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Italian Art Historians
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 35. Chapters: Giorgio Vasari, Francesco Algarotti, Filippo Baldinucci, Rocco Sinisgalli, Pietro Giordani, Bernard Berenson, Giovanni Lista, Rodolfo Siviero, Richard Krautheimer, Artists in biographies by Filippo Baldinucci, Bernardo de' Dominici, Stefano Ticozzi, Vincenzo Carducci, Giuseppe Bossi, Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, Giovanni Morelli, Gian Pietro Bellori, Giovanni Baglione, Francesco Poli, Cesare Ripa, Carlo Ridolfi, Paolo Fossati, Giovanni Becatti, Arturo Schwarz, Carlo Cesare Malvasia, Giuseppe Cozza-Luzi, Pablo de C spedes, Luigi Lanzi, Luigi Pellegrini Scaramuccia, Matteo Zaccolini, Pellegrino Antonio Orlandi, Ascanio Condivi, Raffaele Garrucci, Giulio Carlo Argan, Cesare Brandi, Anna Banti, Umberto Baldini, Marco Boschini, August Schmarsow, Francesco Paglia, Luigi Salerno, Carlo Giuseppe Ratti, Federico Zeri, Giovanni Battista Passeri, Bernardino Carboni, Gaspare Celio, Aimo Maggi, Giampietro Zanotti, Pietro Guarienti, Antonio Caimi, Galasso Alghisi, Paolo Pino, Giulio Mancini, Sergio Benedetti, Giovanni Battista Volpati, Francesco Cavazzoni. Excerpt: Rocco Sinisgalli (born 1947, Gallicchio PZ, Italy) is an historian of perspective seen as art, a science and a technique. He teaches and carries out his research at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia, University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. Appointed Raffaello Sanzio Academician in Urbino he established the 'International Center of Studies: Urbino e la Prospettiva' of which he now is honorary president. He is known for works concerning Ptolemy, Commandino, Guidobaldo del Monte, Stevin, Borromini, Maurolico, Leonardo Da Vinci and Leon Battista Alberti. His works aim at better historical views of geometry and representation in art and architecture. Rocco Sinisgalli obtained numerous fellowships in Paris, Centre Alexandre Koyr 1975 and 1984; Washington DC, National Galle...
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Published by Books LLC, Wiki Series on 05/01/2010
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Algarotti, Pero No Todo, 1712-1764. [Selected and Translated by Rafael Sánchez Mazas. With Plates, Including a Portrait.].
Published on 07/16/2019
Book details: 101 pages.

Letters from Count Algarotti to Lord Hervey
Published on 07/16/1770
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History of Architectural Theory
As the first comprehensive encyclopedic survey of Western architectural theory from Vitruvius to the present, this book is an essential resource for architects, students, teachers, historians, and theorists. Using only original sources, Kruft has undertaken the monumental task of researching, organizing, and analyzing the significant statements put forth by architectural theorists over the last two thousand years. The result is a text that is authoritative and complete, easy to read without being reductive.
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Encyclopedia of Italian Literary Studies: A-J
Published by Taylor & Francis
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Sacred Eloquence
Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral--Columbia University, 2004).
Published by Peter Lang on 07/16/2019
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Architectural Theory of Modernism
Architectural Theory of Modernism presents an overview of the discourse on function-form concepts from the beginnings, in the eighteenth century, to its peak in High Modernism. Functionalist thinking and its postmodern criticism during the second half of the twentieth century is explored, as well as today's functionalism in the context of systems theory, sustainability, digital design, and the information society. The book covers, among others, the theories of Carlo Lodoli, Gottfried Semper, Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Hannes Meyer, Adolf Behne, CIAM, Jane Jacobs, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Charles Jencks, William Mitchell, and Manuel Castells.
Published by Routledge on 04/20/2016
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Letters from Count Algarotti to Lord Hervey and the Marquis Scipio Maffei
These twelve letters from 1739 to 1751 describe Russian trade with Europe and with China, and include comments on European military superiority in India, Admiral Anson's voyage, and the Anglo-French rivalry in North America.
Published on 07/16/1769
Book details: 179 pages.
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