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Napoleon's Egypt
In this vivid historical account, Juan Cole tells the story of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798. Revealing Napoleon's reasons for leading the expedition against Egypt and showcasing the young general's fascinating views of the Orient, Cole del

The first work in a generation to offer a comprehensive portrait of the British colony in Egypt, this book also takes a fresh look at the examples of colonial cultures memorably enshrined in Edward W. Said's classic Orientalism. Arguing that Said'

Walking Across Egypt
Best-selling author Clyde Edgerton blends a comfy Southern setting and quirky characters into an unforgettable journey through a spirited senior citizen's world. Filled with the details of everyday life, this novel evokes the homespun wisdom and o

Egypt's Sister
Chava, the Jewish daughter of a royal tutor, vowed to be faithful to her childhood friend Queen Cleopatra. But after they argue, Chava is ripped from her family and her privileged life and sold into slavery. When she finds herself alone in Rome, s

The Spell of Egypt
The Spell of Egypt

An Account of Egypt
An Account of Egypt

A Portable Egypt
In A Portable Egypt, Catherine Madsen explodes the platitudes and dogmas of both sides of the contemporary abortion debate. The characters, caught in the ethical and emotional friction between religion and civil rights, behave in ways tha

Naked by Egypt
Naked by Egypt is a series of stories in poetic form. Naked by Egypt covers topics about racism, discrimination, police brutality, love, forgiveness, sex, and heartbreak. Naked by Egypt is inspiring from beginning to end. This book includes poems

Coptic Egypt
Discover simple Truths and Bible information that you always wanted to know but had never the chance to read anywhere else. Learn how the oldest and the youngest countries in the world, Egypt and the United States, share in common some same

Snakewoman of Little Egypt
On the morning of his fortieth birthday, anthropology professor Jackson Jones contemplates his future: Should he go back to Africa, where he did his fieldwork, and live with the Mbuti, or should he marry and settle down in the Midwest, where he no

An Account Of Egypt
An Account Of Egypt by Herodotus.

Eager Egypt
Do you know that there ancient Egyptians needed to predict when the Nile would flood, which led to the development of the world's first calendar? Khnum was one of the earliest Egyptian deities. And the oldest surviving work about mathematics was written by the ancient Egyptian scribe Ahmes around 1650 B.C. Found on the Rhine Mathematical Papyrus, it is titled "The Entrance into the Knowledge of All Existing Things and All Obscure Secrets." Many more secrets about Egypt in this ebook. Happy reading!

Ancient Egypt
In shape Egypt is like a lily with a crooked stem. A broad blossom terminates it at its upper end; a button of a bud projects from the stalk a little below the blossom, on the left-hand side. The broad blossom is the Delta, extending from Aboosir

The Story of Egypt
The story of the world's greatest civilization spans four thousand years of history that has shaped the world. It is full of spectacular cities and epic stories of a constantly evolving society peopled with inventors, heroes and heroines, villains

Ancient Egypt
The Egyptian civilisation lasted for about 3,000 years, which has been divided into three periods of time, the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom.

Ancient Egypt
Completely revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, this second edition of Barry J. Kemp's popular text presents a compelling reassessment of what gave ancient Egypt its distinctive and enduring characteristics.

Coptic Egypt
Discover simple Truths and Bible information that you always wanted to know but had never the chance to read anywhere else. Learn how the oldest and the youngest countries in the world, Egypt and the United States, share in common some same exact historical events. Meet with some of the greatest personalities in the world and in history: hear them speaking in an uncovered setting sitting and standing on the very values that are most needed by our world today. Follow closely the path of peace in the Middle-East; understand the beliefs and spiritual motivations behind the behavior impacting this region of the world.

An Account of Egypt
HERODOTUS was born at Halicarnassus, on the southwest coast of Asia Minor, in the early part of the fifth century, B.C. Of his life we know almost nothing, except that he spent much of it traveling Among his descriptions

Ancient Egypt
This fully revised and updated third edition of the bestselling Ancient Egypt seeks to identify what gave ancient Egypt its distinctive and enduring characteristics, ranging across material culture, the mindset of its people, and social a

Seer of Egypt
Huy has risen from lowly origins to become the Seer of the King. Yet Amunhotep's patronage is both a blessing and a curse to Huy, who feels imprisoned by the gift Thoth has imposed on him and by the life he must live to keep it. Though rewarded wi
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