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The Singapore Ethnic Mosaic
Far from being a melting pot, multi-racial Singapore prides itself on the richness of its ethnic communities and cultures. This volume provides an updated account of the heterogeneity within each of the main communities - the Chinese, Malay, India

Unmeltable Ethnics
This new, enlarged edition of an influential book originally published in 1972 as The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics extends the author's wise and generous view of ethnicity. Its aim "is to raise consciousness about a crucial part of

Ethnic Groups USA
Just before the celebration of Thanksgiving in the year 1911, many groups were fragmented on multiple social and religious issues. As a result, parishioners from the First Presbyterian Russell Sage Memorial Church, of Far Rockaway, New York, and families of Temple Israel of Lawrence, New York, saw the importance of engaging in some form of dialogue that would bridge the multiple misunderstandings between the groups, thus, hoping to achieve somewhat an authentic interpersonal relationship. Today, this dialogue is successfully ongoing between these two original communities and craves the emulation from inauthentic groups across America

International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Each day, in so many aspects of daily life, we are reminded of the significance of migration and ethnicity. This book is a critical contribution to the understanding of the phenomena of migration and ethnicity, from a Swedish vantage point looking

Black Marks: Minority Ethnic Audiences and Media
This title was first published in 2001. This text brings together a collection of empirical studies focusing on the relationships which minority ethnic audiences have with and to media texts, both mainstream and minority. The media which comprise

Voix éthniques, ethnic voices. Volume 1
L'emploi du syntagme "voix ethnique" présuppose que les rapports entre langue, ethnie et pouvoir ont été envisagés et analysés. Bien souvent, pourtant, le discours "ethnique" se contente, sans questionner ces rapports, de réuti

Voix éthniques, ethnic voices. Volume 2
This second volume is a companion piece to GRAAT 9 "Ethnic Voices," edited by Claude Julien. It reflects more closely than the first the international participation in our 1991 conference sponsored by the GRAAT of Tours, the CERCA of Orl

Ethnic Conflict In World Politics
This second edition of Ethnic Conflict in World Politics is an introduction to a new era in which civil society, states, and international actors attempt to channel ethnic challenges to world order and security into conventional politics. From Afr

Ethnic Chinese in Contemporary Indonesia
The Chinese in Indonesia have played an important role in Indonesian society before and after the fall of Soeharto. This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date information by examining them in detail during that era with special reference to t

Voix éthniques, ethnic voices. Volume 1
L'emploi du syntagme "voix ethnique" présuppose que les rapports entre langue, ethnie et pouvoir ont été envisagés et analysés. Bien souvent, pourtant, le discours "ethnique" se contente, sans questionner ces rapports, de réuti

Ethnic Ironies
Ethnic Ironies describes the role of Latino electorates in national- and state-level politics during the 1992 elections. The book examines Latino politics from the top down?looking at the efforts of candidates and campaigns to speak to Latino conc

The Myth of Ethnic War
"The wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in neighboring Croatia and Kosovo grabbed the attention of the western world not only because of their ferocity and their geographic location, but also because of their timing. This violence erupted at the

Ethnic Activism and Civil Society in South Asia
This volume, the second in the Governance, Conflict, and Civic Action series, examines civil society in South Asia through case studies of different kinds of ethnic ('communal') activism. With chapters covering Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India (Darjeel

Diasporas and Ethnic Migrants
This work adopts a comparative approach to explore interrelations between two phenomena which, so far, have rarely been examined and analysed together, namely the dynamics of diaspora and minority formation in Central and Eastern Europe on the one

Creating the New Right Ethnic in 1970s America
This work analyzes the "New Ethnicity" of the 1970s as a way of understanding America's political turn to the right in that decade. An upsurge of vocal ethnic consciousness among second, third, and fourth-generation Southern and Easter

From Immigrants to Ethnic Minority
While there is an extensive sociological literature concerning race relations, racial discrimination and the process of migration, this has tended to focus on snapshots at a given moment in time. There are few historical accounts of the developmen

Ethnic Diversity in Eastern Africa: Opportunities and Challenges
In most of Africa, there is evidence of politicised inter-ethnic rivalry and ethnic mobilisation to acquire, maintain or monopolise power as competition for resources intensify. This volume demonstrates how ethnic diversity can be managed at a number of levels in order to improve the lives of citizens. As the contributors show, ethnicity as an identity is fluid and malleable. It can be deconstructed in order to reduce its saliency. Evidently, strong ethnic affliation has also been viewed as a major barrier to human and economic development although ethnically bound welfare organisations do influence the economic and social life of citizens especially in the rural areas, In most of Africa, it is through ethnic identification that competition for influence in the state and in the allocation of resources becomes apparent. Occasionally, governments have sought to address this challenge through ethnic and regional balancing in political appointments. But this does not always work. Drawing on experiences from Eastern Africa and beyond, the contributors discuss how ethnic diversity can be a resource for the region.

The Politics of Ethnic Conflict Regulation
This major and timely collection addresses one of the world's most visible and tragic problems: ethnic conflict and its regulation. It begins with a guide to the primary methods used to eliminate or manag eethnic conflict, and is followed by a glo

Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations
The study of racial and ethnic relations has become one of the most written about aspects in sociology and sociological research. In both North America and Europe, many "traditional" cultures are feeling threatened by immigrants from Lat

Ethnic Stratification and Economic Inequality around the World
The modern world is characterised by pervasive economic inequalities. Strong economic growth in some developing countries has contributed to a degree to a reduction in the levels of inequality between nations, yet inequality within nations remains
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