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Correspondence of William Pitt
Published on 07/18/2019

A Dictionary of Political Economy
Published on 07/18/1863
Book details: 683 pages.

Americas in Italian Literature and Culture, 1700-1825
Published by Penn State Press on 11/01/2010
Book details: 683 pages.

Dramma Per Musica
Dramma per musica--the most usual term for Italian serious opera from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century--was a modern, enlightened form of theater that presented a unified, artistically designed, dramatic enactment of human stories, expressed by the voice and underscored by the orchestra. This book by one of the world's most eminent musicologists illustrates the diversity of this baroque art form and explains how it has given us opera as we know it. Reinhard Strohm introduces the concept and history of dramma per musica and then examines the contemporary reception and environment of this operatic tradition, analyzing its social and repertorial patterns and comparing it to theories on the roles of French spoken drama and Italian libretto reform. In describing the principles observed by poets, composers, and performers, Strohm discusses such central concepts of theory and practice as verisimilitude, decorum, gesture, and rhetoric. He also decodes various works, including Handel's Ariodante, operas by Hasse, and stage works featuring the Earl of Essex. Throughout the book, Strohm surveys the traditions of the spoken theater and pays special attention to the subject matter of the librettos, as well as to drama theory, stage action, patronage, political history, and ideology. His account covers opera houses in Rome, Naples, Venice, Hamburg, Dresden, Vienna, Madrid, London, and Warsaw, as he follows one character of the dramatic tradition across the European stages for more than two centuries. Authoritative and enlightening, this book reveals how dramma per musica forms a vital part of our theatrical and musical heritage.
Published by Yale University Press on 07/18/1997
Book details: 326 pages.

The Cambridge History of Italian Literature
Presents a comprehensive survey of Italian literature from its earliest origins to the present
Published by Cambridge University Press on 08/28/1999
Book details: 699 pages.

Work and Wages
This 1989 analysis of the urban trades of eighteenth-century France lays the foundations for studies of the workshop economy in modern European history.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 04/19/2012
Book details: 454 pages.

The Miracle of Analogy
The Miracle of Analogy is the first of a two-volume reconceptualization of photography. It argues that photography originates in what is seen, rather than in the human eye or the camera lens, and that it is the world's primary way of revealing itself to us. Neither an index, representation, nor copy, as conventional studies would have it, the photographic image is an analogy. This principle obtains at every level of its being: a photograph analogizes its referent, the negative from which it is generated, every other print that is struck from that negative, and all of its digital "offspring." Photography is also unstoppably developmental, both at the level of the individual image and of medium. The photograph moves through time, in search of other "kin," some of which may be visual, but others of which may be literary, architectural, philosophical, or literary. Finally, photography develops with us, and in response to us. It assumes historically legible forms, but when we divest them of their saving power, as we always seem to do, it goes elsewhere. The present volume focuses on the nineteenth century and some of its contemporary progeny. It begins with the camera obscura, which morphed into chemical photography and lives on in digital form, and ends with Walter Benjamin. Key figures discussed along the way include Nicéphore Niépce, Louis Daguerre, William Fox-Talbot, Jeff Wall, and Joan Fontcuberta.
Published by Stanford University Press on 03/04/2015
Book details: 240 pages.

Blackwood's Magazine
Published on 07/18/2019
Book details: 240 pages.

The Speckled Monster
A timely book about history's first desperate efforts to conquer smallpox, "The Speckled Monster" tells the dramatic story of two parents who dared to fight back. After barely surviving the agony of smallpox themselves, they flouted 18th-century medicine by borrowing folk knowledge from African slaves and Eastern women in frantic bids to protect their children.
Published by Penguin on 01/01/2004
Book details: 474 pages.

The Edinburgh monthly magazine [afterw.] Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine [afterw.] Blackwood's magazine
Published on 07/18/2019
Book details: 474 pages.
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