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Fireball secrets to healthy computing, grid computing and much more.

Fog Computing
Fog computing is rapidly expanding in its applications and capabilities through various parts of society. Utilizing different types of virtualization technologies can push this branch of computing to even greater heights. Fog Computing: Breakthrou

World of Computing
This engaging work provides a concise introduction to the exciting world of computing, encompassing the theory, technology, history, and societal impact of computer software and computing devices. Spanning topics from global conflict to home gamin

Computing: A Concise History
A compact and accessible history, from punch cards and calculators to UNIVAC and ENIAC, the personal computer, Silicon Valley, and the Internet.

Personal Computing Demystified
Quickly learn how to get the most out of your personal computing experience, whether you want to network multiple PCs, buy a PC, store photos, or download music. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide walks you through each task you need to complete without using unnecessary technical language. A user-friendly resource, you don't need to have previous experience to get fast results.

Dictionary of Computing
A best-selling reference work for all computer users. Include: -Windows -Networking -Help Desk -Social Media -Web Design Updated with the latest technologies - 2015

Cloud Computing Anbietervergleich
Cloud Computing ist eines der trendigsten Themen in der IT. Nahezu täglich entstehen neue Plattformen und Produkte für Cloud Computing. Es wird zunehmend schwieriger, den Überblick zu behalten und alle Ausprägungen richtig zu verstehen. In diesem sho

Analytical Modelling in Parallel and Distributed Computing
Discusses complex performance evaluation of various typical parallel algorithms (shared memory, distributed memory) and their practical implementations

Algorithms, Methods, and Applications in Mobile Computing and Communications
The proliferation of wireless communications has led to mobile computing, a new era in data communication and processing allowing people to access information anywhere and anytime using lightweight computer devices. Aligned with this phenomenon, a

Computing with Windows 7 for the Older and Wiser
Computing with Windows® 7 for the Older & Wiser is a user friendly guide that takes you step-by-step through the basics of using a computer. Written in an easy-to-understand, jargon free language, it is aimed at complete beginners us

Great Moments in Computing
The unexpurgated, hilarious and unflinching history of computers, of the lunatics who create them, and of the idiots who use them, retold in cartoon strips by Mel Croucher and Robin Evans. Great Moments In Computing is the longest-running, most wi

Network Re-engineering: Foundations of Enterprise Computing
Network Re-Engineering: Foundations of Enterprise Computing deals with the aspects of an organization's information systems and communications assets. This book reviews the foundations of enterprise computing including servers, client/server computing, local area networks, user interfaces, and emerging cross-platform development. The coverage of an enterprise computing system needs efficient communication facilities over which interoperability and information sharing devices can operate. This text explains the basic technologies and services that an enterprise computing environment requires: protocol stacks, communications technologies, fundamental interoperability. For example, electronic mail must conform to the CCITTX.400 specifications. Electronic mail systems include message handling, message typing or protocols, naming and addressing, and distribution lists. The book discusses two types of architectures for enterprise computing, namely, the OSE/1 APP and the CA09s. This text also notes that developing enterprise-class applications can be either through a direct development that meet the requirements of the enterprise or through migration of an existing system to a new one. This book can prove useful for programmers, systems officers, computer engineering instructors, and advanced students in computer science.

Probability and Computing
Greatly expanded, this new edition requires only an elementary background in discrete mathematics and offers a comprehensive introduction to the role of randomization and probabilistic techniques in modern computer science. Newly added chapters an

The Story of Computing
'I do not see why it [the machine] should not enter any one of the fields normally covered by the human intellect, and eventually compete on equal terms.'Alan Turing, 1949Today computers shape every aspect

What to Know Before Beginning In Computing
This book presents important information that you have to know before beginning a computer training. It starts with an overview of the functionality of a computer, how and where to get the technical knowledge, the type of jobs related to computers

Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi
The world of single-board computing puts powerful coding tools in the palm of your hand. The portable Raspberry Pi computing platform with the power of Linux yields an exciting exploratory tool for beginning scientific computing. Science an

Rechenzentren und Cloud Computing: Konzept und Bewertung von Cloud Computing
Das Kapitel "Konzept und Bewertung von Cloud Computing" entstammt aus der Loseblattsammlung "Rechenzentren und Cloud Computing". Laut aktuellen Umfragen ist Cloud Computing eines der meist diskutierten Themen in der Information

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information
Quantum computing and quantum information are two of the fastest growing and most exciting research fields in physics. Entanglement, teleportation and the possibility of using the non-local behavior of quantum mechanics to factor integers in rando

High-Performance Computing in Finance
High-Performance Computing (HPC) delivers higher computational performance to solve problems in science, engineering and finance. There are various HPC resources available for different needs, ranging from cloud computing- that can be used without

The Rise of Fog Computing in the Digital Era
With the immense growth of information, the prevalence of ubiquitously connected smart devices is rapidly increasing. Providing platforms that support computation, storage, and networking services between end devices is an essential aspect of an e
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