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Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness, 3E

The ultimate training resource for athletes and coaches includes more than 262 exercises and drills, programming, and exclusive access to online video library. Assessments provide parameters for individual programs and sport-specific training.
Published by Human Kinetics on 11/13/2014
Book details: 312 pages.

Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball

Hall of Famer Rainer Martens has been playing softball for over 45 years. He currently coaches and plays for the Florida Legends—winners of over 80 national championships in the last 20 years. Although many books focus on fastpitch softball, this is the first comprehensive guide for slowpitch softball played by more than 13 million in the U.S. Includes over 200 photos and a 45-minute DVD that presents demonstrations of offensive and defensive techniques and tactics. Original.
Published by Human Kinetics on 07/21/2019
Book details: 312 pages.

Call Me Coach

All coaches share one common trait: they love what they do and are passionate about how they do it. Yet despite this shared common trait, it still can be challenging to identify what qualities make up a successful coach. When studying acclaimed coaches with different personalities, there is no question that each has grown to identify and then rely on a unique mix of skills to lead, teach, and build a winning team. So how do new or struggling coaches learn to stand apart from their peers in everything they do? Glenn Myers, who grew up in Northeast Ohio surrounded by high school sports, combines his experiences in teaching, coaching, school psychology, law, and community leadership to provide a comprehensive guide for success in coaching team sports. With a straightforward style, he gets inside the game to pull out the building blocks of successful coaching and provide the psychological and emotional components necessary to create a safe, positive team sport experience for new and novice players as well as for those who willingly accept the challenge to be called coach. Call Me Coach guides team sport coaches to find a personal style that leads to success and encourages a rewarding, life-changing experience for every player
Published by iUniverse on 07/16/2018
Book details: 104 pages.

Fitness for Your Life

This is a "HOW TO" book that is designed to benefit all ages at any level of fitness. It can also be used for cross training purposes to supplement other defined training programs in sports such as hockey, football and baseball. It contains over 200 body weight exercises, that you can use over a lifetime, and over 300 pictures to help teach proper form. It offers assistance to those new to training, in terms of knowing themselves physically and where to start, and even the seasoned "fitness buff" in terms of developing a variety of challenging new programs to test their level of fitness. No equipment or trainers are necessary! All you need is some loose clothing, limited space and your personal effort. The types of exercises included in this guide are designed to give you variety and make you feel challenged, while also providing interest and enjoyment for a lifetime. The exercises included are derived from training applications that include calisthenics, kick boxing, martial arts, plyometrics and yoga to name a few. They are combined to provide a FULL BODY workout consisting of a warm up, cardiovascular training, resistance (strength) training, flexibility training and a relaxing cool down. The guide includes a variety of sample programs that are provided, that can be utilized by all levels of fitness, until you reach a comfort level to create your own. Once you reach a level of comfort, the types of programs you can create, and even modifications to exercises for enhanced challenges, are endless. It is simply a matter of how creative you want to be. The sample programs incorporate many types of training methodologies that include Interval Training, Circuit Training, Cardio and Strength Training. There's even a 10 Minute Health Break designed for the office so that you can re-energize yourself during your work day. The guide also provides some advice concerning nutritional balance.
Published by AuthorHouse on 05/01/2010
Book details: 288 pages.

Jump Attack

Legendary trainer Tim Grover’s internationally acclaimed training program used by the pros, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant—now completely revised, updated, and expanded, with 100 new photos. Since 1989 when Tim Grover began training Michael Jordan, hundreds of elite competitors have turned to Grover to become stronger, faster, and more powerful, both physically and mentally. From Jordan to Kobe Bryant to Dwyane Wade and countless other superstars, Grover’s revolutionary methods have made the best even better, year after year. In Jump Attack, Grover shares the revolutionary program he uses to train the pros. A fitness bible for athletes around the world, this three-phase, twelve-week program has been completely updated with new exercises and workouts as well as cutting-edge information on training, nutrition, longevity, injury prevention, and more. Devised for explosive power, quickness, endurance, and agility, this intensely challenging workout pushes athletes out of their comfort zones, tests their capacity to go harder, and turns “I can’t” into “Just try and stop me.” You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from Grover’s program—but you can attain the mindset of a champion through the physical program outlined in this complete plan. Says Grover: “This is how my pros do it. If you want to become more explosive, stronger, and faster, if you want to jump higher and improve your overall athletic performance in any sport, this is exactly how we do it today: This program is the difference between jumping and taking flight.”
Published by Simon and Schuster on 06/03/2014
Book details: 272 pages.

Strength Training for Women

With heart disease and diabetes topping the list of health hazards for women, strength training effectively reduces the risks by burningcalories and bringing down body weight. Featuring two programs for all ages andlevels of ability, Strength Training for Women offers a sensible, workable plan that every woman can follow for life, whether at home or in the gym. http://www.joanpaganofitness.com Tone up, burn calories, stay strong
Author: Joan Pagano
Published by Penguin on 12/27/2004
Book details: 160 pages.

Structural Balancing: A Clinical Approach

Book details: 160 pages.

Bigger Faster Stronger

Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) is the premier performance program for high school and college sports. BFS and the book Bigger Faster Stronger have led teams to more than 500 state championships, and that was just the warm up. Now in its third edition, Bigger Faster Stronger is ready for the next generation of athletes and the next level of performance. Inside, you’ll find training guidelines for in-season and off-season weight training, as well as the latest strategies for breaking through plateaus, developing peak strength, and increasing power, flexibility, speed, and agility. You’ll learn the proper exercise techniques for the big four lifts, as well as multiple variations and safety protocols. You’ll also find recommendations for integrating new equipment, athlete monitoring systems, and other technology into your program to ensure maximum effectiveness and performance gains. Bigger Faster Stronger can accommodate any sport and every level of competition. Safe, effective, and relied on by thousands of athletes, coaches, and administrators, it is the proven performance program you can trust.
Published by Human Kinetics on 07/31/2017
Book details: 232 pages.

The Hyde Effect

In the hills of Southern California, a series of violent and gruesome deaths occurs within the space of a few hours. The murders are attributed to some unknown, savage animal.Precisely one month later, college student Meg Talley is attacked in the same manner. Astonishingly, she survives, but when she insists that her assailant was a hideous monster-like creature, she is called hysterical. Journalist Douglas Morgan, private eye Nick Grundel, and horror novelist Blake Corbett, however, have each theorized that the mangling, incredible though it seems, might be the work of a werewolf. Now they team up with Meg to peruse an intensive investigation. When a suspect is apprehended and confined, the four are on hand. But neither skeptics nor believers are prepared for the bone-chilling terror and cataclysmic violence that will be unleashed in the night of the January full moon…
Author: Steve Vance
Published by Crossroad Press on 12/19/2017
Book details: 232 pages.


Using the latest research, top trainer Donald Chu presents the best methods, strength and power exercises, workouts, and programs for optimizing athletes’ performance. Sport-specific plans can be easily integrated into a comprehensive training program. Injury prevention and rehab protocols reduce time on the sidelines.
Published by Human Kinetics on 08/15/2013
Book details: 248 pages.
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