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Experimental Film
Lois's headlong quest to discover the truth about the disappearance of Mrs. Whitcomb almost immediately begins to send her much further than she ever wanted to go, revealing increasingly troubling links between her subject's life and her own. Slow

Night Film
*NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYNPR Cosmopolitan Kirkus Reviews BookPageA page-turning thriller for readers of Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, and Stieg Larsson,

Film Music
Classical purists say it isn't 'real' music, yet it regularly tops charts and plays to sell-out concert hall audiences. Chart music followers consider the orchestral form passé, yet artists are increasingly sampling from cinema classics. Many cine

Film Studies
Almost everything you need to know in one essential guideSeeing a film is only half the fun. The real joy comes from arguing about it afterwards in the pub or on the journey home. But have you ever felt you needed to know a little more?This book o

Australian Film
From the world's first feature film in 1906 to the world's first feature documentaries, shot between 1895 and 1901, Australia has always done great things in film. Not only did Australia give birth to film but also introduced some of the biggest s

Film Worlds

Film Worlds

On Film
On Film

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Film Society
In a small Ontario town, seven women gather occasionally to watch movies on video. Gilaine E. Mitchell skillfully and sensitively presents the story of each woman in a novel that speaks to several generations of women.

Film Violence
A concise and accessible introduction to the role of violence from the silent era to the present, this volume illustrates the breadth and depth of screen bloodshed in historical, cultural, and industrial contexts. After considering problems of def

Film Talk
Quoting the Movies in the Age of Home Theatre. Your favourite movie quotes in the one handy e-resource: an e-anthology of the most memorable, sexiest, strangest and funniest quotes from a century of cinema."Are you talking to me?"

Film Worlds
Film Worlds unpacks the significance of the "worlds" that narrative films create, offering an innovative perspective on cinema as art. Drawing on aesthetics and the philosophy of art in both the continental and analytic traditio

Valuing Films
This volume gets to the heart of what films mean to people on personal, political and commercial levels. Exploring value judgements that underpin social, academic and institutional practices, it examines the diverse forms of worth attributed to a

This book is a sequel to Cine: Spanish Influences on Early Cinema in the Philippines, and part of Nick Deocampo's extensive research on Philippine cinema. Tracing the beginnings of motion pictures from its Spanish roots, this book advances Deocampo's

Film Flam
An independent movie company is beset by conspiracy, kidnapping, and murder from within when a crew of inept lawbreakers try to rip off a wealthy, though shady, businessman. One humorous situation follows another as a short, half-Chinese clown and

Spiritual Films
For decades, centuries even, when people thought of spirituality, they thought only of religion. I aim to stretch the tent of spirituality in this e-book to include secular experience. My particular approach to secular spirituality is through the

Adapted for Film
Aubrey Evans is living every author's dream; her sizzling romance novel is being turned into a blockbuster film. She would be celebrating this momentous event, if she wasn't busy fighting over every tiny production detail with the maddeningly cava

Sex and Film
Sex and Film is a frank, comprehensive analysis of the cinema's love affair with the erotic. Forshaw's lively study moves from the sexual abandon of the 1930s to filmmakers' circumvention of censorship, the demolition of taboos by arthouse directo

Film Tales
The famous director who roughed up a death row inmate during a prison interview to get the emotional reaction he wanted the Disney movie into which was inserted an image from Playboy magazine forcing a VHS recall the model for a company whose
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