avant-garde as a form of modern canon by the eve of World War II. Throughout, it seeks to relate the discourse of artistic avant-gardism in all its forms to contemporary social and political histories.
Published by Yale University Press on 07/16/1999
Book details: 284 pages.

Spectacular Flirtations
During the Georgian period there was a remarkable proliferation of seductive visual imagery and written accounts of female performers. Focusing on the close relationship between the dramatic and visual arts at this time, this beautiful and stimulating book explores popular ideas of the actress as coquette, whore, celebrity, muse, and creative agent, charting her important symbolic role in contemporary attempts to professionalize both the theatre and the practice of fine art. Gill Perry shows how artists such as Gainsborough, Reynolds, Hoppner or Lawrence produced complex images of female performers as fashion icons, coquettes, dignified queens or creative artists. The result is a rich interdisciplinary study of the Georgian actress.
Published by Paul Mellon Centre for Studies on 07/16/2019
Book details: 238 pages.

Women Artists and the Parisian Avant-garde
Examination of the work and artistic culture of women artists in France in the early twentieth century. The author explores the critical culture through which their work was represented and patronised, and the contemporary perceptions of femininity involved. In the process, she provides reasons why many of these names have been 'written out' of modern art history.
Published by Manchester University Press on 07/16/1995
Book details: 186 pages.

Gender and Art
In this intriguing book, a diverse collection of case studies sheds light on the effects of gender issues on the study of art history. Encompassing European art, architecture, & design from the sixteenth century to the present day, the book examines the role of gender difference in the production, consumption, & interpretation of works of art. The authors explore both the work of women artists & the ways that visual representation by both female & male artists may be gendered.
Published by Yale University Press on 07/16/1999
Book details: 267 pages.

Themes in Contemporary Art
This work discusses the art of the final third of the twentieth century. In seven related chapters, it looks at different aspects of the postmodernism that has dominated art since the 1960s.
Published by Yale University Press on 07/16/2019
Book details: 326 pages.

The Legacy of Anne Frank
“Unusual and illuminating . . . will appeal to all who are moved by and curious about Frank’s story and legacy, and everyone interested in humanitarian activism” (Booklist). Although many books and literary analyses have been written about Anne Frank’s life and diary, none have explored the surprising influence she has had on young people in countries all over the world, helping to shape their moral framework and giving them critical life skills. This is due in part to the merits of a traveling exhibition created by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in 1985, which has so far been seen by over nine million people. The Anne Frank exhibition, along with its innovative educational and cultural activities, has circumnavigated the globe many times. In this fascinating study, Gillian Walnes Perry explores the various legacies of Anne Frank’s influence. She looks at the complex life of Anne Frank’s father and the motivations that powered his educational philosophy. She shares new insights into the real Anne Frank, personally gifted by those who actually knew her. Global icons such as Nelson Mandela and Audrey Hepburn relate the influence that Anne Frank had on shaping their own lives. This book presents—all in one place and for the very first time—the inspirational stories of a diverse variety of people from all over the world, brought together by the words of one particularly articulate and inspiring teenage victim of the Holocaust.
Published by Grub Street Publishers on 08/30/2018
Book details: 304 pages.

Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction
On art in the early 20th century
Published by Yale University Press on 07/16/1993
Book details: 270 pages.

Femininity and Masculinity in Eighteenth-century Art and Culture
Focusing on the visual arts and written texts, this book explores the nature of femininity and masculinity in 18th-century Britain and France. The activities and collective conditions of women as producers of art and culture are investigated, together with analysis of representation and the ways in which it might be gendered. This illustrated book should make an important contribution to debates on representation, constructions of sexuality and women as producers.
Published by Manchester University Press on 01/01/1994
Book details: 262 pages.

Academies, Museums, and Canons of Art
"This is the first of six books in the series Art and its Histories, which form the main texts of an Open University second-level course of the same name"--Preface.
Published by Yale University Press on 07/16/1999
Book details: 268 pages.

Fugitive Family
Six months ago, Alexander Cooke's life was wrecked. His wife was killed, his workplace was robbed…and the evidence pointed to him. He saw one way out—he grabbed his daughter and ran. Now he's got a new life. Yet even with his new identity as Greg Bond, he's still looking over his shoulder. Still waiting for danger to reappear. Then he meets charming schoolteacher Lisa Jacoby, and forgets to keep his distance or protect his heart. When the killer returns, Alex won't run again. He's found a love—a family—he'll face anything to protect.
Author: Pamela Tracy
Published by Steeple Hill on 08/01/2009
Book details: 224 pages.
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