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Delicious Foods

1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman sorts through the conflicting research on food to give us the skinny on what to eat. Did you know that eating oatmeal actually isn't a healthy way to start the da

Hippie Food
An enlightening narrative history-an entertaining fusion of Tom Wolfe and Michael Pollan-that traces the colorful origins of once unconventional foods and the diverse fringe movements, charismatic gurus, and counterculture elements that brought th

Dog Food 2
Running and hiding is looked upon as a way out for the weak. It is something Omar never thought he would do. As a child, he didn't even play hide-and-seek for that very reason. Unfortunately, after being sentenced to death by his cousin, Demarcus,

Dog Food
It's a dog-eat-dog world-especially when all the dogs are hungry. For a sheltered mama's boy like Demarcus, everything was coming up roses until a life-changing experience showed him that every rose has thorns. After a well-orchestrated set-up, Dem

Gross Foods
This title highlights all the gross foods people around the world eat.

Food Counselling
According to the World Health Organization "counselling" is a process that, through dialogue and interaction, helps people to solve their problems and make decisions.

Free Food for Millionaires
Casey Han's four years at Princeton gave her many things, "But no job and a number of bad habits." Casey's parents, who live in Queens, are Korean immigrants working in a dry cleaner, desperately trying to hold on to their culture and th

This book explores the concept of food, and why living things - i.e, animals, humans and plants - need it.

Comfort Food
A smart and deliciously funny novel by the bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club-and "readers will be cheering" ( before turning the big five-oh, Cooking with Gusto! TV pe

Food Junkies
Overeating, binge eating, obesity, anorexia, and bulimia: Food Junkies tackles the complex, poorly understood issue of food addiction from the perspectives of a medical researcher and dozens of survivors. What exactly is food addiction? Is it poss

50 Foods
With 50 Foods, noted authority Edward Behr has created the definitive guide to the foods every food lover must know. A culinary Baedeker, 50 Foods will delight and inform the connoisseur as well as the novice. Like Behr's celebrated magazine, the

Genius Foods
Discover the critical link between your brain and the food you eat, change the way you think about how your brain ages, and achieve optimal brain performance with this powerful new guide from media personality and leading voice in health Max Lugav

Fun Food Inventions
Do you know what happened when a kid forgot his glass of soda with a stir stick in it outside on a freezing cold night? Popsicles were invented! And did you know ancient people loved to chew on gum, just like we do? Get ready to learn the strange

Popular Italian Food:
Popular Italian Food:

Food for Thought
Food for Thought

Food Fight
Food Fight

Sad Food
A short story that explores the unintended consequences of even the best of actions.

Natural Wellness Foods
These moderately priced natural foods are a path to wellbeing.

Afghan Food
This book is about traditional Afghan food and how it is prepared. It offers alternative recipes and enhancements through modifying ingredients and cooking methods. The modifications are done to make traditional Afghan food healthier, without comp
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