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The Europeans
The Europeans

East European Cinemas
First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Europeans
Henry James' comic short novel from 1878 follows the European siblings Eugenia Munster and Felix Young as they move to New England.

European Gangster
Matteo Messina Denaro is the young ruthless underboss of the Sicilian mafia organization Cosa Nostra. He is the operational brain and strategist of the organization. Through counterintelligence, he finds out that part of his cocaine smugling opera

European Takeovers
European Takeovers' provides a complete guide to the European Takeover Directive, national M & A regulation and the interaction between domestic and pan-European regulation. It contains a detailed discussion of the fundamental principles of nati

The Europeans
Original and Unabridged Content. Made available by CLASSIC COLLECTION 600. Synopsis: The Europeans: A sketch is a short novel by Henry James, published in 1878. It is essentially a comedy contrasting the behaviour and attitude

A Temporary European
What it was like to live and work as an American reporter in Europe in the mid-80s, covering stories for a weekly TV newsmagazine broadcast on PBS. Author Walt Christophersen describes everyday situations at his home base in Cologne, Germany, such

The Europeans
The Europeans opens in Boston and New England in the middle of the 19th century, and describes the experiences of two European siblings shifting from the old to the new world. The two protagonists are Eugenia Munster and Felix Young, who

The European Reformations
Combining seamless synthesis of original material with updated scholarship, The European Reformations 2nd edition, provides the most comprehensive and engaging textbook available on the origins and impacts of Europe's Reformation

The Europeans
"The Europeans", Henry James's novel of conflicting attitudes between Europeans and Americans was first serialized in The Atlantic Monthly in 1878. It is the story of Eugenia Munster and Felix Young, two siblings who while born in America have grown

The Europeans
This novel has been described as a sketch contrasting the behaviour and manners of two sets of relatives - one from Europe, and the other from the 'New World' of America.

European Cohesion Policy
The only comprehensive text available for advanced study and professional reference, this book brings much needed clarity to both the theoretical and practical aspects of EU intervention. Integrating both theoretical and practical research

European Prehistory
European Prehistory: A Survey traces humans from their earliest appearance on the continent to the Rise of the Roman Empire, drawing on archaeological research from all over Europe. It includes the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Ir

The General European Wars
1851 - and, as a result of a double Royal suicide, England and France are at war. The chosen battleground is northern Spain - but this is only the first part of Europe to feel the dreadful effects of The General European Wars. Confli

A European Odyssey
A European Odyssey is about extracts taken from my daily diary and expanded into the joys, frustrations, and occasional disasters that can befall any traveler. It was written firstly for my own pleasure and then secondly for those who would love t

The Europeans
The Europeans is a short novel by Henry James. It is essentially a comedy contrasting the behaviour and attitudes of two visitors from Europe with those of their relatives living in the 'new' world of New England. One of the most important themes of the novel is the comparison between European and American women, which James stresses through the great difference existing between Eugenia and the Wentworth ladies. Madame Munster is independent, modern, and displays hauteur. Gertrude and Charlotte lack this self possession. For example, they tend to comply with their father's suggestions. The difference between Europeans and New Englanders manifests itself in particular in the expression of feelings and emotions, which are very sensitive for the former: love is more important than money. Moreover American people are more straitlaced and they have closer links with tradition.

European Disintegration
This book accounts for whether and how the path of the European Union (EU) has developed towards potential disintegration. These questions have become particularly relevant since the outbreak of the debt crises in the Eurozone and the Brexit refer

In response to Russia's annexation of Crimea in March 2014, the President announced the ERI, to reassure allies in Europe of U.S. commitment to their security. This initiative has been funded using OCO appropriations, which Congress provides in ad

Best European Fiction 2014
From Belarus to Wales! Translated from more than 25 languages and highlighting the future luminaries and revolutionaries of international literature. Fans of the series will find everything they've grown to love, while new readers will discover what they've been missing!

European Existentialism
European Existentialism is a rich collection of major texts and is made all the more significant by the range and depth of its contributions. This book aims to give greater intelligibility to existentialism by providing samples from antecedents of
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