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Good Humour
Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author. Although he was a writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales. When he became famous he travelled all over Europe, Africa and Asia. Hans Christian An

SAYINGS (Insight, Humour & Irony)
These sayings cover a range of subjects, including drinking, men & women and philosophy. The examples on the cover give you a taste of what's inside. They are not graphic but they are not suitable for children.

Mr. Punch In Society: Being the humours of social life
Although it is still not known who wrote this work, despite its age it continues to be widely read today.

Dieu est humour
Des histoires savoureuses sur Dieu de A comme administration à V comme visite du Paradis en passant par la politique, les mots d enfants et les belles mères.(Re) découvrez que les cathos aussi peuvent avoir de l'humour!

Récits insolites et humours
C'est maintenant que notre commissaire-priseur va mettre aux enchères quelques babioles de moindre importance et par conséquent moins chères, m'informa le cousin Louis. Pas plus de quelques francs, tu verras. Ce sont des choses que l'on a le plu

Les pensées par l'humour Vol.4
Nouveau volume des pensées par l'humour, cette fois-ci sur le thème de la géographie

Lol - Your Humour Ebook
This is an 80 page ebook full of cool & funny pictures with no long written jokes. There are pictures on almost anything that are both funny and controversial.

The Monkey's View of Human Life: Truth In Humour! : A Quick Read Book
You will love Plato, a monkey philosopher with a difference! His amusing insights into the human condition will make you laugh out loud and also make you ponder - are we really this crazy? A quick read Book that everyone can enjoy from grandparent

The Muggs Book of Humour for those who carry the world on their shoulders
The MUGGS Book of Humour for Those Who carry the World on Their ShouldersBy: Muggs K. DewarWant a laugh? This is a wonderful compilation of jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone and brighten even the worst of days. Whether y

For the Sake of Sanity:: Doing things with humour in Irish performance
Humour claims no ideological affiliation - its workings merit inspection in any and every individual case, in light of the who, what, where and when of a joke, including the manner of performance, the socio-cultural context, the dynamic amongst participants, and who knows how many other factors particular to the instance. There as many insights to be gained from the deployment of humour in performance as people to think about it - so herein lie a healthy handful of responses from a variety of perspectives. With a general emphasis on theatre, the collection also includes essays on film, television and stand-up comedy for those insights into practice, society and culture revealed uniquely through instances of humour in performance.

The Book of General Ignorance
Misconceptions, misunderstandings, and flawed facts finally get the heave-ho in this humorous, downright humiliating book of reeducation based on the phenomenal British bestseller. Challenging what most of us assume to be v

General George Hannibal Busch
And now for something completely different-Monty pythonThe world the truth! An original history book of political satire fantasy, about the glorious president and military occupation of Iraq. The roots and background of this book c

General George Hannibal Busch
And now for something completely different-Monty python The world the truth! An original history book of political satire fantasy, about the glorious president and military occupation of Iraq. The roots and background of this book come from my university degree in Classic History, combined with a profound interest in Military History. This knowledge triggered a simple and intriguing idea during the heated U.S. Presidential election of 2004. I observed that the U.S. Military?s invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, reminded me of General George Armstrong Custer?s Indian Campaign of 1876. The never-ending bloody fight in Iraq against savage enemies by the U.S. Army, appeared similar to Custer?s epic massacre of the 7th Cavalry Regiment at the Little Big Horn. I started making several jokes about this at my workplace, and the jokes expanded into a book idea. I now give you the futuristic fantasy tale of General George Hannibal Busch, and the epic Battle of the Little Big Oil Well in the great U.S-Iraq Wars of the 22nd Century! This book will expand into a series, covering the overall War on Terror.

The Tin-Pot Foreign General And the Old Iron Woman
BANG! BANG! BANG! went the guns of the Tin-Pot Foreign GeneralBANG! BANG! BANG! went the guns of the Old Iron WomanRaymond Briggs's visceral take on the Falklands War is uncompromising in its dark and moving satir

The Collected Works of General Falta de Respeto Volume Two
General Falta de Respeto was an irritable old man who rented a room in the back of our house. He claimed to have fought in the Spanish-American War, but he never told me what side he fought for. He usually disagreed with everybody, so Im sure he coul

Hoplite: Part 2: The General
Alexander felt triumphant and couldn't help a slight smile crossing his face. He had outplayed the Strategos and thought about how pleased Nicanos would be, but the Strategos's next words froze the smile on his face."You're assuming I allow you to return, boy." The Strategos's smile widened into a feral grin again. This one did touch his eyes, but the humour in it didn't comfort Alexander. "Maybe I'll just have you killed right now and then I don't have any problems." His eyes bored right through Alexander. Book description for the Hoplite novel: In 440BC, all the young Alexander wants to be is an Olympian. But while trying to follow his hoplite father, Alexander becomes trapped aboard a troop ship. His life spins out of control when making port, the seemingly benign state of Samos overthrows the mighty Athenian army and tragedy strikes. He soon realises that the foes in his own camp are more dangerous than the Samian rebels. When one of his only friends and allies on the island goes missing, Alexander has to further endanger his own life to try and find him but by doing so he puts his friend's life, and his mother back in Athens, in danger. Note: This novella is Part 2 of Hoplite. The other five parts will be released over the course of the year. Book description for Part 2.In the wake of the tragedy, Alexander has no time to grieve. He meets the Strategos - The General, a giant of a man. But The Strategos has no interest in a boy like Alexander, has he? But The General is more than he seems and Alexander is pitched into a foot race against the fastest man in the Samian army and the stakes couldn't be higher!

I Was Touched By the Witchfinder General - An Historical Allegation
My trade? My trade is danger!" said Sir Weaselsnout. Sir Biscuit Weaselsnout fights injustice wherever he finds it with the aid of his trusty dwarf manservant Diego Spinoza. Marvel as they battle witches, ghosts and the dreaded highwayman the Chocolate Goose. Discover how Sir Weaselsnout came by his unfortunate nickname.

Medical Jokes & Humour
While many Indian joke books are jokes themselves, this book avoids the pitfalls by its professional approach towards compilation, rewriting and editing. The book comprises the world's best adult medical jokes, quips, quotes and humour. Bold and b

Humour et humoristes
Ce livre est parfaitement mis en page pour une lecture sur liseuse électronique. Extrait: Mon vieil ami habite tout en haut de Plaisance, dans une vieille rue où courent des gamins loqueteux, une vieille maison grise et lézardée. Nul bruit

Développer son humour
Avoir de l'humour, c'est prendre le contrôle dans une interaction sociale. Ce n'est un secret pour personne: les gens qui possèdent de l'humour sont agréables et attirants. On s'ennuie rarement lorsqu'une personne nous fait rire. Si vous a
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