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The Art of General Practice
"At times nostalgic, but frequently emotional and so positive, this book is an easy-access antidote to the calls for 'resilience' and the anti-patient rhetoric that seems to appear all too commonly on social media, and is a well-timed reminder of

Campfire Tales from Hell: Musings on Martial Arts, Survival, Bouncing, and General Thug Stuff
Life out at the edges can be rough, scary and at times dangerous. Campfire Tales From Hell is a collection of essays from people who have been there, done that - some of whom had to fight for their title of 'survivor.' Some are professionals, cal

Operational Art In The Korean War: A Comparison Between General MacArthur And General Walker
This monograph addresses operational art during a specific period of the Korean War. Both General Walton Walker and General Douglas MacArthur developed operational approaches to unify Korea when the decision was made to cross the 38th parallel int

General Lewis Walt: Operational Art in Vietnam, 1965-1967
This study investigates the significant effect of mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, and topographic engineering on the American Civil War Campaign of Chancellorsville. The operations occurred near Fredericksburg, Virginia, in April and Ma

The Lost Art of Air Superiority: U.S. Pursuit Aviation, 1919 to 1941 - Battle with the Bombers, Defending Pursuit, Preparation for War, World War II, P-40 Tommy Hawk, Major General Arnold, Air Corps
This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. This study examines the development of US pursuit aviation during the interwar period, 1919 to 1941. During this period, airmen struggled

Ferdinand De Saussure Course in General Linguistics
Edited and produced from the lecture notes of his students at the University of Geneva, the Course in General Linguistics was first published in 1916, three years after its author's death. The book sets out Saussure's theory that all languages sha

Communication Uncovered: General Semantics and Media Ecology
In this highly readable and well-arranged compilation-including his much-celebrated "The Practice of Reading Good Books" and award-winning "Playing with Bateson"-Corey Anton brings together some of his most accessible and well-received essays. Th

Do Not Fall in Love with a General
The decision to publish this book was dictated the authors heavy experience with Internet fraudsters. When she finally realized that she was deceived, she found over the Internet a lot of similar victims. She familiarized herself with their differ

General Knowledge of English Literature
General Knowledge of English Literature covers an extensive array of topics that are essential to learning English literature. Author Rebecca A. Vorsah presents the information and tips in a very concise and easy to digest light. The author

On the Binding Biases of Time and Other Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology
On the Binding Biases of Time and Other Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology consists of a series of explorations into our use of symbols, language, and media to relate to our environment, and how our different modes of perception and co

Le gouvernement du général Berthezène à Alger en 1831
Car ce ne fut pas tant à la colonisation qu'il s'en prit qu'aux violences matérielles ou morales, aux fraudes, aux humiliations imposées aux indigènes, à la passion du lucre qui obscurcit la raison, à nos airs méprisants, à nos dédains, à

Ham Radio: The General License Guide To Understand Equipment And Become A Radio Amateur The Fast And Easy Way
Learn proven steps and strategies on how to start your Ham Radio and get a license to operate your radio! Today only, get this audio bestseller for a special price. Operating a ham radio Is fun and most people's interest in amateur radios are driven

Saussure's Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics (1910-1911): (F. de Saussure - Troisième Cours de Linguistique Général
The notes taken by Saussure's student Emile Constantin were not available to the editors of the published Cours de linguistique générale (1916), and came to light only after the second world war. They have never been published in their entirety. The third and last course of lectures, of which Constantin kept this very full record, is generally considered to represent a more advanced version of Saussure's teaching than the earlier two. It is clear that Constantin's notebooks offer a text which differs in a number of significant respects from the Cours published by Saussure's original editors, and bring forward ideas which do not emerge in the 1916 publication. They constitute unique evidence concerning the final stages of Saussure's thinking about language. This edition of the notes is accompanied by an introduction and a full English translation of the text. There has been no attempt made by Komatsu and Harris, to turn the English into readable prose. Constantin's notes, even as revised by their author, retain the infelicities, repetitions, abruptness - occasionally incoherences - that betray the circumstances of their origin. The volume constitutes an important landmark in the history of modern linguistics and provides essential documentation for all scholars and libraries specializing in the subject.

