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Bootstrap Finance
Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever: courses are full, policymakers emphasize new ventures, managers yearn to go off on their own. Would-be founders often misplace their energies, however. Believing in a "big money" model of entre

Lords of Finance
It is commonly believed that the Great Depression that began in 1929 resulted from a confluence of events beyond any one person's or government's control. In fact, as Liaquat Ahamed reveals, it was the decisions made by a small number of central b

Finance Your Business
Finance starts with purchase orders. If you have the orders, you can finance far more easily than if you do not. The objective of even adventure or venture investing is to bridge the gap between now and when you get the orders and subsequent payme

Personal Finance & Investing
Warren Buffett would love this audiobook. It covers the basics to create a solid financial plan, build your network over time, emphasizes paying off debt versus leverage, and focusing on your biggest investment: your career. This book will help yo

Finance for housing
The global financial crisis of 2007-08 was triggered by sub-prime mortgage mis-selling in the US and the global sale of these debts as new bonds. Austerity programmes are designed to reduce the borrowing that governments undertook to stabilise fai

Finance" provides students with a complete grounding of principles and methods needed for a finance degree. The book clearly explains the concepts and their application so that you gain a comprehensive understanding, whatever your prior knowledge of finance.

Finance Your Own Business
Get money for your business! Learn the financing fast track strategies used by successful entrepreneurs and investors. Finance Your Own Business will teach: The power of business credithow to get an SBA loan<

The Ultimate Finance Book
THE ULTIMATE FINANCE BOOK gives you everything you need to understand finance and accounting. It is a dynamic collection of essential skills covering the topics that will help you make a seismic impact upon your performance - faster than you ever

Alchemy of Finance, The
George Soros is unquestionably the most powerful and profitable investor in the world today. Dubbed by BusinessWeek as "The Man Who Moves the Markets," Soros has made a billion dollars going up against the British pound. Now, in The

Finance Operations
In Finance Operations, author focuses on the processes and procedures that Finance Professionals must master to succeed. Learn how to: Get, Management, Operations, Auditors and above all Finance Team at one page. Improve communication with all tho

Healthy finances
Healthy finances brings together some of the worlds greatest personal finance ideas from four wealth classics: Napoleon Hlls Think and grow rich; Benjamin Franklins The way to wealth; George S.Clasons The richest man in Babylon and Charles Mackays Ex

A Matter of Finances
Expatriate Louis makes his way along the dusty streets of Da Nang to a river café to meet with his beloved Xuan. He has good news about a proposed transfer to Saigon and is certain Xuan will be thrilled. Arriving late for their rendezvous, Xuan, h

Budgeting And Finances
In This Book, You Will Learn: Budgeting Basics Record Your Income Make a List of Expenses and Put Them in Categories Total Everything and Make Adjustments to Spending Review Regularly And so much more!

Islamic Social Finance
The current dynamics of world economy show remarkable changes in the socio-economics of credit provision and entrepreneurship. If the emergence of the sharing economy is fostering innovative models of collaborative agency, networking and venture b

Municipal Management & Finances
Being a Municipal Officer or Municipal Official can be a challenging task in many of the small communities in Maine or any other state. Most of these positions are part time and do not draw the best of salaries. Unfortunately, there is little trai

Personal Finances
"Do I really need a budget? How can I get out of debt? Should I give my kids an allowance? Should Christians lend money and charge interest?" These questions and many others were often asked of respected Christian financial counselor Lar

Finance & Felony
The year is 2023. In the crime-driven city of Los Angeles, criminal organizations disband while others unite; some of the most unlikely allies must bind together to take down worse enemies whove been digging up dread from the past. Meanwhile, a li

Finance Adages
A preface states the purpose of the essay. The essay is general and not a specific how to make money treatise, rather how to get around money problems. Chapter 1 consists of 18 adages: Proximity to wealth is proximity to paradise. Conversely, we s

Faithful Finance
Many of us feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with our personal finances. We wonder if we will ever experience financial freedom. We want to make wise decisions and spend money on what matters, but we just don't know how. Financial a

Finance Basics (Collins Business Secrets)
The finance basics that experts and top professionals understand. Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Finance. Includes how to: Analyse a business from its financial reports Understand a Profit and Loss account Ma
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