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Fiction is an incredibly beautiful collection of short stories with significant social messages. Fiction will take you through a world of adventure, drama, romance, emotion, suspense and full of excitement. The beauty of life is in the entire mili

Father Fiction
With honest humor and raw self-revelation, bestselling author Donald Miller tells the story of growing up without a father and openly talks about the issues that befall the fatherless generation. Raw and candid, Miller moves from self-pity and bro

Detective Fiction
A serial killer is on the loose in Naples, Florida, an enclave of wealth and privilege on the Southwest Gulf Coast. The murders have been disguised as accidents, but when Police Chief Wade Hansen becomes suspicious, Mayor Charles Beaumont orders h

Coffee Break Fiction
A collection of short fiction. Fourteen stories, each the perfect length to complement your coffee break!

Chinese Fiction 艳情小说 赌妻背后的敲诈

Frenzied Fiction
Frenzied Fiction

Facing Fiction
To Elizabeth Hackett, every person is a character, every place is a setting, and every moment is a scene waiting to be written. But when a simple accident leads to debilitating writers block and lands her in psychiatric counseling, she is forced t

Poetic Fiction
It's a love story between two love lost birds, it's prose told through poetry. It's the story of Philomena and Paul

10 Flash Fiction
10 Flash Fiction o Microstorie

Wondrous Fiction
Introducing Wondrous Fiction, a type of literary artwork where nothing matters and where all emphasis is placed on voice. The stories in this collection will test you and your patience to see if you have what it takes to be called creatively incli

Mary A Fiction
Mary: A Fiction (1788) is an autobiographical novel by Mary Wollstonecraft. It presents the tale of a woman who is dissatisfied with traditional marriage which she compares to slavery and wants to live life her own way.

Selected Fiction
In this collection of twenty-seven short stories, a novelette and a novel, there are many delightful tales, characters and situations to encounter and relish. The stories range from the light-hearted to the sombre. Many are laced with Manoj Das' characteristic irony. Told with humour and compassion, wit and sensitivity, this collection brings together the best of the works of one of India's most mature and rewarding writers.

Teaching Crime Fiction
More than perhaps any other genre, crime fiction invites debate over the role of popular fiction in English studies. This book offers lively original essays on teaching crime fiction written by experienced British and international scholar teacher

Pulpeuse fiction
Accro à ses copines, à son chat et à ses soirées pizza-vidéo-pinard, Victoire est une gaffeuse invétérée. Avec ses rondeurs en trop, cette prof de collège trentenaire a bien du mal à trouver le prince charmant. Son dernier amoureux l'a même quitté

Commercial Fiction
Commercial Fiction

Archaeology in Fiction
Popular fiction is filled with images of archaeologists as daring adventurers who constantly risk life and limb in the pursuit of fabulous antiquities of immense historical and monetary value. There are evil villains, great romances, and unknown p

Collected Fiction
Three extraordinary works by the New York Times-bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and Moonglow. A trio of acclaimed masterworks of

Stranger Than Fiction
A self-described recluse, artist, and acclaimed author, Tori Monroe is used to being self-reliant. She has chosen a life where she grows and hunts for as much of her food supply as possible. When she isn't outside keeping herself fed, she is writi

Chartist Fiction
This title was first published in 2001. When the Chartist leader Ernest Jones emerged from prison in 1850, he was determined to capture the public's attention with a controversial and topical novel. The result of his endeavours was the remarkable

Fiction Ruined My Family
Unabridged, 8 hoursRead by TBDIntroducing a deeply funny, charismatic new voice: an entertaining memoir of a family haunted by its own mythsand its obsessive idolization of the literary life.
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