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Emma's Duty

The war is over, but Emma’s battles continue at home... Emma Reece is slowly adjusting to her husband’s return from the war, even though his appalling injuries mean their marriage is in name only. But then tragedy strikes, and Emma finds she cannot turn to Jack Harvey, her long-standing friend and one-time lover – for while he still loves her, he is now a married man... The final instalment in the ‘Emma’ trilogy, from Rosie Clarke, the author of The Downstairs Maid (Note: previously published as The Hearts that Hold by Linda Sole)
Author: Rosie Clarke
Published by Random House on 09/24/2015
Book details: 400 pages.

Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder

Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder Mickey Maux is a wealthy retired scientist who invents things and takes on detective cases when theyre too hard for the police. He lives in Connecticut. On the way home from the store, he comes across a puzzling murder scene thats not at all what it appears to be. When the police get involved, it becomes a completely different murder case and an intriguing puzzle between four friends: some of whom lie sometimes, and some of whom tell the truth other times. The case goes into a completely new domain, and Mickey Maux solves it like no other detective canby framing the murderer.
Author: Philip Emma
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 05/16/2017
Book details: 222 pages.

Harlequin Historical December 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2

Harlequin® Historical brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! This Harlequin® Historical bundle includes The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife by Kate Welsh, Running from Scandal by Amanda McCabe and Courted by the Captain by Anne Herries. Look for six compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Historical!
Published by Harlequin on 12/01/2013
Book details: 288 pages.

The Power and The Glory

Don Andrea Vega, a playboy with a license to kill. “Mob boss Philip Vega is back. As author Janette Anderson did with Sons of the Father, the first novel in the Philip Vega series, she has carefully woven a complex fabric of criminal enterprise and family entanglements in the power and the glory. It's time for Vega to pass the torch to his favorite son, but as we know by now, nothing in his life ever goes as planned. Betrayal, treachery, deception… all in a day's work for the head of Los Angeles organized crime. the power and the glory will keep you turning pages all the way to its uncompromising climax.” – Mike Dennis, audiobook narrator/producer “Janette Anderson's final novel in the Philip Vega saga has so many twists and turns, that finally even I know who my character is.” – Joe Lando, actor “From Janette Anderson’s diminutive frame bursts a powerhouse of energy, wit and story telling. This prolific crime drama author borrows from her own fascinating and often enviable life experiences to produce novels that are impossible to put down and beg to be made into movies." – Catherine Mary Stewart, actress “Janette's pen is as sharp as her wit. Get ready for a roller coaster ride!” – Duke Fenady, writer and producer “After being swept up by Philip Vega in Sons of the Father, now with 'the power and the glory', Janette has delivered a walloping tale of forbidden love and the ultimate betrayal.” – Jim Byrnes, writer and producer
Published by BearManor Media on 01/15/2015
Book details: 288 pages.

The Importance of Being Emma

An “ingenious” twist on the classic Emma with characters “Jane Austen herself would have loved” (Joanna Trollope). True, Emma Woodhouse crushed on her ridiculously sexy brother-in-law, Mark Knightley, when she was a clueless schoolgirl. But with an MBA from Harvard and a burgeoning career as marketing director for the family food business in Highbury, she’s become a self-assured young woman—totally immune to the Knightley charms. Besides, the man of Emma’s new dreams is television chef Flynn Churchill. When Mark is hired as Emma’s new company advisor and mentor, he likes the idea of getting closer to the girl he once dismissed as a “little sister.” Especially now that she grown into a woman so irresistible—not to mention obstinate, exasperating, resistant to his advice, and totally impervious when it comes to the rules of attraction and desire. Emma only thinks her heart is set on Churchill. Now it’s up to Mark to reset. “Juliet Archer has reinvented [Emma] for a 21st-century audience . . . with breathtaking charm and verve.” —Jane Austen Regency World Magazine “Perfect for reading on a hot, lazy afternoon. Like a single piece of good chocolate, it’s a sweet treat that you won’t regret later.” —Austenblog
Published by Choc Lit on 11/01/2011
Book details: 210 pages.

Overmyer History and Genealogy, from 1680 to 1905

Published on 06/18/2019
Book details: 338 pages.

Emma's Table

From the moment Emma Sutton walks into the esteemed FitzCoopers auction house, the one-time media darling knows exactly what she wants: an exquisite antique dining table. What she doesn't realize is what she's getting: the chance to set things right. Fresh from a year-long stretch in prison and the public bloodletting that accompanied her fall, Emma needs a clean slate. She finds her life just as she left it, filled with glittering business successes and bruising personal defeats—rolling television cameras and chauffeured limousines, followed by awkward Sunday dinners at home. She knows, deep down, that she needs a change, though she can't imagine where it might come from or where it will lead. Enter Benjamin Blackman, a terminally charming social worker who moonlights for Emma on the weekends, and Gracie Santiago, an overweight little girl from Queens, one of Benjamin's most heartbreaking wards. Together with an eclectic supporting cast—including Emma's prodigal ex-husband, a bossy yoga teacher, and a tiny Japanese diplomat—the unlikely trio is whisked into a fleet-footed story of unforeseen circumstance and delicious opportunity, as their solitary searching for better paths leads them all, however improbably, straight to Park Avenue and the dynamic woman at the novel's center. Sophisticated yet accessible, lighthearted but also telling, Emma's Table is a thoroughly winning and surprisingly affecting tale of second chances.
Published by Harper Collins on 10/06/2009
Book details: 304 pages.

Representative British Dramas

Published on 06/18/2019
Book details: 861 pages.

Chief Contemporary Dramatists

2 copies in Stacks.
Published on 06/18/2019
Book details: 676 pages.

The Christian Advocate

Published on 06/18/2019
Book details: 676 pages.
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