The General's Horsewoman
Bourtai, a Manchu princess, is given as a bribe to the prominent Chinese general, Wu San Gui. During the tumultuous fall of the Ming Dynasty and the rise of the Qing Dynasty, the lives of Bourtai and Wu are entwined for both good and ill. Thomas Harper, the literary critic for The Alliance Review, declared that DeGrange's previous novel, The Ming Legacy, was "an intriguing mix - of history, art and murder."

Toward a General Theory of Acting
Toward a General Theory of Acting explores the actor's art through the lens of Dynamic Systems Theory and recent findings in the Cognitive Sciences. An analysis of different theories of acting in the West from Stanislavski to Lecoq is followed by an in depth discussion of technique, improvisation, and creating a score. In the final chapter, the focus shifts to how these three are interwoven when the actor steps in front of an audience, whether performing realist, non-realist, or postdramatic theatre. Far from using the sciences to reduce acting to a formula, Lutterbie celebrates the mystery of the creative process.

Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)
A seminal work of philosophy and an invaluable resource for students of aesthetics, this volume deeply influenced a generation of art historians. Author Benedetto Croce's theory that art is expression-his signature

General Bible Knowledge
Item One: Bishop W.J. Duncan holds a Doctorate from Northwest University, of London England. Item Two: Bishop W.J. Duncan holds a Doctorate from London Bible College of Applied Science & Arts, London, England. Item Three: Bishop W.J. Duncan

General Manager, please British Lightweight A Little! Tong giam doc xin anh nhe mot chut
General Manager, please British Lightweight A Little! Tong giam doc xin anh nhe mot chut Ha Tu Du PR walked into the room, the detection routine colleagues very seriously, carefully observe the rule today in the European top five first top three adjacent ears are discussing something. Ha Tu Du filled with doubts're asking colleagues Elementary Art cum good friend was also discussed in it. Suddenly the head of the PR department Lam came out from his office, but her age was fifty but still damn featured graceful willowy, this time PR department immediately restore tranquility. Environment and Forestry Head slightly twisted up, her eyes unable to hide her wrinkles watching the beautiful people in the PR department, then use the superior tone read a variety of names, "Lost Tapes, Yuyao Thuc Nhi Ha Tu Du, Lam Kha Kha, four people to my office a bit! " Ha Tu Du, the silly name calling, but also immediately take the four female colleagues at the office of the head of Lam. - In his office, Chief Lam chuckled to himself to four girls looked beautiful sight. A tape Lac Lam Chief ingratiating smile and unexplained, causing somewhat not understand things happen, so hastily asked Lam Head, "Head Well, there must have customers making it difficult social need we go or not? " PR, name meaning is in charge of some of the company's errands, usually caseworker important activities of the company will meet socially with other luxury companies, so visit the party is indispensable. Thuc Nhi Yao also speculation, "Customers need to what the four of us went to welcome?" Kha Kha Lam also angry exclaimed, "I do not care that how important customer, the last miss I was general manager of the corporation Diep Tran Marketing 'xx' Okay, I do not want to entertain old man seeking sex anymore! " Ha Tu Du did not say anything, calmly standing still.

Natural Antioxidants in General Medicine and in Dermatology
The definitive Book of a vital anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine has become increasingly recognized as an important science and art, with antioxidants now at the forefront. An extraordinary collection of papers that provides a 360-degree vi

Teoría general de la historia del arte
Síntesis lúcida de las principales ideas que han determinado la visión y el estudio del arte, este breve ensayo es una reflexión sobre el fenómeno artístico -desde el paleolítico hasta las instalaciones contemporáneas- y sobre los intentos de historiarlo y estudiarlo científicamente, que encuentra con puntualidad los nudos de esa trama de ideas en el pensamiento de Platón, en la transformación de la visión del artista en el siglo XVII y en la obra de Hegel, que, como reconocen otros historiadores del arte, resulta fundamental para comprender el nacimiento de la historia del arte en el siglo XIX.
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